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How to Dating Online – 2. Mamba and Badoo

I must immediately warn you that this text may be unpleasant for you in some places, but it is extremely honest, as effective as possible and will help you get an answer to the question – how to get acquainted on the Internet.

Dating sites Mamba and Badu are popular among ordinary girls – freshmen, girls who have just graduated from school and girls with a not very high social status. The audience there is much simpler than in Tinder and the level of requests is very different. This means that dating and seduction will also be easier – without complex checks and demands for increased attention. Accordingly, there should be no expectations that you will meet the incredible girl of your dreams there. Even if in Tinder this can still creep in purely by accident.

These girls are like unscared animals from the reserve, who declare that they want a relationship, but in fact, each of them definitely wants adventures for her precious sirloin.

One of my friends, who works as an escort for Listerman , said that Mamba is the bottom, where among all the births and breeds of dissolute women, the most terrible are found. And I think she can be trusted. So, if you are a girl who has accounts on Badu and Mamba, and now you are reading this article, then in order to avoid a dubious reputation, urgently delete your profile and burn your laptop. And if a guy, then you and I understand that the reputation of these sites does not negate the fact that you can find yourself a girl for adventures there.

What can I advise you.

How to meet online

Paid Services

The most effective way is to buy all kinds of paid services for unlimited messages, for unlimited likes, for changing geolocation , if there are any now. Because at Badu and Mamba all services change every two months – they are added, removed, their cost changes. Marketers are constantly looking for a more profitable business model, so you need to be on trend. Whenever you read this article, just look and choose the fattest services and they are sure to bring you great options for entertainment without obligation.


Be sure to use in your profile any phrases that will literally infuriate girls. For example, you can write:

“Girls weighing more than 60 kg, pass by – go straight to the gym”


“Girls-collective farmers don’t like me.”

This will greatly please girls under 60 and not “collective farmers”. And the “collective farmers” and those who show the scales 60 + will have ambitions and they will also want to write to you and conquer you. Such provocations work very well.


Use different kinds of automatizers . These applications are on Android and you can install an Android emulator on your computer in a fairly simple way. With the application for testing other applications, you can set up a sequence of actions that the robot should perform on your computer. He will simply follow the algorithm: the next girl is to send a text message. And you can send 200, 300 or 500 identical messages to your target audience in a day, without spending a minute of your personal time on it. Of these, 10-20 will definitely respond positively. As soon as contacts are left for you, you should definitely receive a notification about this on your phone. And then don’t be too smart – call and make an appointment for today or tomorrow. I highly recommend not to delay, but to strike while the iron is hot.

In general, the main advice about dating on Badu and Mamba is that everything needs to be simplified and automated. Remove the human factor, lice simple scripts like:

“Hi! Interesting photos. Who are you looking for here?

and nothing else is needed. She will answer who she is looking for here, you will answer that it is about the same and offer to discuss it at a meeting:

“If there is a mutual desire to meet and have a great time, write the phone.”

If the girl answered the first message, then about 7 out of 10, with the correct profile and quick response, will leave you a phone number.

Asking yourself the question: “How to get acquainted on the Internet?”, Remember – everything is easy and simple on Mamba and Badu. So make an appointment, have a great time and think, finally, maybe it’s time to go offline?

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