What is an intimate hairstyle?

Full order in the bikini area is hardly a sign of depravity and sophistication. First of all, this is respect. Respect for yourself, respect for the partner … A neat haircut below the waist is a sign of a kind of personal culture. It is aesthetically pleasing.   

It is believed that women do intimate hairstyles for men, but this is not so. First of all, they do epilation for themselves. And they appreciate the feeling of comfort that occurs after the procedure.

An intimate hairstyle is hygienic. They say that the natural hairline protects the genitals from dust and dirt, but on the other hand, we are not cavemen who have not washed for months. Nowadays, daily water procedures, a daily change of underwear completely fulfill the function of protecting against infection.  

It is difficult to remove hair for the first time. This is not a painful, but sensitive procedure. As practice has shown , in this case it is better to do without anesthesia. It is not difficult to overcome your fear and shame before the master – most of them are people with a medical education.  

Which pattern to prefer? It all depends on your imagination and the thickness of the wallet. During the tanning season, many make simple graphics, a deep bikini. If a long-term “hairstyle” is done, you don’t have to think whether something is peeking out somewhere or not, you don’t have to rush headlong into the bathroom to shave in front of the beach. It’s great when nothing interferes with the quick gathering of nature.

Even a haircut below the waist is decided to surprise her husband, especially after his long business trip, or on his birthday, to a celebration of some kind. Although, for a wedding, it would seem that the event is more than suitable for making an intimate hairstyle, they rarely do it – apparently, not before that.  

More often ordered graphics – blue wave, purple ocean. Abstract plots can be turned over. Decorate with rhinestones, sparkles. The most elementary graphics are the Brazilian track, the bat looks very good, it is ordered by shocking personalities. The master will advise which pattern will most harmoniously look on your figure. Refined drawings – flowers, elongated horizontal lines – are suitable for the slender ones , larger graphics, wide drawings so that there is no disharmony, proportions are not chubby.    

I put myself in order – and go, conquer Him! The man is interested – what new will you do next time? And one more tip, finally: is it really necessary to do this in a specialized salon? What a scope for joint creativity, dear comrades! .. 

event_note April 6, 2020

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