Scheduled sex: do you need to force yourself if you do not want

Work, mortgage, household, children – life is so full that there is no time or energy left for sex. But the genitals, like all others, atrophy when unclaimed. Does this mean that sex is forcibly necessary to make in your schedule – to maintain shape?

When I say the phrase “scheduled sex,” very often I get a fairly negative reaction from women in response. In our female consciousness, the concept of “sex” is inseparable from the concept of passion, reckless desire, so often supported by various touching films, series and books, touching which any average woman smoothly plunges deep into the bottom of her self-esteem, because nothing is close in her life never happened. And such a woman very often begins to think that a man doesn’t love her enough, since he has never tried to tear off her clothes at the moment when she is washing dishes after dinner, or if he, the poor fellow, does not devour her eyes and doesn’t offers to have sex everywhere and everywhere just   after three years of marriage. Today I want to make out the advantages of planned sex, or scheduled sex, which I consider to be an indicator of a certain maturity of a couple.

Main plus

So, plus the number of times. The deepest and directly related to the psychological maturity of a person is the need to make a decision. Spontaneous sex in the understanding of a woman is a kind of constant initiative of a man and her consent. This is our legacy, abandoned at a time when sex was not in principle. Sexual pleasure, excitement and desire for a decent woman was completely unnecessary. And no matter how strange it may sound in the modern world, it is precisely this motive that sits deep in women of any age even now. 

“If I do not take the initiative, no one can say that I also want sex!” Every first man in consultation with a sexologist formulates a problem: he is tired of asking for sex, sex has become a way of manipulation and trade, in this situation, after a fairly short time, the man is morally ready for treason. It is important for every man to feel desirable, sexually attractive and sometimes even seduced, regardless of the number of years lived. And the planned sex solves this problem, helping everyone in a pair just enough to cope with the deepest prohibitions in their psyche. Knowing that you have sex on Thursday, none of you will already be in a state of uncertainty. And this will allow a woman to recognize herself as having sex. This can be especially useful for those women whose temperament sometimes does not allow waiting for the initiative on the part of the man, and upbringing does not allow taking the initiative itself. 

Other advantages

All other advantages are less global, but no less important.

  • It is very important for women to be sexually attractive. That is, if you did not have time to do hair removal on your legs, it can undermine self-confidence, self-satisfaction – and make you refuse sex. Of course, this is wrong, you need to love yourself for who you are, and he should love you the same. All this is true, but only every second woman does not feel that way, unfortunately. And scheduled sex, namely a planned day or evening, is an opportunity to prepare in advance and be on top.
  • Planned sex makes it possible to conduct a rather lengthy prelude in the form of romantic erotic SMS, fantasies, which is also vital for women . Anticipation creates a very subtle psychological state of arousal.
  • And, of course, such sex is the easiest way to change the ingrained sex scenarios that eventually kill all desire. Just tell your beloved man that next Thursday something new awaits him, for example, a runaway nympho or a modest student who needs help with homework.
  • The planned time for sex can be an important, life-saving decision for a couple living in the frantic rhythm of a metropolis, burdened with parenting, work, traffic jams and stress. Such intimacy will allow each of the partners to feel sexually active and desirable. You choose only the time that is convenient for the two of you, and then experiment, exercise each other’s fantasies, and strengthen your relationship.
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