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In fact, every person is “programmed” by nature to continue to reproduce. We do not always realize that the sexual instinct is associated with reproduction, but it does not become easier from this.What is libido? One of the basic elements of sexual instinct is considered libido (translated from Latin – “desire, lust, craving, interest”.
Decreased libido sooner or later leads to the fact that people can exist under the same roof, walk in front of each other in negligee and completely disregard interest in each other.Causes of decreased libido in men Tension, fatigue, lack of sleep, inflated level of responsibility at work.

Recurrent mental impotence

One of the popular problems is the so-called “repeated mental impotence”. For example, one day the representative of the stronger sex has bad luck in bed (for example, because of fatigue).In the second day, he tries to compensate for the loss, but the memory of failure so bothers him that again nothing comes out.

What to do? And this bewitched circle is not to close, as long as the man does not return determination in himself. From time to time to do this must resort to potency stimulants. Perhaps enough only one “enchanting pill” to “remember” how to behave in bed, and return to the satisfaction of life.

Weakness of the male hormone testosterone, which in addition to a large number of other functions is responsible for the production of sexual desire. Of the popular factors for its deficiency is obesity: the more fat cells in the body, the lower the degree of testosterone.

Before you hurriedly start to lose weight, go to a consultation with an endocrinologist.

the difficulties are not just about being overweight.

We will not consider how to cure thyrotoxicosis or prostatitis – leave it to professional doctors.

Let’s talk about how to restore sexual life in case the problem is rooted in the psychological state – after all, this is the most common cause.
What to do if a man has long been hopelessly depressed, feels sad, if he is irritated by everything and everyone? Remember: the psychological state and the body are 100% connected.
Emotions are a reaction of the body to the work of the brain. Therefore, to restore psychological stability, let’s start by returning vigor and lightness to the body.
Therefore, the first step that every woman can take to establish a good male mood is to create a favorable nutritional regime.

9 tips to raise male libido a representative of the stronger sex needs to be cautious with coffee:

This product not only “can help cheer up,” but also increases the degree of anxiety, gives the opportunity to stress more freely “break through the defense.”
It is more correct to use tea or fruit juices in the morning.
To correct the figure and lightness of feeling, it is necessary to give up animal fats, refuse semi-finished products, smoked meats, canned foods.
It is recommended to eliminate strong alcoholic beverages (although wines, especially dry, of course, in reasonable quantities, have all chances to depressive manifestations).
Develop an emphasis in the family diet on quality proteins, kept in white and red fish, white meat.
In low mood come to the rescue “fractional diet”: a person eats at least four times a day instead of the usual 2-3 times, reducing the joint portion of food (safely allowed to reduce its daily volume by one-fourth).
It is essential to limit the use of refined sugar to the greatest extent.

Try to increase the intake of food rich in tryptophan – an amino acid associated with the formation of tryptophan, which controls good mood and good sleep.
And this – fish and poultry, fruit, dates, bananas, milk, cottage cheese, cheese and sesame seeds.Try to multiply in the menu of your favorite volume of fresh fruits and vegetables, and juices.
And, of course, in addition to changes in the food order is not good to forget about vitamin supplements: especially important vitamins of category B.

Support from a woman Sexuality of representatives of the stronger sex is fragile and vulnerable, and therefore to hesitant, sensitive men need a very subtle and tactful approaches.
Unfortunately, male insecurity is not so easy to see – behind the “facade” of an energetic superhero can hide doubting personality. And to consider the true nature of his relationship with the world – the task of a loving woman.Man, unlike women, can not be “always ready”.
If a woman in only able to play up the passion and sense of satisfaction from intimacy, a man can not simulate “full combat readiness”. This must be understood, multiply this natural feature on the male insecurity – and show understanding.
If today “does not add up”, do not need to mention it at every opportunity. The more confident a man feels in your presence, the better the result.

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