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Pause: what if you do not want to have sex in the winter

In fact, normal people in a normal couple should want each other in the winter no less than in the summer. Perhaps even more – as conceived by nature. About why sex is more fruitful in winter, for what reasons does it then disappear and how to get it back – in our material.

What is the winter norm

In the winter months, the likelihood of conception increases by 28%. Winter sex is the most productive. So the biorhythms of the inhabitants of our latitudes are tuned.

The fact is that children conceived from December to February are born from September to November — at the most full and lazy season of the year when the harvest is already gathered, there is enough food, and the mother can devote herself to feeding the baby. That is, children conceived in winter and born in autumn have a higher chance of survival than others. This program has been formed for millennia.

But in the metropolis natural settings are knocked down: we are not only exempt from field work and do not depend on the types of crops, we don’t keep a close watch on day and night, since sufficient lighting and sufficient heat (as well as sufficient workload) provided around the clock and year-round.

In addition, almost all civilized couples control the issues of procreation with the help of hormonal contraceptives: the pills allow you to constantly maintain an even hormonal background – and the natural winter surge of libido in women does not occur.

However, the ancient mechanisms are not so easy to break in 100-200 years of urban civilization. So if you are planning to increase the family, but have difficulty conceiving, then active sex in the winter time increases your chances of becoming parents.

Why do we break the rules

This brief anthropological excursion explains why the libido does not increase in winter, although it should. But why should it decrease?


Statistically, the most asexual month of the year is December: students have a test session, office workers have annual reports. All this imposes preparation for the holidays (which is perceived by most adults as another tiresome duty), reconciliation of tax and utility bills, seasonal shopping … How can you save time and energy? Only on sex!


A light day in winter in central Russia does not exceed 7 hours. And all the daylight hours we spend at work, suppressing the production of somatotropin (sleep hormone) with the help of electric lighting. Therefore, as soon as the lights go out in the bedroom, the somatotropic hormone begins to regain its own – and you fall asleep.

Flour and sweet

Supporters of healthy lifestyles, who continue to go to the gym and eat chicken breast with green salad in winter, do not experience significant changes in their sexual schedule. But the majority of our fellow citizens still like to smell in the house in the winter with buns with cinnamon and ginger biscuits. Easily digestible carbohydrates put the body into accumulation mode. And sex is still quite an energy-consuming event, it interferes with pacification and accumulation, so the body refuses it.

Warm clothing

No matter how much we advocate body-positive and unconditional acceptance, good erotic stimuli are needed for good sex. Moreover, most men are visual (they still, like 1000 years ago, love with their eyes). And the majority of women on the street are in shapeless down jackets, and at home in even more shapeless plush pajamas. These pajamas (like ginger cookies) cause affection and peace, but not lust.

How to regain sex

In the fight against winter asexuality, as in any struggle in general, it is better to throw all forces on prevention than to eliminate the consequences. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to make sex a mandatory item in your rush schedule. Let’s say on Tuesdays and Saturdays, whatever happens, you have to satisfy each other. Yes, it is not very romantic at first glance. But allows you to hold out until spring in a certain tone and also stimulates the imagination. However, reading this article, you may sadly find that you are late with prevention. And the whole last month (as well as all the Christmas holidays), if they were having an orgasm, then it was only gastronomic. What to do now?

Go to a healthy lifestyle

Not very sharply (and then there is no strength for sex), but still give up the flour and sweet, preferring salads and seafood.

Combine pleasure centers

If satisfaction was achieved with the help of cinnamon buns, use the same spicy smells in your erotic games: scented candles in the bedroom, aromatic massage oils, intimate lubricants with flavoring additives – let the brain tune in to the usual pleasure, but not receive it from food.

Have sex in the afternoon

If you manage to escape for work from work at lunchtime, then adrenaline feeding will bring your intimate relationships to a new level. However, let’s be realistic: we just need to increase the frequency of sex and lower the level of sleep hormones, and not risk a career for the sake of orgasm. Try to transfer erotic games to the morning: all healthy men have a morning erection – use it for its intended purpose.

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