My experience with double-ended phallus

I have long dreamed of buying myself a sex toy, thinking for a very long time which one. And she opted for a double-ended dildo to double her sexual pleasure.

An anal vaginal dildo is every girl’s dream, whose fantasy has no boundaries. I ordered purple for myself, as I find this color exciting. The sex toy is made of sliding material, with a pronounced head and veins, which gives it a great resemblance to a real penis. And I was eager to try it as soon as possible.

Arousal has no boundaries

The dildo just arrived at the moment when the husband was on a business trip. It is soft, flexible, but resilient to the touch. It can be “unbent” or tilted to make it more comfortable. Wasted no time, I decided to play pranks.

I turned on an erotic video and began to caress myself. The lower abdomen began to fill with sweet excitement. Grabbing some strawberry lube, I started massaging my clitoris. As my vagina filled with raging fire and lust for intercourse, the artificial penis entered me. Oh, how nice it was to know that I can use one double penetration toy. With the smaller end, I began to excite my anus, having previously applied lubricant to it. A passionate moan of pleasure escaped my lips, because my new friend had already penetrated into the ass. Intense movements, the divine sweetness of sex, a cloudy mind and … orgasm.

I enjoyed using the dildo alone. And I wasn’t worried that I would be bored when my man was sent on a week-long business trip. But I was not going to hide my purchase from him either, because my husband is still that prankster.

Family fun

A few days later, my husband came home. He pounced on me from the doorway, as if he had not had sex for a month. We went to the shower, where we began to caress each other under running hot water. When he reached the bed, he lay down on top and entered me so that I lost myself for a moment, going to the seventh heaven from bliss. A few minutes later, when the excitement reached the limits of the possible, I decided to show him my purple friend.

He put me on my knees, pressing on my lower back so that I bend like a cat. I felt how one end of my friend enters the vagina, and the other excites my anus. The moment her husband masturbates to such a sexy beauty. And now, both ends of the dildo are in me. I wriggle in frantic movements and moans. I take out a sex toy from the ass, opening it for my husband’s penis. He enters me, and I continue to fuck myself with a toy.

After a while, we decided to change our position. I lay on my back, and he, holding my legs up, was on his knees and continued intercourse in the ass. I, without stopping, intensively inserted one end of the dildo into the vagina. Taking the toy away from me, my husband began to insert the other end into my anus, where his penis was already there. Oh, these feelings cannot be conveyed and described in words. Within minutes, we both exploded with a dizzying orgasm.

My opinion

After such sexual games, the thoughts of lesbian intercourse do not leave me. I would use my lovely dildo to the fullest.

Do not be ashamed of your desires and soar in unrealizable dreams. You always need to experiment, try something new and “forbidden”. My husband and I were very pleased with the anal- vaginal dildo. Now, sometimes, we are happy to resort to his “services”, especially me, when my husband is not at home. We are even thinking about purchasing something else extravagant.

event_note September 6, 2020

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