When a woman does not refuse sex?

A dozen absolutely sound and tested in practice tips will help you achieve almost complete reliability in sex. When used correctly, reliability is like that of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, misfires are zero. 

Trying once again to incline your passion for amorous exercises, did you hear from her something like “I’m not in the mood”? Know that you are not alone in your grief. Many sad lovers complain that their women do not want to have sex as often and as much as they want. To your great happiness, now you are reading this article, where I decided to share my secrets and best practices on this topic in a friendly manner. So, 10 situations in which a woman will be ready for “everything”! 

Read carefully and find out in which situations you are really guaranteed sex.

1. After a dispute
Now, you certainly know that not only truth is born in a dispute. Old Socrates said, but did not finish. The concept of “peacemaking sex” is not a myth. Such sex, in fact, exists, and it has its own charm. Imagine: a heated argument with a girl made your blood boil, and your heart is already popping out of your chest.
And now, as soon as the conflict reaches its climax, you have no choice but to take advantage of the moment. Put on the image of the UN peacekeeper, resolutely turn around the situation, taking it (and the girl) into your own hands. Passionate kisses, rapid release from clothes and fiery hugs, together with a splash of positive emotions, make excellent use of the energy generated in the dispute and a flurry of hormones.
Bastard, even if you brought to tears, master the situation. Let her calm down, wipe her tears, and still make love to her.
For peacekeepers, for they create erotica!

2. A happy coincidence
Any emotional outbursts, whether it is anger or exorbitant happiness, can also lead a girl to the right condition. She just passed the exam, got promoted, found her old children’s toy, or some other happy moment happened – be on the alert, don’t waste time – just send all this positive energy in the right direction. Have a great sex! For a gracious opportunity!  

3. Stress
Although stress cannot be regarded as a positive emotion, it can still increase its sexual drive. If your girlfriend’s behavior has been similar to that of a headless chicken lately, there is a chance that she will consider your proposal for relaxation in the Kamasutra style quite acceptable. Incidentally, this also applies to headaches caused by stress. Offer her your secret development for migraines: good erotica always alleviates even the most severe headaches. Convince her that every time she is obliged to heal you with this particular remedy from all possible ailments.
For the removal of tension, all over the world!

4. Jealousy.
I’m not talking here about jealousy from a psychological point of view, or with “capture on the hot.” In such cases, it is better to go into partisans for a while and sit out for caches. I mean your little girl’s nervousness, which happens, for example, from the fact that another feminine flirts and flirts with you all evening, or even just talks.
Seeing how you have been the most popular man among her friends all evening, she just wants to get hold of such a prize inaccessible to others. With her passion and skill, she will try her best to remind you of the most important reason why you are with her, and not with them. But do not get carried away too much in trying to find jealousy in her, this can offend her for a long time, or even cause a serious crisis in your relationship.
For the feeling!

5. Day “14” or something like this
Christmas tree-sticks, this is shocking, but it’s true: A woman is most disposed to “this” business at the most “flying” time, precisely at the time of ovulation. Attention, if it has already been about two weeks since the end of the next “period”, most likely it is time to remind her of the continuation of the clan and take the initiative. For the continuation of the genus! 

6. The party continues.
I do not in any way justify soldering the girl, and the opportunity arising from this to seize the moment. But little can so positively affect a girl’s mood as a slow dance and a moderate dose of alcohol.
Offer her your favorite cocktail for the mood, dance a slow dance to her favorite melody (you are a sex ChCist, and you should already know her favorite music by this moment), and watch her restraints and oppressions slowly melt, allowing you to continue the march Throw to the bitter end.
For good drinks!

7. XXX films
Most women do not like porn, especially hardcore or frank. Nevertheless, a hot love scene with the participation of Antonio Banderas (for the lover of Alexander Domogarov) may be quite enough for her to revise her sexual doctrine for the next hour, and want to put into practice the freshly seen elements of aerobatics of film eroticism.
Spend your next night together in watching the movie “Midshipmen, Come On!”, And then force the theme with some beautiful, high-quality erotic movie product made in the USA. And then you will not soon be able to forget this night and the contents of the film.
For the cinema, the most important of the arts!

8. Love from a distance
“Obstacles to love only strengthen it,” said Shakespeare himself. We do not have the right to disbelieve him, and as practice shows , he was right. Relationships at a distance are more likely to be a wonderful aspect of your sex life. Due to the fact that you usually spend a long time in separation, sighing and missing each other, calling up a couple of times for communication. But by the time you meet, your passion and desire for that meeting will be much more powerful than with routine dates. Having met once again, direct your emotional whirlwind, all without a trace, into this wonderful, necessary and healthy business. For the ability to wait and transport!  

9. Abstinence. The longer a woman suffers (I haven’t found another verb) without sex, the stronger will be her ardor and passion in love joys.
So if your new girlfriend has been alone for some time, and she is not a “one night girl,” there is a chance that she was looking for a suitable guy to harness the fullness of her lust. You may well be this guy. Be ready!
For moderate celibacy!

10. Creative success
If your girlfriend is a creative person and she likes to do something constantly, either in the kitchen, or with a brush, or in music – all of the above circumstances can cause wonderful sex. So the next time she prepares you another culinary work of art, you can suddenly get into the kitchen to make a wonderful erotic overture before a delicious dinner. For creatiFF!    

Approved for use

As you already understood, girls want to have sex much more often than you thought before. Now you need to know how to recognize that moment, and use it correctly.
The next time you meet her in a stressful state after a busy day, instead of sorting out the relationship and showing discontent about her frigidity, take a glass of wine, waiting for her from the shower, start a plate with smooth jazz melodies, and offer her a meditation tour to Tibet without leaving the room.

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