Who needs toys for love and why?

Toys for orgasm. The attitude to these things in different age categories is extraordinary.

17 year olds are usually embarrassed. 25-year-olds often cause a laugh. Those who are approaching the 40-year milestone have curiosity. And then a little bit of everything: indifference, enthusiasm, need.  

Listen to yourself. What makes you say “intimate toys”? Are you embarrassed to be interested in them? But sexologists say that you need to be shy about the lack of such interest.

– How much nonsense the democrats revealed! – An elderly couple is indignant, walking past a sex shop. – Fine! You do not need? So pass by! – responds a woman of Balzac age. – Too many of them divorced! – a middle-aged man wedges in. 

How many, how many ? Let’s compare. For example, in Moscow there are about 35 shops selling love toys. In Berlin, which is three times smaller than the Russian capital, there are more than 130 sex shops.  

Who needs toys for love and why? 

Let us consult psychoanalysts.

First, they argue, toys of this kind are needed by consumers who need to develop sensuality. To enjoy sex. 

Secondly, for those with pleasure everything is in order, but paraphernalia is needed to complete the sensations.

Thirdly, to people who for various reasons do not have a partner for an intimate life. They just need items that replace them.

A bit of history

Tools of love – an invention not even of the last century. They resorted to in ancient Egypt. They were very popular among the Romans. The caress of their men, they were deprived. Intimate relationships with slaves were severely punished. As a result, workshops for the manufacture of products for sexual pleasures appeared.  

The Protestant and Catholic churches have declared all devices for sex inventions of the devil. In the eighteenth century, bishops united and persuaded the pope to come up with an encyclical prohibiting the use of such devices. But the wise head of the Catholic Church argued that the Church should not interfere in matters of this kind.

Adolf Hitler also “declared war” on sex shops. And the Wehrmacht soldiers coming on vacation brought toys from Holland, Italy and France instead of currency. After all, even for the cheapest then you had to pay at least a thousand marks. 

During the Soviet era, many women had to independently produce “masterpieces of sex” and with their help to improve their sensuality.

Sex shopping

The most popular sex toys in the world are vibrators and dildos. According to statistics, in post-Soviet countries, only 4% of women have such things. In the UK – at 43%. In the United States – 60%. In Germany – at 66%.   

Such a high demand for products in these countries suggests that most women do not receive the necessary discharge during intimacy. Female sensuality, according to sexologists, is a very fragile thing. To improve it and subsequently receive true pleasure from intimacy with a loved one, these same toys are needed for love. It’s just that overseas countries have come to this understanding for a long time. And because of our ignorance, we continue to be shy and harm our health, although there are no difficulties today with purchasing toys for orgasm.  

Sexologists have come to the conclusion that a vibrator is a practically necessary thing. It should be in the arsenal of 70% of women. And each for himself, let him make his own informed conclusions. 

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