Locked Together: 10 Rules for Harmonious Relationships in Isolation

With the realization of the length of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic comes the understanding that these circumstances will somehow affect relationships, make adjustments to family and romantic life.

If in the early days, when bars and cafes were closed, purely everyday issues of first dates surfaced, now the main problem is an excessively long joint stay.

What to do to relieve possible tension in couples, maintain harmonious relationships – this is what family psychologists recommend:

Don’t make assumptions about how your partner feels

Assumptions can be annoying because they often don’t reflect reality. Do not try to read minds, keep specific and open dialogues.

Keep talking to each other no matter what

In the context of growing tensions, it is difficult to maintain an open dialogue. Experiencing disappointment, anger, resentment, fear, you should not accumulate these feelings inside. The best thing you can do is to continue to communicate, to talk about issues that concern both of you.

Think of circumstances as a test of the sincerity of a relationship.

Problem solving skills play a big role. If you tend to argue, try to move the negative energy into a neutral channel.

Leave a claim before the end of quarantine

While it is natural to expect some escalation of irritability, it is best not to use this time to express dissatisfaction. Large and complex conversations may have to be left for later.

Make sure you don’t spend too much time at work

If you and your partner are into remote work, try to establish and separate your “home” and business lives. Do household chores after hours to avoid overload and disputes.

Set your daily routine

To ensure the future of a happy relationship, it is worth establishing a certain routine today. Life planning in the most elementary domestic issues will remove some of the accumulated questions.

Divide the space at home

Psychologists recommend zoning household spaces for work, leisure, personal life, etc. Create activity corners in different places at home, this will help control space and diversify activities. Set aside a relaxation zone for yourself to be able to be alone with yourself.

Treat each other with kindness and understanding

Often, relationship problems can be fixed with simple participation and a gentle movement towards compromise. Thank your loved ones every day for caring, support each other. If you feel like you’re about to offend someone or over-criticize yourself, try the 5-second breather technique: inhale, hold your breath, and exhale after 5 seconds. There will be relief.

Answer children’s uncomfortable questions about quarantine

Sometimes parents do not realize the importance of an open dialogue with their children about the circumstances. Try to explain everything you can to them in order to reduce anxiety and allay fears.

Set family rules

At the family council, make a list of rules for both adults and children. For example, at certain times, children have to do homework, do homework, help in the kitchen, and so on. Such contractual relations will create a predictable order of residence and avoid unpleasant situations.

The time allotted to us is an excellent occasion to establish intra-family relations, to learn how to jointly resolve controversial issues. Compliance with these recommendations will help maintain and strengthen love.

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