10 sex positions for every room in the house

How to bring something new into your intimate life, without going to extremes and without crazy experiments? It’s simple: just change the environment! Today we will talk about how to arrange a sex promenade in different rooms of the house.

1. Corridor: sex standing against the wall

Let’s start with the corridor. There have probably been moments in your life when passion has captured you and your partner outside the walls of the house. And now you rush to yourself, barely crossing the threshold, you are already tearing off each other’s clothes. You will not have time to get to the bedroom and it does not matter. Sit right in the hallway. If you love standing sex, pay attention to the position against the wall, because the wall will give additional support and help your partner to keep the beloved.

2. Living room: sex in the chair

Did you get a passion for watching your favorite TV show? Maybe the spicy scenes from “Game of Thrones” sparked a burning desire? You can diversify the movie viewing in the living room. Sit back in the chair in the reverse rider position. Sex in positions where the girl from above will come out sensual and hot, since the partner will be able to caress her friend’s breasts, stomach and thighs, as well as stimulate the clitoris.  

3. Bathroom: sex in the bathroom

One of the most popular and passionate positions in sex is “Riding”, in which the girl is on top. The pose is suitable for couples in love who love kissing and hugging. It will also appeal to those who crave sex with female domination, pomp or the deepest penetration possible.  

4. Bathroom: sex standing in the shower

There are many sex positions in the bathroom. If the bath itself isn’t there, try fondling each other in the shower. Important: Remember that slippery surfaces are dangerous. Place a mat under your feet to prevent falling. 

5. Kitchen: sex at the buffet

The kitchen is full of all sorts of cupboards to lean on. Add zest to your intimate life and master the standing position with your leg raised. I warn you, this option is only suitable for couples with a slight difference in height. Short girls and tall guys are better off choosing other options.

6. Dining room: sex on the table

Of course, the dining table is the place to eat, not sex. But, in the end, you are at home and have the right to do whatever you want. However, do not forget to monitor the intensity of movement and do not sit on the table if it has flimsy legs. If the tabletop is strong and the legs do not stagger – go for it!

7. Cabinet: sex on a chair

A great option for those who have sturdy chairs or office chairs at home. I prefer the second option because the man can lean back. Chair sex is unusually hot. By the way, you can have an evening of role-playing games and pretend to be a sexy secretary and her sultry boss.  

8. Doorway: sex on the crossbar

Many homes have pull-up bars in their doorways. Did you know that they can be used for spicy sex? Of course, such games are suitable only for tough guys, so give a kick to your loved ones so that they urgently go in for sports. Feelings will come out unusual and interesting. The main thing is to move slowly. 

9. Pantry: sex standing with support on one leg

Do you have a storage room? Surely there is little space. In any case, in my pantry you can’t turn around, so much junk has accumulated there. But why not mark this room too? You have to remember something in old age. The advantage of storage rooms is that they are dark, cozy and calm. You can lean against walls or hold onto sturdy shelves. Try to diversify sex in a standing position with an emphasis on one leg For greater stability, you can throw the other leg behind your partner’s back. I don’t know why this is, but men are terribly turned on when women do this.

10. Bedroom: Sex on the floor by the bed

Well, we returned to the room for sex. Forget about the missionary position – the light did not converge on it. Try passionate variations of other poses, such as the “Bad Girl” version of the Doggy Style category. Intense movement, genital stimulation and butt spanking – this pose gives you a wide range of action. Go for it!
Enjoy a variety of sex, always try new positions, and be sure to change your surroundings from time to time to keep the bedroom from becoming boring. This is extremely important, because the novelty in sex raises our mood and even rejuvenates us. Love you and orgasms!

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