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How to meet online?

Buddy, go to the mirror and carefully look at who you meet there. Most likely, you will see at the same time a very pragmatic and cowardly person who told himself that he could not meet a beautiful girl on the street in person. Let’s talk about how to get acquainted on the Internet. Most likely, you sold yourself a story that all this is for the sake of saving time, because the smartphone is always with you, which means that even sitting on the push, you can scroll through the girls in the application and wait for matches.

Let’s say you decide to find easy sex on the Internet or get involved in a romantic adventure. What should you understand? The first is that 99.9% of the girls you meet on the Internet are not suitable for a relationship, at most for a little adventure. At the same time, half of them are fakes. Therefore, don’t be too upset if you suddenly left a phone number, and after 5 days you start receiving sms offering various services, which often happens. The WhatsApp mailing list is collected just from dating sites.

Secondly, if a girl does not want to figure out whether you are bad or good, if it is enough for her to look at your profile to draw conclusions, then it’s time to decide where you will look for a lady of the heart on Friday evening. Either you choose the most popular, but not simple Tinder service , or everything else.

What is the difference? Tinder is a high-tech and cunning dating service that creates significant barriers to registering fakes. You will have to link your Facebook page to it and this is the only way to register. And there are two ways.

Or you tie up your permanent page, and then through mutual acquaintances, people similar to you will be pulled up to you. Tinder understands what you are interested in, what interests you have from Facebook, collects this data, and offers you targeted girls. Either you make a fake page, and then you need to make incredible efforts to bring your profile to the top.

There are even special forums where people discuss how tinder algorithms are changing . Yes, tinder has certain algorithms, and they are no simpler than chess games.


Conventionally, each match ( match – a match or mutual like) that you get has a weight, like chess players. That is, any won or lost game is not equal to each other. A match is like a game won at chess. And your task is to manage to make such a profile so that girls like you, who, in turn, are liked by weighty dudes. And then your profile will always be in the top and you will only meet beautiful girls on the Internet.

I think those who have registered on Tinder at least once found that at first they are lucky, great girls appear in the feed who like you, and then suddenly you start seeing dinosaurs that are not even shown in Russian porn. And, accordingly, you go from there to the “hand-to-hand technique”.


To prevent this from happening, you must make a great questionnaire. Forget that you need to connect photos from Instagram, because these photos will “punch” you, find you and very easily merge, because they will see, for example, a photo with another girl or something else inappropriate. You must have a “sterile” and impeccable account in terms of image, self-presentation and reputation.


There should be a photo where you stand in full growth. Beautiful close-up portraits. By the way, according to rumors, Tinder recently published a protest with an article that, they say, men, stop taking pictures with tigers. Because people have probed the topic that the photo, where a man hugs a live tiger, is liked by everyone. And the hunt began, people just went crazy – they find tigers, film with them, and then go to Tinder to “shoot” the girls.

You can find “your personal tiger” and take a good photo. It should be natural, you should show your different lifestyle – at work, traveling, in a suit, in a photo from crazy events, where you are skydiving, where you are satisfied and happy, because if in the photo you are with a gloomy and a very businesslike person, then it is unlikely that anyone will come to you, except for a couple of gnomes who can make you happy so that you stop being gloomy.

So, the photo should be:


close-up / long shot;

some event

And the photos must be of good quality.

By the way! Contrary to popular belief, you can get acquainted on the Internet without a photo from the gym, they are not required. If you are incredibly athletic, it will show through three suits that fit you well. And if you are a fat mattress, then even if you took a golf club and put your personal unicorn next to it, it is still clear that you are a fat mattress, and you will not deceive anyone with this.


The main thing is that the questionnaire must be filled out. You can get acquainted on the Internet directly. On the first page and in the first line, you write – what are you doing here, who are you looking for. It is desirable that it be short, concise, exhaustive and attractive. Because if you write – I work at work, I get paid in money, I was born in a maternity hospital, look what an original guy I am, then the girl, of course, will not like it.

It makes sense to say that you came to this site for a short time, do not believe much in this site and have high standards. You can also casually note that let fat and ugly girls pass by. Then some girls who are hooked by this will pay attention themselves, strike up a conversation and troll you – they turn it on as a game, and they like you. That is, we make such an attractive profile that the girl herself wants to write to you.


If you are a pragmatic and cunning guy, then you probably already know that there are offlikers who like everyone in a row. Tinder developers also know about this, respectively, there is an algorithm that calculates how quickly you like others and if you like everyone in a row and do not put dislikes , then your profile is perceived as a robot, your rating decreases and they start showing you crocodiles. You start liking crocodiles, and lo and behold, welcome back to where you started.

Who to Like?

You need to like only beautiful ones and wait for your matches . Unfortunately, this is the only way to success.

Paid Services

Now let’s talk about paid chips. If you create a fake account for yourself, indicate that you are 29 years old. Because in Tinder , if you are over 30 years old, then for a paid service you can pay, for example, 8,000 rubles a year, and if you are younger, then you will pay, for example, 1,500 for the same. This is a significant savings, and you can buy yourself condoms for a couple of months.

I advise you not to save and use paid services. It pays for itself. For example, Tinder plus will allow you to increase the number of likes to infinity, which means that you can mathematically increase your chances of success by liking until you wipe your finger. Online dating will become easier.

You can also change your geolocation. And if you are sitting in Biryulyovo-Tovarnaya, then you can choose girls from Luxury-Podolsk. So you can even prepare yourself the ground for a trip to another city.

There is also a great thing – Superlike , with which you greatly increase the chances that the girls, cheered from all sides, will at least look at you and begin to communicate with you.

How to get acquainted on the Internet?

If you are hoping to surprise a girl with your incredibly complex first phrase with two separate adverbial phrases, then most likely you will not succeed, because there are a myriad of such hacks on Tinder . It is very easy to write. After the match, you write “Hello” and start asking questions – what is she doing here, who is she looking for and how long has she been having fun here. If she’s been here for a long time, then she’s probably a slut who goes on dates, breeds guys and stuff like that. If she says that recently, then this does not mean that she is not a slut, because sluts have learned to cheat. But if she’s really here recently and hasn’t gone on dates yet, you say: “Listen, let’s not delay, I invite you to a meeting, leave your phone number, we’ll write to WhatsApp ”.

After that, the girl usually leaves her number, because she has already shown sympathy. For those who do not leave, just forget it, these are the future “cat ladies”. This is a dating site, and if a girl says: “I don’t meet men, and in general it’s just like that,” then she clearly has a cold in both hemispheres, since she herself does not understand why she is here.

Then you begin to correspond with her already in WhatsApp and slightly dilute her into a sexual context. Ask what she likes, where she would like to go, what is the most romantic evening she imagines, and then the girl herself will draw you a scenario that will clearly satisfy her at the meeting. And she will come to this meeting.

There is another way. You call her right away and close for a meeting in the next hour or two. You say –

where are you?

– in Karaganda.

– super, and I’m just next to Karaganda and let’s see you.

Next, use various recommendation services, choose where you can go with a girl and have a good time.

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