Something about intimate hairstyles

Since ancient times, the female half of humanity has been engaged in intimate haircuts and hairstyles. This, first of all, provides the woman with an additional bonus in terms of hygiene of the groin area of ​​the body. And if you can choose the right haircut shape, then you will advantageously emphasize the advantages of your figure or hide its flaws. 

The history of intimate hairstyles 

This original art has been around for a very long time. In ancient times, Egyptian women, wanting to excel, made intimate haircuts. Roman beauties dyed and curled their hair. And the Muslim people even now welcomes clean-shaven skin in the intimate area of ​​women. 

Basic rules of personal hygiene 

At the moment, there is disagreement among gynecologists regarding shaving hair in an intimate female part of the body. Some say that this procedure is harmful, since the hairline protects against unnecessary microbes, while others argue that hair only contributes to the accumulation of microorganisms. But despite their controversy, you should definitely adhere to the basic rules of personal hygiene.

1. Take regular water treatments in the morning, evening and after sex.

2. Use only warm water and special hygiene products for intimate care. 3. Always use a personal and clean natural material towel. 


When and how you can do intimate depilation 

In the hot season, an intimate haircut becomes not just a decoration, but a necessity. Dense vegetation combined with synthetic underwear creates a beneficial greenhouse effect for bacteria. A spicy hairstyle can be created both in a special salon and on your own. You can also invite your partner to create an intimate masterpiece on your body with your own hands. 


When depilation is contraindicated 

Waxing and shugaring are contraindicated in diabetes, hypertension and skin diseases. It is also necessary to take into account the individual reaction to the procedures. 

Variety of intimate hairstyles 

There are several methods of creating hairstyles in the intimate area:

• painting, • art hair removal, • shortening, • decoration with rhinestones or other special devices. 




The main types of haircuts 

1. Brazilian – this is when the hair is removed completely. 2. Curly haircut includes a wide variety of types of shapes: heart, star, flower, etc. 3. Brazilian triangle – this is when one triangle is cut. 4. The runway, respectively, is called a strip (not wide). 




Visual body shaping with hairstyles 

The basic rule of thumb here is that women with wide hips should stick to vertical haircuts using fine lines. Thin ladies, on the contrary, should do wide horizontal haircuts, which will visually increase the hips. An inverted triangle with a concave base slightly enlarges the hips. A regular triangle pointing downwards makes the belly and hips smaller. A narrow vertical strip lengthens the figure. A stripe of medium width, sharp at the top, makes the waist visually narrower. The wide horizontal stripe creates the appearance of flowing shapes. Original pubic haircuts are a great way to improve your personal intimate hygiene. You are given a unique opportunity to surprise and delight your partner. Moreover, the smoothly shaved skin in the places of contact with the body of the lover during intercourse at times exacerbates the sensations.      

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