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Effective drugs and antibiotics for gonorrhea

Gonorrhea (or gonorrhea) is caused by antibiotic-sensitive bacteria. Not all drugs are used for treatment. Most often, doctors prescribe gonorrhea pills from the list of drugs with a wide spectrum of action. They are treated in courses or a single dose.

What are the principles of therapy?

Preparations for gonorrhea should be prescribed only by a doctor, since the choice of an effective remedy depends on the sensitivity of the pathogen to it. It is set only during laboratory studies. Due to self-medication, the infection mutates and is transmitted already in an altered state, so each patient needs to submit a biomaterial for bacterial seeding.

Antibiotics are used in the following ways:

  • intramuscularly (injections are carried out with penicillin preparations);
  • orally (the most common way);
  • locally (to eliminate the symptoms of infection).

The choice of drug depends on:

  • the presence of concomitant sexually transmitted pathologies;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drugs;
  • the results of the analysis for sensitivity to antibacterial drugs;
  • forms of the course of the disease (chronic, acute or subacute).

Gonorrhea is treated the same regardless of gender. Women are prescribed sparing therapeutic drugs during breastfeeding, pregnancy. The procedure for checking the result of treatment depends on gender: men give biomaterial for research 1 time, women need to do three smears at certain intervals (on different days of the menstrual cycle).

Complex therapy is supplemented with symptomatic drugs. The main antibiotic is taken orally, and additional drugs for symptoms are used topically . With severe pain, the course includes anti-inflammatory drugs and antispasmodics.

The second form of gonorrhea is treated with complex antibiotics.

Common drugs in tablets

All gonorrhea pills for men can be divided into two groups: those that help after a single dose and those for long-term therapy. In chronic pathology, a course is usually used, lasting several days.

  1. “Cotrimoxazole ” must be drunk for 5 days. The dosage depends on the location of the infection, the largest amount of medication should be drunk when the mucous membranes of the larynx and oral cavity are affected by gonococci. The daily dose is divided into three doses.
  2. Medicines with the names “Trichopolum”, ” Flagyl ” and ” Metronidazole ” are united by the active substance, they are all analogues. They are used for gonorrhea mixed with other sexually transmitted diseases: trichomoniasis, chlamydia. These drugs have a synergistic effect with penicillins. When using the classical scheme, the reception is prescribed orally, 1 tablet three times a day. The tool can be used for pregnant women, but only from the second trimester.
  3. Therapy with ” Doxycycline ” lasts from 3 to 5 days. Capsules of this drug are used 2-3 times a day. At the first appointment, you need to drink a large dose of medication (2 capsules). With subsequent therapy, you need to drink only 1 capsule.
  4. Sulfonamides are considered obsolete drugs with low efficacy. According to special indications, doctors prescribe them to this day, with increased resistance of gonococci to them. Successfully cope with the treatment of gonorrhea: ” Sulfadimetoksin “, “Biseptol”, ” Septrim “, “Bactrim”. Therapy with them lasts from 4 to 7 days.
  5. “Ciprofloxacin” can be used in acute and complicated course of the disease.

The duration of therapy is from 10 to 30 days. It depends on the clinical manifestations, the number of bacteria.

Along with taking antibiotics, you need to drink probiotics, which will populate your intestines with beneficial microflora. With a single or course intake of antibiotics, beneficial microorganisms in the intestine die, and dysbacteriosis develops. That is why many patients suffer from diarrhea. It leads to a decrease in immunity. The drugs ” Bifidumbacterin “, ” Linex “, ” Laktofiltrum ” will help protect yourself from unpleasant consequences .

Fermented milk products should be included in the diet: yogurt, fermented baked milk, kefir.

Important! Doctors advise all patients with gonorrhea to change their diet – to increase the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits in it. Since the body does not receive useful vitamins and minerals with food, it is necessary to drink multivitamin complexes in courses.

The complex treatment of gonorrhea also includes local preparations: ointments or creams for men, vaginal suppositories for women. They must be used to relieve symptoms. The composition of these drugs includes antibiotics, anti-inflammatory components, immunostimulants. They are treated for 5 to 14 days, depending on the chosen remedy.

Quick Help Tools

Gonococci can die from a single large dose of an antibiotic. They are not highly resistant, which is why doctors welcome the treatment of gonorrhea with one tablet. For this, they take

  • “Amoxicillin” in a large dosage – 3 grams (6 tablets). After the control examination, you can repeat the reception. Most infections are resistant to it, as this medicine is widely available and is used for self-medication.
  • ” Sumamed ” or “Azithromycin” is the most popular remedy for gonorrhea. It quickly penetrates into the blood and reaches its maximum concentration. Most often used in uncomplicated form, when the infection is found only on the mucous membranes of the genital organs. If gonorrhea has spread throughout the body, then choose a remedy with a different mechanism of action. ” Sumamed ” does not act as an antagonist, therefore it can be the first stage of therapy and be taken along with other antibiotics.
  • ” Bassado ” can be attributed to a single remedy, but the calculated dose of this drug is divided into 3 doses, which are performed during the day with an interval of 6 hours. Effective for ailment complicated by candidomycosis .
  • ” Cefixime ” should be drunk only with meals. It belongs to toxic antibiotics, so you can not use it for pathologies of the digestive tract, nervous system, kidneys.
  • ” Rifampicin ” drink no more than two days in large doses. This is an effective tool of the new generation. Used for acute illness. Prohibited during pregnancy, blood diseases.
  • “Ciprofloxacin” in acute localized gonorrhea can be used once. It is able to destroy the simplest microorganisms and bacteria, therefore it is used when the infection is combined with chlamydia, trichomoniasis, mycoplasma .
  • Macrolide ” Roxithromycin ” is used once, but only for inpatient treatment. This drug penetrates the cells and destroys the pathogen. These tablets should not be crushed or divided into halves. It is forbidden to take the medicine with food, but you need to drink it with plenty of clean water.
  • ” Sifloks ” often causes allergies, therefore, along with its administration, a course of antihistamine drugs is prescribed. They can cure gonorrhea after a single dose. Due to its toxicity, it cannot be used to treat children under 14 years of age, pregnant women.

The dosage of most antibiotics that are used only once is calculated by the doctor. The amount depends on the severity of the disease, the weight of the patient, clinical manifestations, his age and state of health. Most of these funds are sold by prescription, self-medication is excluded.

Important! A single dose of antibiotics requires taking probiotics. They cause severe damage to the beneficial intestinal flora.

Side effects of antibacterial agents

All gonorrhea medications cause side effects. The main one is allergy, because of it the drug is not prescribed for individual intolerance.

Each group of antibiotics has its own side effects:

  • penicillins: nausea, mild diarrhea, vomiting, headache;
  • fluoroquinolones : digestive disorders, sleep disturbance, dizziness;
  • cephalosporins: hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic effects, acute diarrhea;
  • tetracyclines: fungal infections of the oral cavity or mucous membranes of the genital organs, mild headaches, drowsiness;
  • sulfonamides: hemolytic anemia, reversible form of agranulocytosis.

If you feel unwell during the course of treatment, you must inform your doctor. He will adjust the dosage or replace the drug with an alternative one. Modern analogues of previously tested drugs are less likely to cause side effects. If you use the medicine for gonorrhea in men in tablets – Metronidazole , then the likelihood of the consequences of the treatment is higher. The doctor in this situation recommends a more advanced option – “Trichopol”. Do the same with other drugs.

What rules to follow during treatment?

Both partners should be treated for gonorrhea.

To accelerate the treatment of gonorrhea, it is necessary to take additional measures:

  • change your diet (the body should receive enough proteins and complex carbohydrates);
  • conduct vitamin therapy (by changing the diet or complex preparations);
  • completely abandon alcohol;
  • reduce the number of cigarettes smoked or completely quit this addiction;
  • adhere to rational physical activity;
  • completely refrain from sexual intercourse;
  • bring a regular sexual partner to a venereologist.

It is most important to stop sexual intercourse for a while, otherwise reinfection may occur . Spouses usually neglect this rule, so they have to carry out the most complex and lengthy therapy. Each person has his own state of the immune system, in men, the antibiotic can act after 10-12 hours, and in women, the bacteria die after 2-3 days. For this reason, resistance analysis is carried out for each partner, treatment is prescribed individually.

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