11 comfortable sex positions for aged couples

Over the years, intimate life can change and not always for the worse. Yes, with age, we take into account the state of our health and can refuse extreme experiments. However, there are some advantages, and this is (first of all) the experience gained over the years. Women and men aged perfectly know the characteristics of their bodies and understand their partners well.

And yet, let’s not forget that in old age, the main factor in choosing positions should be the question of maintaining good health. After researching various advice from sexologists, we have created a selection of positions in which both partners will be pleasant and comfortable.

1. Missionary with legs spread

A comfortable and stable position is a classic among the most popular positions. In old age, it is not advised to overwork the body with difficult positions and overly active movements, which is why this pose so often leads in the lists of recommendations.

2. Missionary with one leg raised

Since the penetration in the normal missionary position is not deep enough, you can experiment with variations of the position. For example, lifting a leg can change not only the depth of penetration, but also the angle of entry of the penis into the vagina.

3. Missionary with legs closed

If the couple craves not deep, but tight penetration, then the partner should bring her legs together – this will create additional friction and the entrance will become narrower.

4. Missionary with two legs raised

This position is suitable if the intercourse does not last too long. The pose has an additional plus, because it helps to fight the swelling of the limbs. Lift up your tired legs during the day and they will rest.

5. Lotus

One of the most sensual positions is perfect for couples who love each other. In this position, penetration depth is guaranteed, both partners can maintain eye contact, as well as hug and kiss each other.

6. Reverse cowgirl

It may seem to some that this position is not suitable for aged couples, but everything is exactly the opposite. The stage is quite stable and comfortable for both partners. This option should be considered for couples who enjoy unusual sex. Please note that in this position, the partner can caress the girlfriend’s back, as well as her legs and buttocks.

7. Horsewoman

And, of course, one cannot ignore the classic version of the “Horsewoman” position, in which both partners are face to face. If there are problems with shortness of breath, the partner should not move too actively. It is also a good posture for back pain. 

8. Tilted Rider

Another variation of the Rider position. Pay attention to the position of the bodies shown in the illustration below. This angle allows you to create friction between the clitoris and the partner’s body, which will contribute to a clitoral orgasm.

9. Train of love

“Train of love” or “Iron” is among the positions that are liked by sensitive partners. In this position, a non-standard entry angle arises. In addition, it is easy for a partner to influence the frequent erogenous zones of women: the shoulder, neck and ears. For greater stability, a man can lean not only on his palms, but also on his forearms.

10. Doggy- style with flattened legs

Crouching postures guarantee a stable body position for the partner. This illustration shows that the woman’s thighs are brought together for a tight penetration.

11. Doggy- style with spread legs

Another stable position for older couples. The spread legs guarantee deeper penetration, and the partner’s support on the bed allows you to have sex for longer. However, it is worth considering possible joint problems. If your partners have knee pain, it is recommended to put soft pillows under them. This will also relieve the appearance of carpet burns with intense movement.
Do not miss the article on the characteristics of sex after menopause, in which we studied and dispelled some myths, as well as paid attention to the nuances associated with menopause. Take care of your health, love each other and remember: maturity is the time when we make fewer mistakes and enjoy the skills granted by the acquired experience.  

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