What is an aphrodisiac: truth and myths about the effect on men

There are many myths and misconceptions around the word Afrozodiac. Some believe that stimulants are able to awaken unbridled sexual energy, while others are skeptical about the potential of non-medicinal drugs to influence intimate life. Let’s figure out how they work, what they are and why they are needed.

When is an aphrodisiac used and how it works

The patroness of love, Aphrodite, was revered in ancient Greece as a goddess who could bring new colors to the intimacy of lovers. In her honor, drugs that stimulate sexual desire began to be called. The ancient peoples (Romans, Chinese, Hindus) understood the importance of procreation, therefore they accumulated and preserved for descendants knowledge about the most effective products and herbs in the fight against erectile dysfunction.

The development of science has made it possible to dispel the mystery around the “magical mechanisms” of the work of aphrodisiacs. The effect on human sexual desire is due to the stimulation of the subcortical structures of the brain and an improvement in blood flow. The use of stimulating substances allows:

  • increase the tactile sensitivity of erogenous zones;
  • improve overall well-being;
  • recharge with energy;
  • raise the level of libido and activity in bed.

The degree of human exposure depends on the product and its perception by your body, but the effectiveness of a number of aphrodisiacs has been proven by scientists. Their use increases the level of testosterone, which is directly related to potency and sex drive. However, some stimulants are more based on the placebo effect.

Exciting substances are recommended for use not only by men of mature or old age. Uncertainty, nervous tension and fatigue negatively affect sex life, so it is also useful for young people to use products that increase libido.

Varieties of aphrodisiacs

The term “aphrodisiac” can mean different things – something that you can smell, touch or eat. By the type of exposure and the method of application, the funds can be divided into 5 types:

  1. Food products . They are used internally and have an effect on the body as a whole. The main way to stimulate sex drive.
  2. Essential oils . Scope of application – massage, relaxing baths, an ingredient in a perfume composition. Used in erotic massage as an additional tool for arousal.
  3. Plants, herbs, fees . Brewed both separately and with tea. Sometimes added to a hot bath to affect the body, skin, intimate areas.
  4. Spices, condiments . Added to food as a flavoring and stimulant.
  5. Alcohol and herbs for smoking . Alcohol relaxes the central nervous system by acting as an antidepressant. Strengthens sexual desire through psychological liberation.

The list is not limited to a few items, so when choosing, you can safely rely on your tastes. If you like to take a bath – use oils, brew forest fees – add certain herbs to them.

Male and female aphrodisiacs

It is believed that women need a relaxed atmosphere, an atmosphere of calmness, romance and trust for intimacy and intimacy. Such sensations are promoted by foods and supplements that have a positive effect on the nervous system. An aphrodisiac for women should not increase testosterone.

Options for women:

  • sage and cloves, relaxing and relieving pressure;
  • vanilla, which helps to raise the mood;
  • dark or milk chocolate, which increases sexual desire;
  • Horny Goat Weed (or Epimedium), which tones up the body and eliminates fatigue and stress.

Aphrodisiac for men

It is represented by a large assortment, since the list of products that affect testosterone is numbered in dozens. Among guys, products aimed at the physiological side are valued: sex, orgasm, erection duration.

Possible options:

  • celery, which improves potency;
  • walnut – a natural analogue of Viagra (especially effective together with honey);
  • yohimbine, which acts on the central nervous system and penile tissue;
  • ginger and pomegranate, which increase testosterone levels, etc.

Effects on the body

In addition to the stimulating effect, aphrodisiacs can have a complex effect on the body. For example, taking ginger, you get a set of vitamins, magnesium, zinc, useful amino acids. The beneficial substances of ginger improve blood circulation, increase immunity, and reduce blood pressure.

Problems in bed in some cases are associated with the general state of the immune system. Products that increase the overall tone of the body usually begin to work a few months after the start of the intake. They affect potency and other aspects of health: metabolism, memory, vigor, etc.

Why should you be careful?

If you have chosen substances of natural origin, make sure that you are not allergic to their components. Do not take in excessively large amounts for greater effect – this can provoke nausea, vomiting, and fever.

Artificial stimulants that are purchased at the pharmacy should be used after reading the instructions. Study contraindications, side effects and reviews on the Internet.

Choice of men

Among men, aphrodisiacs are in demand, which increase desire and complement culinary dishes: arugula, Nirna root and grated ginger. You can also replace them with capsules, which include:

  • peruvian poppy;
  • tribulus;
  • ginkgo biloba;
  • red ginseng.

Another popular stimulant is alcohol. It is considered a good stimulant of desire, but its regular use negatively affects health, including intimate health. A few glasses of wine a week will be enough to get you what you want.

Natural male stimulants

There is an opinion that products in stores are chemically processed and may contain GMOs, which lowers the level of nutrients they contain. Choose farm products and dietary supplements of natural origin, herbs.

Check, reading the nutritional supplement label, the presence of such natural ingredients as:

  • Ambergris. It is produced in the intestines of sperm whales and increases testosterone levels, inducing sexual desire.
  • Fenugreek seeds. They contain substances that increase libido and reduce the risk of diabetes, which provokes erectile problems.
  • Collection of medicinal herbs. You shouldn’t expect instant results, but regular herbal teas will strengthen your sex life.

Aphrodisiac products

Before heading to the store, add 1-2 items from the list to your shopping list:

  • High-protein food with fatty omega-3, 6, 9 acids. When combined with zinc and iron, these foods are easily absorbed and quickly act on the centers of sexual arousal.
  • Nuts. Almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts contain fatty acids that increase sperm production and male hormone production.
  • Asparagus. The French have an old tradition of eating asparagus 3 times the day before marriage to prepare for the first experience with their beloved. Asparagus can be boiled, cooked over a fire, baked, or chopped to make a tincture.

Aphrodisiac oils

A romantic evening can end according to your scenario if you include libido oils in it. The principle of operation of oils is the release of esters that affect the nervous and endocrine systems. Through the sense of smell, ethers penetrate the nerve cells of the brain that are responsible for sexual desire.

Several ways to use oils:

  • Ultrasonic aroma lamp. Suitable for people with allergies and skin diseases.
  • Massage. Possible techniques are not limited: Thai, Tantric, “sakura branch”, water, foam or water massage.

Among the components of essential oils: jasmine, ginger, cedar, cinnamon. Aphrodisiac oils are suitable for both sexes.

Aphrodisiacs that can be purchased at the pharmacy

Pharmacies offer creams, gels, syrups, oils, dietary supplements and even chocolate that stimulates arousal. Sometimes the manufacturer adds ginseng or jasmine to a regular product. Such a product may be of good quality, but its effectiveness is low.  

Online stores often offer drugs with questionable composition. Be wary of products with a number of signs:

  • The indication “contains pheromones”. The use of the term “pheromone” casts doubt on the effectiveness of the product.
  • The caption “attracts women.” There is no scent or ingredient that can attract a girl who has no feelings for you.

What about misconceptions?

There are many myths about aphrodisiacs. These include foods that have nothing to do with increasing sex drive, attributed fantastic opportunities (for example, help with impotence). 

3 popular myths:

  1. Spanny fly improves potency . This is partly true, but beetles contain poison, the regular use of which causes erectile dysfunction.
  2. The genitals (testicles) of animals increase testosterone . Heat treatment kills the hormones they contain.
  3. Seafood is good for your sex life . They are beneficial, but combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Experiment, test different products, and don’t get fooled by marketers.

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