What if the wife left? Part 1

I really do not like the so-called toast “For the weaker sex – for us men.” This is an escape from responsibility and a desire to hide under a woman’s skirt, no matter who she is.  

A wife is not the man to hide behind, but any attempt by a man to tie a woman to himself with iron chains is from male insecurity, and not from male authority.  

Healthy male authority does not need constant proof: as a crowd of slave subordinates around, and one, but the most faithful slave in the kitchen. Unhealthy authority, as compensation for low self-esteem, usually leads to dependence on a woman and an unwillingness to let her go.

However, the wife still leaves. Let’s look at how she can do this.

Option 1. The wife leaves secretly.

Everything looks good in the family. A wife depends on her husband, for example, financially (housing, provision), she, in addition , brings up a child – where can she get away from a submarine?   

However, she has a fan, boyfriend, lover … or a company of friends, girlfriends, or an interest club, or yoga fitness … Her husband, of course, does not really know anything about it. The wife in thoughts and dreams is already very far from her husband, but is forced to maintain the appearance of calm in the family and continues to value her husband as a means of livelihood.

In such a situation, the wife has already “left”, even if she is lying nearby in her husband’s bed. You are not aware of this, but your relationship will slowly deteriorate. A wife is not realized with you as a woman and as a person. And soon the brave wife will leave for real, and the timid and clogged woman will wait until you do this first, after which he will take root even more in his stubbornness.

Option 2. The wife leaves clearly.

Most often, it’s more difficult for a wife to leave, especially if she and her child (and not one) honor their husband (traditional values) and live on his square. However, in the courtyard of the 21st century, and with gender roles in modern society, the devil knows what is going on. An insecure woman may have alternate aerodromes in the form of an apartment for her parents or a room in her friends’ house; an independent woman is able to rent a house; a brave woman is able to declare a divorce and take part of her property from her husband. And the insidious woman will simply find another man and make him dance to his tune.

Question to men: whom did you marry?

The wife leaves clearly when she ceases to feel like a woman next to you. The most important and most beloved, most desirable and most indispensable. And her departure is the best that can happen in your relationship. There is nothing sadder than two unhappy married people trying to maintain the appearance of well-being. 

Advice for women: do not give yourself to a man forever (although I really want to, I understand). Handing one hundred percent responsibility for your life to another person, you will encounter great stress when you have to leave him (or he will leave).

Advice to men: take care, support your woman, but if she wants to leave , help her outlive it and continue to support it, even if you have no old feelings and you got divorced. 

Both tips are useless, yes.

Finally, option 3. The wife kicks out the husband.

The wife leaves, remaining in place. Such cases are also frequent: the husband lives with his wife or the husband is in her power, or the wife replaces the whole world for him … in short, a complete change of roles in the family.

In a good way, of course, if a wife wants to leave, her husband must leave. Itself. But where to find such a husband ?!

If the wife takes her husband to the threshold – read, everything is gone. Most likely, she already has a different life, different plans and dreams. This husband played his part and is no longer fit. He is fired.  

event_note November 5, 2019

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