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How to Attract a Girl – 8 Qualities of a Man

Here is a short list of eight qualities that will help you find the answer to the question – how to attract a girl. Go

Self confidence

Self-confidence is an internal state. It’s how you stand, how you sit. First of all, you are comfortable in your body. And it is felt. You don’t play other people’s roles. You are so. You love and appreciate yourself. You are calm and reliable, like an oak tree. You are satisfied with your life, you have chosen the path and you are walking boldly, striding with leaps and bounds, so much so that you cannot be knocked down by a cannon. And it beckons. Because we girls always want a protector. We want to understand that next to this man, the mammoth is always killed, and the forest wolves run in different directions at one glance.


Intelligence is second in the list, but still the first in importance. If we women understand that a man is smart, then with this the chances of survival increase significantly. Gone are the days of bandits and thugs. Now there is no need to kill anyone or drive aggressively from the territory, the era of the rule of smart and interesting people has come. Now it’s all about how big you think. Are you able to solve complex problems and how quickly can you find a way out of a stressful situation.

Sense of humor

If you have a cool joke – it’s 80 percent success. Jokes not only dilute the nerve at the first meetings, but also signals your lightness. Humor is an excellent tool for smoothing out sharp corners and awkward situations. A man who makes me laugh immediately falls into the rank of cool. I want to at least be friends with him, sleep as much as possible, give birth to the same funny children and create my own little comedy life .


Open the car door, help take off your coat. If it is cold to offer a jacket on the street, it is not difficult, but it warms the soul very much.

And you don’t need to lay carpet, don’t try to please.

Caring doesn’t mean groveling.


First of all, you need prosperity yourself. Making a lot of money is not the goal of life, it is a tool for a comfortable existence. And you don’t have to be a millionaire at all. It’s just that the one who develops, travels, improves living conditions – inspires confidence, which means that you will not be lost with such a man.

Be Simple

Snobbery is a sign of bad parenting. In general, I am sure that the simpler people are, the more honest and kind they are. Those who try to build up their worth or want to be what he is not, look ridiculous and stupid. Either way, the scam will come out. As in the famous phrase: “Be yourself, the rest of the roles are taken.”

You must smell good

Although many argue that appearance is not the main thing for a man, this is a lie. No, you do not need to pose as a fierce fashionista. It is enough to wear fresh underwear, trim your beard regularly. How to attract a girl? Use a good perfume!

In Sex You Are The Chief

For the first time, you decide where, how, under what light, with what music, in what positions, how long and how well your sex will last. God forbid asking:

“Did you like it?”. Never, you hear, never ask if she liked it.

In sex, as in a dance, a man leads. How to lead? Do what pleases you. Do not be afraid, she will appreciate your ardor and initiative. Never tune in. If she doesn’t like your game, then you need to play in different teams.


Why respect? For boobs? For a beautiful dress?

Why respect a woman? And why respect people in principle ? Just be worthy with everyone. If something in communication bothers you, leave, but do not insult, do not humiliate. Be above it. Behaving with dignity does not mean being weak. This means that you do not want to stoop to the level of cattle.

Respect is like a calling card. Do not look at the priests of passing women, do not pour mud on the former. Do not talk on the phone with her for half an hour about work.

How to attract a girl. Epilogue

If you really want to spend your life surrounded by interesting, worthy and kind people, then be like that yourself.

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