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Girl Breeding For Money

Most likely, this will not affect you, because you are not the target audience of those girls who are professionally bred for money. Well, if, nevertheless, you are the target audience, then we’ll take a closer look a little lower. The girl breeds for money – what to do? Everything is like in a joke:

“Darling, tell me what will make me very happy and very sad at the same time.

– Honey, you have the biggest dick of all your friends.

How do you know if you are the target?

First of all, you need to start thinking like a girl. Suppose she needs to cheat a man for money, for normal money, not to put money on the phone, but on a trip somewhere, on the phone, so that she can buy a car, so that the dress is expensive, so that the linen set is good, and not “Bolshevik “. And this guy obviously earns from about $15,000.

If you earn less, then, most likely, for you the loss of even $ 1,000 for a beautiful girl is so significant that you will then blow her and yourself all the brains. And she needs to easily withdraw this money from those who later react to this like this: well, the girl breeds for money, that’s okay.

Therefore, look into your wallet, look at your credit card statement, and if the amount there is several times less than the above, then relax. The maximum that threatens you is wiring at the level of “can I have a Mojito?”. In general, remember that the girl who breeds for a cocktail is an inexperienced, insecure, and divorcing girl with no special prospects. And before we move on to the major leagues, let’s look at these points in more detail.


Let’s now talk about girls who in a cafe or on a date provoke you to spend a little more than it’s really worth.

For example, you call and say:

– Let’s meet you at Chaihona .

And she replies:

– You know, I don’t go to Chaihona , and in general, I’m used to being picked up. By the way, what car do you have? And then I suggest going to a normal restaurant – Novikov, O2 or something like that.

Then you can directly ask her a question.

– Listen, I would like to dot the “i”. Do we have commodity-money relations or what? It’s just that you don’t have a price tag on you, but by the size of your chest you pull on the Teahouse, but not on everything else. There would be a confident standing three or four there, it would be possible to go to O2.

At this point, we immediately land this incredibly confident-looking woman.

Why would it work?

The girl, in a good way, works on your weakness with the help of a veiled subtext: “Are you not a man? Weakling? Can’t you pull it?” He just takes it weakly, and many men get involved in it with pleasure, and then complain that the girl is cheating for money.

Most girls who do this do not have normal, interesting, beautiful, confident arguments and phrases that she will say after your counter attack, because her provocation usually succeeds. The guys either take her to a good restaurant or merge. And those who are lucky, she breeds further. And you took and showed her your balls. And she either merges, because she does not intend to communicate with someone who will not pay for her time, or she begins to see in you a normal man who knows how to merge greyhound goats. Why goats? Because they eat greens.

Bar Or Club

The next situation is when a girl breeds for money. You met a girl in a bar or a club and she says, “Treat me.” There are two ways here. You can say:

– I treat the girls to dinner with the prospect of having breakfast together. We can go out to dinner, but I’m not sure I’m that hungry yet.

By this you show that it is still unknown who wants whom more. There is another way when you say to a girl:

– Yes, of course, order whatever you want, and also take me a cocktail at the bar, and I’ll come right over.

And you go away for a while to friends and girlfriends, but at the same time you follow what she will do. In a situation where at the time of the order she was alone in the bar, there will be two ways – either she will pay for the order herself and will be waiting for you already with drinks, including for you, or she will not order anything and merge. In the second case, you were even lucky – you did not refuse, you behaved very nicely, and she merged. Do not forget to tell later how the girl breeds for money to her friends. And if she paid, you come, apologize for being late, and offer to either return the money to her or pay for the next couple of drinks. This will be a great opportunity to get to know each other.


Consider the situation when you came to a restaurant, and the girl orders more than expected. What does it mean – more than expected? In general, it is customary for a girl to start from your account. If you ordered a knuckle, a lamb, or that waiter stuffed with hares, then she orders something similar. And if you took boiling water for yourself, and she took everything from the first order and added crystal carp and a wild horse there, then you say:

– There is a feeling that you did not come to me on a date, but to my wallet, and he did not invite you, unfortunately. So let me pay for your drink since I invited you, and you pay for the rest.

You must be clearly aware that if a girl creates a situation in which you have a dilemma – to pay and become a scapegoat or not to pay and become just a goat, then the girl definitely does not intend to get close to you. She intends to eat deliciously and further use you, therefore, it is better to drain it yourself.

Always remember that you filter girls the same way they filter you. And just because she has a vagina and you don’t doesn’t mean her filter is a priority over yours.

Major League

Now let’s consider a situation where you earn tens of thousands of dollars or so. Already starting from 10-12 thousand, you are clearly at risk. And if more, then you are already on the list for development. Most likely, sooner or later, a very beautiful, very elegant and intelligent girl will form next to you, who will tell you fables. I pulled many of my clients out of such relationships, and studied this scheme very well. If you find out something similar in the current situation, then just run.

First. Usually men who are successful in their careers and finances are quite ambitious. And the girl quickly understands exactly what ambitions you have. For example, you like to get acquainted with status people. And she begins to tell that through third parties she knows those who you need – Mikhail Prokhorov, Alina Kabaeva and anyone else. And she starts telling stories like these – yes, Alina and I trained together, and we have known each other since childhood and are still friends, and on March 31 , she will definitely come to visit us and I will introduce you. You hang your ears, and in full confidence that Kabaeva does not communicate with just anyone, you begin to trust this girl. You have an additional argument why you need to skip her inconsistencies in the legends, because you really want to get to know such an incredible person as Alina.

Farther. They start coaxing you with small gifts. The thought that the girl breeds for money disappears. She says: “You don’t look good enough, let’s go, I’ll change you.” And she drags you to a beauty salon for her money, dresses you in good stores, and spends 200 thousand on it on the go. And then you start to think that you have pulled out a lucky ticket: Kabaeva knows, invests money and generally licks from head to toe.

Imperceptibly the situation is changing. She says:

“Listen, I need cash for a case, can you give me half a million for a couple of days?

“Damn, half a million is a lot. Maybe 300 thousand? – you say.

– Dear, but I have done so much for you, is it really difficult for you?

And the story begins about weakly. It ‘s not difficult for you and you give her half a million. And she is very grateful and promises that she will give back soon.

At the same time, you have invested in her a significant amount even for you, but when you look at the situation of the balance of investments, despite the fact that she has invested a little less so far, nevertheless, she has invested more than all previous women. At this moment, thoughts appear that the girl breeds for money.

Then stories about mothers, grandmothers, sick sisters, ingrown nails and urgent trips to Italy appear. And all this is accompanied by incredibly passionate, passionate and so powerful sex that you have never seen anything like it in your life. And in addition, they tell you wonderful stories about how everything will be wonderful for you, and how she has been looking for such an amazing and incredible guy like you for a long time. And you start pouring money in. I dropped it here, I dropped it here, I introduced her there, I introduced her there, and the overall balance is already like this – she invested 200 thousand in you, and you invested 2 million.

At some point, you start to demand this money back. Because neither in a couple of days, nor next week, nor in a couple of months, she does not give you this money. For all questions, she simply merges. And there is not a single document for the transfer of money, and she already has some compromising evidence on you.

A similar story happened to one of my clients. When he understood everything and ended all relations with such a person, all his mails were hacked and certain compromising evidence was sent to all partners. Fortunately, he got off with a small amount, in the region of a million rubles.

Therefore, if you earn normally, then remember that you should not shine money left and right, be more modest, at least in words, especially with girls who are very interested in your work and professional activities.

The girl breeds for money. Summarizing

If you began to suspect that your girl is a professional breeder, do not be lazy, find among your friends the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and give them her data – phone number, first name, last name. And if her data is not available anywhere, then most likely this is not a real name, which means welcome to the club.

Remember that the only way to win this game is to stop playing. This means that you will have to use force, no matter how bad it is for you, to refuse to communicate with her.

And then, sooner or later, you will definitely meet a good, beautiful girl who will love and appreciate you, and not your bank account.

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