Why do women love bald men?

There is an opinion that bald men have super-sexuality. This judgment is in many ways unfounded. According to statistics, the frequency of sexual intercourse in bald people is higher than that of their hairy peers, however, the difference is not that big.

According to statistics, every seventh woman likes bald head! Even despite the fact that people say: if a man’s top is bald, then he wipes it on someone else’s pillow!

Maybe “love is blind” because 26% of executives, chairmen of boards, presidents of the 500 largest enterprises possess a “noble bald head” ?! By the way, in studies five years ago, it was noted that in the State Duma R f the proportion of partially or completely bald was 16%, in the Government of R f, the leadership of ministries, departments and committees – 18%, executive bodies in the regions – 22%. In addition, every fourth professor and teacher of 150 leading Russian universities suffers from a lack of hair!     

Among the advantages of bald hair, women distinguished the following: while others would not be flattered by such a shabby one – 45%, you can save on shampoo – 29%, additional area for kisses – 7%, I do not know – 49%. And men noted for themselves such advantages: my bald boss does not envy me – 52%, bald head gives solidity – 35%, saves time – 29%, saves money – 27%.    

It is estimated that the costs of people who do not have lush hair are significantly less than their opponents. So the consumption of shampoos, hair sprays, styling mousses, balms and conditioners is less than 18 times, combs, massage brushes – 24 times, household appliances for hair care (hair dryers, apparatus for curling, styling and combing) – 32 times.  

However, this advantage has a flip side. The presence of a bald spot can be an indicator of how a particular man is predisposed to cardiovascular pathologies. This circumstance is explained by the fact that one of the causes of such diseases is the increased content of androgens in the body – male sex hormones – testosterone and hydrotestosterone. According to statistics, 75% of heart attacks are bald men.   

Therefore, if you saw in the mirror the first signs of hair thinning, be more attentive to changes in the work of your heart, and most importantly – do not complex about the growing baldness. 

By the way, according to German researchers, the causes of early baldness in men often lie in the genetic characteristics of the mother. Marcus Nethen and his colleagues from the University of Bonn came to the conclusion that in many cases, baldness is associated with an abnormality of the gene encoding the so-called androgen receptors. Since the same gene is located on the X chromosome, which is inherited from the mother, in the dynamics of baldness, men often repeat the path not of their own father, but of their maternal grandfather. 

Scientists also found a connection between bald men and Kenyan lions, which for many years were considered the most aggressive and prone to attack people.
It turns out that an excess of the hormone testosterone in the body causes increased aggression and the desire to protect its territory.
This discovery made it possible to explain yet another feature of the Tsavo lion lifestyle that is not characteristic of any other lion community in Africa. So, the traditional lion pride consists of two or four males and several females. Tsavo’s lions live in a family where only one lion leader dominates over eight or more females. It is precisely these manless lions that have an unusually developed dominant beginning and aggressiveness.

What do you think, that it is not a pity to give to men, who are complexing because of their bald head, for more dense vegetation? More than two thousand bald men were interviewed by the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical company Merck, and it turned out that 26% of the respondents would not hesitate to exchange their favorite stereo system for a stylish hairstyle, 17% – a laptop, and another 17% would not regret even an “expensive car” for this . It is even more interesting that 13% of bald men would give up an expensive plasma TV in exchange for hair, and another 6% – a boat (!).   

But by and large, it all depends on how you relate to this problem. Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov is sure: “Bald men have a more enviable position, because we have more room for kisses of our beloved women.” And when they pester me very much with this question, I can answer more rudely. After all, I grew up in the village and I know for sure that dense vegetation occurs only on the dunghill.

And in the American city of Houston there is a diner in which any absolutely bald visitor can eat for free. Every first Monday of the month, an action is held in this diner to support the bald. “If you have a bald spot like mine, ” says the owner of the diner, “you will receive a 65 percent discount. And if you shine like a knee, then you don’t pay anything at all. ” In addition, a monthly poster with the “bald person of the month” is posted on the cafe’s entrance every month. One of the first to light up here was Mikhail Gorbachev.  

So – do not complex! 

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