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5 ways to use the vibrating egg

A vibrating egg is a small sex toy that can be worn. It is immersed in the body for pleasure. It is controlled most often remotely. How to use this sex toy in sexual experiments? How can it be useful during foreplay or regular sex with a partner?

1. Wearing a vibrating egg

The size of a vibrating egg rarely reaches 8 cm in length, so it can be easily placed inside the body and enjoy pleasant vibrations. This is especially convenient if the sex toy is remote controlled. You can turn on the modes without touching the device, which allows you to enjoy even in crowded places . Wearing it will turn even a boring shopping trip into an interesting action, and the vibrating egg will be appropriate in the gym, at work and even on a date. And although vibrations do not always lead to orgasm, pleasant arousal always arises 


2. Fondling during foreplay with a vibrating egg

You can use a vibrating egg like any mini vibrator. They just caress any external erogenous zones . Vibration in the neck, abdomen, chest, inner thighs is very pleasant. You can influence a woman and a man. But the most striking will be the caress of the genitals. To enhance the experience of application, it is recommended to blindfold. Then there will be an effect of surprise, the person will not be able to understand how and where to touch him in the next moment. But here it is important to understand that you can touch the anus, but you cannot insert the vibrating egg inside, then it is almost impossible to get it out on your own. 

3. Oral sex with a vibrating egg

Blowjob with a vibrating egg changes completely. In the process, it is worth starting with the usual movements of the lips and tongue, and when the man’s excitement is at its best, the vibrator should gently touch his scrotum . First, you should choose a low speed, but gradually increase the strength of the vibrations. At the same time, the finale will be very bright, he will definitely want to repeat it. With cunnilingus, too, a vibrating egg will not be superfluous. They can caress the anus or papillae. A woman can hold a sex toy, or a man can. And when the tongue is tired, you can temporarily replace it with vibration. The alternation of two different influences is quite pleasant. 

4. Training vaginal muscles with a vibrating egg

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is very beneficial for all women. The exercise is recommended to be done with vaginal balls. But you can also use a vibrating egg for classes. It is immersed inside the body, and then muscles are squeezed and relaxed. It can be moved up and down inside, it is easy to make pushing movements.

Due to fluctuations, the sensations from the exercise will be more pleasant, and there is a possibility that one or more orgasms will occur in the process . The use of such an accessory is no less effective than the use of other simulators. But given that there are much more ways to use it than simple balls, then buying a vibrating egg is more profitable. 

5. Anal sex with a vibrating egg

If a couple is practicing anal, then a vibrating egg will make it much more pleasant. It is placed in a woman’s vagina and turned on after the man has penetrated another hole. At the same time, both partners feel the vibrations ; he even distinguishes rhythm and speed through the intestinal wall. Using a sex toy gives a sensation similar to double penetration. Most often, the experiences of a lady become very bright. But it is important to remember to add a little lubricant even when the vibrating egg is immersed in the body. A vibrating egg is an inexpensive but practical sex toy. It is suitable for training, sexual experimentation, masturbation. It is important to understand that the more operating modes, the more exciting the application. 

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