Sex like clockwork, or How to choose the right lubricant?

Fortunately, the culture of sex and sexual relationships is increasingly penetrating our lives. And intimate lubricants in their popularity and relevance occupy a well-deserved second place after condoms. But, no matter how simple the choice may seem, there are a lot of nuances associated with the purchase. 

Unfortunately, many people go for advertising, design or labeling on packages, forgetting about what they want to get from this and why they are going to purchase such intimate cosmetics. Of course, someone can give up and rely on Russian chance, arguing that, in principle, they are all the same. However, it never occurred to anyone to pour gasoline into a diesel engine? Although that is diesel fuel that gasoline serves as a source of energy for an internal combustion engine. And such absurdity is able to disable the car and provide a very expensive repair.

In the same way , each of the lubricants has its own characteristics and purpose, although all have one goal – to provide additional hydration. Therefore, it will be useful , but at the same time simple and useful to remember the three main rules.     

1. The basis

In this case, the basis is the main criterion. Modern lubricants are divided into two types – water and silicone. And this should be given special attention.  

The most common and popular are water-based lubricants, as they have several advantages:

  • they are easily washed off;
  • compatible with condoms and with all materials from which sex toys can be made;
  • have a reasonable price;
  • Do not leave marks on the fabric.

At the same time, they are quickly absorbed, which means that there is a need for repeated, or even repeated application. In addition, their use in the shower or bath loses all meaning. 

In addition , many of them contain glycerin, which creates a sticky feeling. But lubricants without his participation belong to the premium class and are considered more elite. 

Silicone greases have a denser structure and do not penetrate under the skin or mucous membranes, which means they are more practical and “long-lasting.” But they are categorically incompatible with the materials from which the most modern intimate devices are made, that is, with silicone or cyber leather, because they destroy their surface and make them unsuitable for further use. The same can be said about latex condoms.    

Therefore, first of all, decide how, for what and with what you will apply lubricants.

2. Purpose

Here you certainly shouldn’t naively think that the inscription on the tube is nothing more than a marketing ploy. 

  • For example, lubricants for anal sex are poorly absorbed, which means they “work” for as long as possible.
  • But lubricants for oral caresses are absolutely edible. Moreover, they have a wide variety of tastes and smells. 

There is only one conclusion: remember what you want from intimacy and what you buy for.  

3. Additional options

A lubricant with a warming effect will help to excite and prepare a woman, making her more sensual and susceptible to stimulation and affection. But the cooling lubricant is able to moderate the ardor of a man and thereby extend the stability and duration of an erection.

As you can see, here everyone can find something for themselves in order to find harmony with a partner and make their sex life just perfect.  

In any case, one should not forget that everything great is made up of little things, and a properly selected lubricant can not only bring sex to a new, higher level, but also take care of your health, comfort and pleasure.  

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