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12 little things that can ruin sex

Feminine little things can ruin sex. If it’s time to get ready for the upcoming romantic evening, and possibly the night, then you should take a close look at your own bedroom. So many little things dear to your heart can distract your partner from the necessary wave of desire and spoil the whole romantic mood.

  • 1. TV. It distracts attention, because during a romantic dinner, some interesting movie will surely start, which you will certainly want to watch. And at the end of it, for sure, you will want to sleep, and not belong to each other. 
  • 2. A hearty romantic dinner. You know from yourself that after a meal you want to sit unbuttoned or even sleep, there is certainly no time for a romantic night. Therefore, no hearty dinner! Better a light aperitif and aphrodisiacs (dates, banana, pomegranate, chocolate and others), then the night will be “cheerful” and passionate! In addition, many products have a scent that is not conducive to sex, and wine is not easily cleaned from bed linen and clothes. 
  • 3. Phone. Either remove, or put in a silent mode, because he will definitely call at the most crucial or frank moment. Imagine, you are already in your underwear, and then a call from your grandmother, your mood, like the mood of your partner, will evaporate and break about the questions of your grandmother about the jam and socks given to you. 
  • 4. Laptop, tablet and other electronic devices. They simply distract attention, because according to statistics, a person spends more than 70% of his free time on various social networks. Therefore, “Out of sight, out of mind!” 
  • 5. Posters with your favorite movie, music and art stars (if these “favorites” are men). It is unlikely that at least one man will be led by the presence of a “rival” in the room, who not only looks at him intently from the poster, but also takes a safe place in your heart. And you will hardly be pleased to find posters with girls in swimsuits on the walls of his room. 
  • 6. Animals. Especially cats and dogs, which are very curious to guests. Animals can not only pounce on the guy, but also sit on the sidelines to see what happens next. This look of your beloved pet will “prick” you the whole process. In addition, animals may try to jump onto the bed, and here it is certainly not up to sex. 
  • 7. Ashtray. If the chosen one smokes, then let him do it on the balcony, and not in the room that you so diligently fumigated with incense. Yes, and each of us knows the sad experience of smoking in bed, you shouldn’t take risks and try it on yourself! 
  • 8. Bed linen. It’s not worth cleaning, but it’s worth checking for “sexuality”. Sheets with Mickey Mouse and darned holes are unlikely to be an additional incentive. But silk underwear in bright colors will cause a wave of excitement. 
  • 9. Disorder. Even if you consider it “creative”. Clutter in your room will mean only one thing – you are a slob, and your boyfriend will think about why the socks are with the discs, and the photos are under a layer of dust. Make the room clean and you will not be distracted either. 
  • 10. Cosmetics that are not age appropriate or medications. Even if you have hemorrhoids popped out, your partner does not need to know about it. And cosmetics +35 in your 24 can cause misunderstanding in a man, because men are very attentive and meticulous. 
  • 11. Sex toys in a conspicuous place. Men can be jealous of a vibrator or dildo. At the first sex, you should not immediately demonstrate your set, you should leave your acquaintance for the next meeting. But before demonstrating it is important to know his attitude to such things. 
  • 12. Photos with ex. Even if you remain friends, nothing should be reminded of him in the house. You should not leave in a conspicuous place and photos with male friends. This raises many questions that are not appropriate at the beginning of a relationship. He may not ask them, but they will torment him. 

In fact, not only the listed minor details, but also an unsuccessful joke, an unsightly appearance, an unpleasant smell, and much more can frighten off a partner. Be yourself, try to look seductive, prepare a cozy nest and let your every night be like the first!

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