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Women’s Look. Meet Milana

Meet Milan. At 22, I came to my first pickup truck training. Then I didn’t know how to get acquainted, flirt, didn’t know how to present myself correctly. For me, interacting with men was like Sudoku level 80. The pickup truck gave me self-confidence, and I realized that it is possible and necessary to build relationships without fear and pain. In the process of classes, the girls constantly asked for my advice, seeing how easy it was for me to do everything. And I thought why not become a coach myself? So a year later, having gone through all the workshops – lomasters , having passed the trainer’s courses, having seduced the entire central district, I became a pickup truck coach for boys and girls.

About 1000 students attended my course. Everyone was different. Someone finally got married or got married. Someone has found self-confidence and a new life. And most importantly, everyone has learned to competently build relationships with the opposite sex. Meet!

I am now

I sincerely love to help and see the result of my work in the faces, words and destinies of people, I love life, I try to make it as colorful and interesting as possible and teach this to my students. Everyone thinks that I am lucky and I was lucky with the events in my life, but in fact I just know how to manage my personal life and I will teach you how to do it.

I am constantly engaged in self-development, reading. I attend psychological trainings. I listen to audiobooks. A PR specialist by education. I am a professional swimmer.

I love my job very much. I know how to listen and correctly assess the problem. I sincerely want to help and save from unsuccessful, stupid, soul-sucking relationships.

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