What is your role in a man’s life?

Have you noticed the peculiarity of a modern man – to divide and distribute the female functions necessary for his life, which ideally should be represented by one of his companions, “among several women”? 

He has a female friend or female friend (often without sex, “for the soul”). This may be his “former”, which his wife does not need to know about.
He may have a mistress (with sex and for sex, well, and for “understanding” sometimes).
He has a wife (here, with luck, maybe with sex, maybe without, but with a warm dinner, comfort and good life). He has virtual female friends or persons for easy flirting (supports male self-esteem, is very “invigorating” and keeps in male tone). In the end, he has a mom. No comments. 

In the old days, such a separation was not so common and typical. The spouse tried to combine all these functions and successfully combined. She was a friend, and a mistress, and the mistress of the house, and an assistant in business, and support. Girls from childhood were prepared for this difficult role, which after the girl was married, by default was – forever. 

Rather, the girl was prepared to combine different roles. Of course, women (if we talk about the middle class) did not work, because this social role — providing the family — was played by the husband and , in part , by the dowry of the parents.    

What is happening now? Now women are forced to work, and not only because men do not earn enough, but also because being a “housewife” means being socially unfulfilled and, in addition, completely unprotected.  

If a husband decides to leave one day, which isn’t perfect for his wife, she will literally be left with nothing. Especially in the post-Soviet space, where a woman is not protected by law. And it is absolutely correct that women are realized, they are trying to build a career and earn their own money and social authority.

However, there is also a time bomb.

In the morning, a typical woman manages to feed and send children to school, make her husband breakfast and something to “grab” herself, quickly put on some makeup and run away to work, spend an hour and a half in public transport or in traffic jams, and after work run off again to the shops, run home, quickly bungle something for dinner, again feed everyone, check the lessons with the children, do something there to wash / clean up, watch the series, look – and in the evening there’s no, go to bed already, yes and legs do not hold.  

Of all the “roles” a woman chooses the one that is easier and to which she is more accustomed: the role of mother and mistress. She simply does not have enough strength to be a Woman, and she was not taught this. She is simply not enough for her husband and for relations with him. Not enough energy. Therefore, a woman often replaces family and relationships with “borsch” and “cleaning”. The man, as it were, remains a little overboard. Moreover, he constantly saws him with a “chainsaw”: he devotes little time to it, and he doesn’t have the same money, and he spends the weekend wrong, and doesn’t give flowers, and forgets about the anniversaries …  

And now let’s see what happens. A man – simply in order to function, both physiologically and socially – the whole complex of natural female energy is vitally important. He eats this energy, it’s neither bad nor good – it’s just so arranged by nature. The energy received from the woman then returns to her , to the house, is transformed into well-being and family affluence.    

Our “coiled” woman, however, clearly lacks this energy for the man (and, accordingly, doesn’t receive it herself). She doesn’t have wagons (life is very stressful, the environment is bad, her products are unhealthy, her life is unsettled, heavy), but she even distributes the amount of precious energy she has left to her children-home-work. But not a man! 

That is, it seems to her that her main function in relation to a man is to be a good mother to his children and a good housewife. Fed? Dressed up? What else is needed? She studied these roles on the example of her mother, and she – on the example of her mother. But nobody taught us to be a woman of our grandmothers and mothers – it was wild! To be a builder of communism and an excellent worker – yes, but a woman? Well, I’m a woman anyway! This does not have to learn!      

Therefore, various “vents” appear on the side of men – he simply simply does not receive the necessary dose of female energy, attention, love and sexuality. And love is not like a husband who is valuable to the family for various reasons, but like a man.  

Well, what kind of woman’s readiness for sex, for example, can be said at the end of the evening (and in the beginning, we won’t talk about morning at all) with such a crazy woman’s life? Well, you can still portray willingness dutifully and not for long. But what about real readiness? With a real and genuine desire for physical intimacy with a beloved man and a willingness and desire to bestow and nourish him with this natural sexual energy of his?    

As I wrote above, this energy received from a woman then returns to her , already enriched with male energy, and nourishes her or … Doesn’t return and doesn’t nourish, but goes “to the side” … After all, if a man’s vital need is not satisfied, he (consciously or unconsciously) will seek the opportunity to satisfy it: to receive this energy somewhere else.   

And I’m not just talking about sex. This is not the only, albeit extremely important, need of a man. I’m talking about attention to him, about his affairs, about the necessary dose of romance in relationships that a real Woman can and must provide, about the ability to always be attractive and easy, positive, stimulating – this is all that nourishes our men. 

And you know, I do not believe in the polygamy of men. It was invented by women who simply do not know what a man needs and do not know how to generate and give it to him in themselves, and then cannot explain to themselves, “what went wrong and why (for example) did he change”? He did not change because he was polygamous, but because he stopped receiving what he needed from his wife. He stopped receiving from his wife – he began to look in other places.  

Unfortunately, few modern women have the skill to generate and give a man all the energy he needs. Therefore, this “distribution” arises in men. I am friends with this woman and “pour out my soul”, with this woman I have sex, and so on.  

Just because something that one woman should and can give , she does not give and does not even suspect that all this is vital for a man. And if he even guesses, then he doesn’t know how, where and from whom you can learn this …

event_note November 26, 2019

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