What to do to make her fall out of love: 12 guaranteed ways

How to make a lady lose interest in a man and cancel the relationship? The so-called “alpha males” are well versed in the intricacies of gender relationships – self-confident, punchy, charismatic. It costs them nothing to lure any girl into their networks, as well as push her out of life at one moment. But all this must be done skillfully in order to avoid negative consequences. Here are some tips from an experienced macho that will help organize the cooling from the passion. What to do to make a girl stop loving:

  1. Constantly call her, write “Good morning”, “Good night”, so that she cannot literally breathe from you.
  2. Do everything the way she wants. Literally crawl under her feet, remind you hourly of how much you love her, you cannot live without her.
  3. Make her bored by turning on the TV shows she hates, and even better, football.
  1. Talk about your friends, beer and fishing, other people’s wives, how they cook well. But do not overdo it with jealousy, otherwise she will have a hunting passion, her feelings will intensify!
  2. Notice the flaws in her appearance and character. For example, if she added 99 grams, this should definitely be noted, and also tell friends on the phone. If she disagrees with something, it would be appropriate to tell her that only chickens reason like that, smart women obey men. But again – do not overdo it with insults, otherwise there is a danger of domestic injury.
  3. Change your manners into a minus: slurp at the table, walk around the house in stretched sweatpants, show hairy armpits. If you are an aesthete and these options are unacceptable, then you can start by tactically throwing socks around the apartment. Then proceed to arrange dirty dishes in all corners – beer cans and pizza cores are especially effective.
  4. Call her stupid names that annoy her. This is the whole animal world ( fish , bird, chicken, rabbit), other stupid comparisons (you are my personal heroin ), it is especially interesting to watch the reaction of a girl in a public place. The more stupid your epithets, the more often she will be embarrassed and critical of your relationship.
  5. If you know its values, different worldviews… Well, it will be the strongest weapon. Vegans , zealots of feminism, supporters or opponents of vaccinations, natural childbirth are especially nervous about any feedback and criticism . Be careful with religious feelings. But you can indicate that you just have opposite views on everything that exists. This, at least, will make her wonder if you have much in common. Feminism is especially easy to walk through, there are a lot of weak spots – and feminists know this. Think aloud about how strange it is to give a license to women to drive a car, that women are not capable of logical thinking and other classics. She will want to show her logic and start collecting bags.
  6. As for lovers of veganism, Vedic attitudes, various esoteric movements, you can openly ridicule this. But not directly, but indirectly – in a conversation with neighbors, friends, on the Internet, so that she would hear nearby and be horrified by your lack of advancement , primitiveness and inability to develop and progress. Defiantly eat shish kebab, tell with gusto what kind of fish they smoked while fishing, enthusiastically remember how you went hunting with your father in adolescence.
  7. If there is a harmful mother-in-law or relatives of your beloved, this is another reason to drive a wedge between you. But don’t make enemies with your daddy or her older brother. Aerobatics – to win over her parents and get away with it. But for this you need to have the mind and ingenuity of Machiavelli .
  1. If all of the above did not work or is not relevant in your case, you can move on to direct material destructive methods. Break her favorite eyebrow pencil by accident, drop and break an expensive powder box. Burn your mother’s tablecloth or a smart blouse with a cigarette. Wash the faded towels with her evening dress in the machine. Let her make sure that you are not in the household, but still do not think about her, do not care about well-being.
  2. Admit you’ve always loved her best friend. Empathize with her that she is not as interesting and attractive as her competitor. Advise to contact a psychologist, make-up artist, fitness trainer. Finally, while fleeing, wish her good luck in her personal life, sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend contacting a marriage agency, a dating site, a procuress. Express a desire to be a witness at her wedding, if she can still find someone suitable at 40 years old. Try to get out alive.

On this, perhaps, the enumeration of the most effective methods can be considered exhausted. Every couple is happy and unhappy in their own way. And the options can be the most unexpected. Good luck on the warpath with your ex-love!

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