Adult games: ranking of the most popular sex products

Attention! This content is not recommended for viewing by minors, moral phages and prudes. If you are ready to plunge into the mysterious and fascinating world of the sex industry, then a very hot selection awaits you . So, let’s start!

Double standards are imposed on us from childhood, and from this all further problems of adult life arise. Girls are taught that innocence is the supreme benefactor, and that it is not proper to express your desires out loud. From an early age, boys are taught diametrically opposed ideas. They begin to act according to the principle “yes, I’m a man” – to boast of their exploits in the field of love and consider each sexual partner a trophy. The result of this “pedagogical” approach is quite obvious. The woman’s “want” remains unspoken, and men cannot read minds and are firmly convinced that they can satisfy their beloved with a standard set of poses drawn from porn videos and stories from friends.

All couples sooner or later face boredom. The usual methods have been tried for a long time, and sex turns into a routine duty. Feelings gradually fade away, relationships fade away, because no dish will be tasty without seasonings! I want to talk simply, clearly and with striking examples about toys that add variety to the bedrooms of lovers. In this difficult matter, it is important to enlist the support of a qualified specialist. A consultant at the Pink Rabbit store helped me to rank the most popular sex products. For the sake of convenience and impartiality, I had to distinguish three categories depending on the degree of emancipation of the couple.


A very soft and relatively innocent product group. The main purpose of using such products is to introduce a certain piquancy into the intimate life of lovers.

1. Lingerie and erotic clothing

No man can resist a woman dressed in lace. A thin veil of panties hides the most intimate and desired places from the thirsty gaze, and translucent bras emphasize the beads of the nipples. Suspender stockings in combination with high heels are also a fetish for many boyfriends, they want to rip off excess clothes with their teeth and leave only a belt and shoes on their beloved.

You can see the variety of shapes, styles, colors and models in the catalog: panties, bras, garters, belts and suspenders, as well as the coolest sets of underwear.    

2. Dice and Roulette

Gambling always evokes mixed feelings and all thanks to a powerful adrenaline rush. The desire to win back at all costs becomes the only meaning of life. A similar effect has long been noted by the owners of sex shops and did not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the psychological state of inveterate gamblers. Special bones and roulette will make coitus unpredictable, positions and caresses will depend only on your throw and a lucky coincidence.

3. Condoms

Who said items # 2 are boring? Ribbed or drip texture, variety of colors and flavors – the entire range of condoms cannot be enumerated. Particular attention should be paid to modified products. There is a rubber with tendrils that penetrate deep into the vagina and gently stimulate the cervix. A man will not feel much difference, but female ecstasy is difficult to convey in words.

All variety to your attention in the condom catalog. 4. Oils 

Reciprocal massage can be an indispensable element of foreplay, relaxing muscles after a hard day with the help of special oils. Smooth touches and strokes, warmth spreading throughout the body, will bring the couple closer together and allow them to plunge headlong into a pool of intoxicating caresses.

The luxury of new sensations will cost you from 320 rubles. in the assortment of intimate oils. 

5. Lubricants

No car will drive without lubricants, and this also applies to sex machines. The most popular remedies are anal and water-based lubricants . However, you shouldn’t be limited to just two types of moisturizers. Manufacturers produce special series with a warming effect that increases blood flow to the genitals and, therefore, accelerates the moment of the onset of orgasm. There are menthol lubricants that have the opposite effect and prolong the enjoyment. One cannot help but mention oral stimulation lubricants that taste like strawberry, banana or chocolate. A sweet blowjob or cunnilingus almost always turns into rampant sex.

The simplest, most effective and affordable (only from 50 rubles): choose a lubricant for every taste. 

6. Creams and cosmetics

Since ancient times, special formulations have been used to attract the opposite sex, so it is not surprising that special intimate means were developed that are used both during intercourse and in front of it.

7. Perfume with pheromones

Smell is the most imperceptible of the five senses, so it is undeservedly neglected. Scientists have long proven that smell is one of the fundamental criteria for choosing a sexual partner. Pheromones are found in sweat, semen, and vaginal secretions. For intimate perfumery, these substances are synthesized in laboratory conditions, which does not in the least affect the effectiveness of the fragrance. Tested on personal experience, sex spirits really work. Comments of “Pink Rabbit” : The Soft category is chosen mainly by beginners, but also frequent customers of the store do not disdain soft goods. If a couple wants to add a little zest to the relationship and are not yet ready for more serious experiments, then it is better to start with cosmetics, lubricants and linen. 



Devices for advanced users. Do you want sex as hot as chili? Adult toys allow you to play in an adult way (forgive the tautology).

1. Vibrators and dildos

There are two common myths about this type of product. The first is the misinterpretation of terminology. For most, dildos and vibrators are equivalent, but this is not true. Some involve manual stimulation, while others operate on an electric drive. The shape of the toys is also different – the dildos fit the penis perfectly , and the bugs come in many different types.

As the second legend says, only single women use such toys, and there is no place for vibrators in the bed of two lovers. But believe me, a massage of the scrotum or additional stimulation of the clitoris without interrupting the main action will bring an unforgettable sensation to intercourse.

If you don’t order right away, then you can ask the price and be surprised at the variety here (stock up on popcorn in advance, because there are several hundred of them in the catalog!).  

2. Rings and extensions

Men finish much faster than women, perfect matches are rare. Special devices, put on to achieve an erection, significantly prolong sexual intercourse and help to find a shaky balance between the needs of the partner and the capabilities of the partner. Extension cords are designed to increase the dimensions of the working body and bring even more pleasure to the lady of the heart.

3. Vaginal balls

Every couple should have secrets together, so why not add an element of intimate secrecy to your daily life. Take your boyfriend out on a date in a busy, crowded place, such as a restaurant, and introduce two elastic spheres before the date. One hint of balls will make your loved one fidget in the chair and eagerly await their return to the bedroom.

4. Anal beads and plugs

The essence of using the toy was described in detail by Chuck Pallanick in an immortal creation called “Suffocation”. He sensually tells the hero’s impressions of the moment the beads are released from the narrow anus. I advise you to read and try.

5. Vacuum masturbators

If your loved one cannot live a day without sex, then special devices will definitely come in handy on the farm, allowing you to go on a business trip or visit your mother with a calm soul. You will trust your partner more and gain confidence in the absence of cheating.
Pink Bunny Comments Medium is the top-selling product category, with products being swept away like hot cakes. This is largely due to the large assortment, you can choose the ideal option for any sexual fantasies, taking into account individual preferences and the structure of the body. Vibrators and anal dilators generate the bulk of sex shop revenue worldwide.


And finally, the most extreme products for sex gurus. Only a few decide to try the presented toys, but with proper use, the relationship will move to a qualitatively new level.

1. Strapon

Who among us has not dreamed of changing roles? Boyfriends do not immediately agree to act as a woman, however, judging by the polls, no one has yet regretted their decision. Strap-ons will help with this .

2. Double dildos

Group sex is one of the most intimate fantasies of both men and women. Bagels are vibration devices with two processes, one of which is placed in the vagina and the other in the anus. While the guy is enjoying a sensual blowjob, the girl falls into ecstasy from stimulation from all sides.


Submission and possession, what could be more piquant ? For one night, become a slave of a loved one and enjoy it. Handcuffs, collars, whips and gags … there is no need to continue, the imagination itself finishes the details. Please note that the game requires the participation of both partners!

A catalog of all of the above and in addition bondage, masks, medical fetish, whips and fetish – is waiting for you at the link. 

4. Swing

The rope and suspension system is only for professionals. You must have a developed vestibular apparatus and be able to control your body. However, with proper preparation, the couple will become subject to love in flight. Sex on a swing will definitely bring zest to your intimate life.  

5. Electrostimulators

Toys for big fans, consisting of a rechargeable battery, a set of clothespins and wires. Electrodes are attached to the nipples, skin and more intimate areas, after which a current of varying intensity is released.

Pink Rabbit comments Hard products are not as popular as Soft or Medium , but there are loyal customers who prefer hard toys. BDSM and electrostimulators do not make perverts out of people, but only show the breadth of their views and the absence of complexes.


What happens outside the bedroom door remains between the lovers. Feel free to experiment, and your relationship will remain as hot as it was in the early days of dating.

Female Orgasm Guide

Science claims that the female orgasm is ephemeral. However, mankind is not satisfied with this state of affairs, and for many generations people have been trying to identify it by external signs. This is why most men mistake imitation for real pleasure. And women themselves do not always understand their sexual feelings, which further complicates the situation. But orgasm is worth knowing everything about it, because it is a true pleasure and a source of health.

What pleasure depends on

Many believe that a woman can only have pleasure and orgasm if her partner is a very experienced lover. More recently, this thought was fundamental. However, the great minds in the field of sexology have done scientific research and made an amazing discovery. It turns out that the main reason for imitating an orgasm is a woman’s desire to give her chosen one pleasant sensations, while she herself may be bored or unpleasant the very process of intercourse. When she experiences a strong emotional attachment to a man and psychological comfort, her sexual attraction is many times stronger. In this case, the woman is easily excitable and quickly reaches the highest point of pleasure.

Factors affecting orgasm

As surprising as it sounds, age and education play an important role in the process of getting an orgasm. Mature women who have a certain store of knowledge behind them become more self-confident, more attentive to their body and desires, more relaxed and can honestly voice their intimate preferences;

· The direction of ideological views also contributes. Ladies with liberal views are more likely to have orgasms than adherents of conservative ideas. Liberalism promotes freedom of choice and equality, while conservatism promotes male domination and adherence to established traditions;

· Another very important factor is the emotional component. If a woman is happy and feels comfortable with a partner who is currently nearby, it is easier for her to reach the highest point of pleasure and get an orgasm;

· A healthy psyche allows the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity to fully enjoy intimacy. If in a woman’s life there have been situations that have entailed psychological trauma, the chance of getting an orgasm is sharply reduced.

Factors that interfere with achieving orgasm

Movie stereotypes

Research has confirmed that many women strive to be like heroines in adult movies. At the same time, they completely forget about their desires and needs. Expecting something unique and sparkling, they often miss the moment of their true orgasm;

Being critical of your body

Psychologists are confident that this problem is growing with us. Indeed, in childhood, mothers do not tell their daughters about the genitals, their further purpose, etc. Therefore, growing up, a woman considers her genitals to be indecent and imperfect, and this, in turn, becomes an obstacle to getting an orgasm;

Lack of adequate sexual socialization

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