8 secrets of married couples who have great sex

Post-wedding sex for many couples is fundamentally different from the delightful love experience they had and shared before marriage. What is the secret of those lucky few who managed to keep passion and pleasure in marriage? We’ve carefully researched couples and sexologists to select the most popular tips.

1. Planned sex

No matter how depressing the phrase “planned sex” may sound, but this approach often saves the intimate relationship of spouses. Knowing in advance what day or at what time the sacrament of intercourse will take place, the wife can prepare in advance: put herself in order, change the washed robe for sexy lingerie. Yes, and the husband has the opportunity to settle all matters before love joys.

2. Lock doors

If you have children, you know how much they love to burst into their parents’ bedroom without knocking. Especially when they hear some strange fuss behind the wall. In order not to be distracted by intruders, be sure to install a lock on the door and lock it before you go to sex. At the same time, you will save the little ones from psychological trauma, which they will not forget for a long time.

3. Fast sex

Happy married couples are proficient in quick sex. It is especially useful for young parents. You are busy with work, housekeeping and taking care of the child, so there is simply no time for long foreplay and intercourse. The takeaway is simple: learn to fit in 10-15 minutes. To do this, it is important to know each other’s erogenous zones (not only female, but also male erogenous zones), master the technique of exciting kissing and find the most suitable positions for you.    

4. Experiments

Happy couples are never content with the skills they have achieved and the positions they have mastered. Of course, they do not arrange crazy experiments every night, but they are always happy to bring a zest to intimate life to make sex spicy. Wise spouses always take into account the wishes of each other, without forcing a loved one to leave the comfort zone if this is problematic for him. As crazy as your fantasy is, first think about whether you can look each other in the eye the next morning. Will your spiritual connection grow stronger or will you feel ashamed. 

5. Communication

Often, spouses get so tired of each other that their communication comes to naught, and this negatively affects the intimate sphere. In happy families, everything is different: no matter what life troubles arise, the spouses continue to talk to each other. And, importantly, these conversations also concern sex.

6. No false excuses

In family life, partners may disagree with each other on something: from raising children to choosing wallpaper. This does not mean that you have to bring your grievances into the bedroom and punish each other with a lack of sex. Unfortunately, women tend to such “feints” more often than not, often lying about endless migraines. By depriving your partner of sex, you will not punish him, but first of all yourself. After all, sex improves health, improves blood circulation and releases the hormones of joy. Do you want happiness in marriage and a fulfilling intimate life? Then no excuses with a fake headache. Well, if your head really hurts, remember: sex heals migraines!

7. Trust

It is impossible to fully enjoy intimacy with a partner when there is no trust in the relationship. If you are constantly gnawing at anxiety and you are burning with jealousy, you should reconsider your priorities. You swore to be together in sorrow and in joy. Why suddenly you don’t trust your loved one? If you know for sure that your partner gave you a reason for jealousy and resentment, then it’s time to think about whether you need such a marriage at all. Before it’s too late, find someone you can trust completely and this will certainly affect the quality of sex. What is there … you will be happy in all areas!

8. Well-groomed

I have always been amazed at the strange metamorphoses that many of my acquaintances underwent after marriage. The once athletic guys have grown beer bellies, their wives have turned from slender models into overweight babes. Such people look 10-15 years older than their peers. Is it any wonder that passion and desire disappeared in bed? The ring on your finger does not mean that you can now safely score on your appearance. Don’t expect your significant other to want you if you stop taking care of yourself. Train each other to be neat, help each other in sports.
We didn’t invent the bicycle by pointing out the popular secrets to happiness. Follow them as they really work. And may your family life always make you happy.

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