Modern erectile dysfunction treatments

Benefits of LOD therapy

Erection problems occur in men at different ages, but over the years, more and more predisposing factors appear for this : bad habits, accumulated stress, unhealthy diet, age-related changes in hormonal levels, etc. 

In urology, there are different ways to treat genital dysfunction: one method will help eliminate the problem forever, the other – only for a while. In recent years, the erectile method, LOD therapy, has become very popular.

Features of the technique

LOD – a technique – a negative pressure treatment, i.e. restoration of potency locally (local impact). According to doctors, this is a quick, painless and, most importantly, a very effective way to combat erectile dysfunction, which is familiar to many of the stronger sex.

IMPORTANT!!! Negative pressure, used to restore male strength, is used in many modern clinics and gives a guaranteed and long-lasting result.

The main reason why potency and erection decrease in men is insufficient filling of the penis with blood. This happens in two cases: a spasm of the smooth muscles of the organ, which prevents the relaxation of its tissues, and a violation of the blood supply, due to which blood flows into the penis in insufficient quantities.

The reasons for these phenomena can be divided into the following categories:

  • physiological (diseases of various body systems);
  • psychological (stress, emotional overexcitement, nervousness, fear, etc.);
  • androgenic (anomalies in the structure of organs – congenital and acquired).

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to identify its exact cause. A qualified urologist or andrologist, who should be contacted at the first manifestations of pathology, will be able to assist in this. Therapy will depend on the factor that provoked the pathology, the presence of other diseases (urological, infectious, cardiac, etc.), the psychoemotional state of the patient and the patient’s usual lifestyle.

Usually, treatment is very long and complex, implying the fulfillment of two tasks: elimination of the root cause of the pathology and restoration of lost functions. To solve the latter, LOD therapy is used: this technique is able to quickly cope with the consequences, but unfortunately, it cannot eliminate the very cause of impotence.

The essence of the applied method

The technique was developed by an American urologist who invented a special vacuum erector. The device was a small in diameter and long cylinder connected to a pump. The penis was placed in the cylinder and air was pumped out using a pump, which made it possible to create a local negative pressure (LOD) in the cylinder. The latter contributed to the appearance of the same pressure in the cavernous bodies of the penis, due to which the blood flow to them increased several times. The result is a powerful erection, caused by natural conditions, not medication.  

Tests of the erector on volunteers gave amazing results: in 83% of cases, erectile dysfunction in patients disappeared, and phallodecompression (another name for the technique) has become one of the popular methods of treating male impotence.

Today this highly effective method is used in all countries of the world and is gaining in popularity. It is available, does not harm the body (unlike medications), does not cause painful sensations and helps to quickly get rid of the problem: an improvement in the condition is noted after the first procedure.

 This technique is also used by healthy patients, since phallodecompression helps not only to cure diseases of the genital organs (impotence, prostatitis), but also to prevent them.  

How is the treatment procedure

The erection procedure is carried out in specialized clinics under the supervision of a specialist. The patient’s task is to undress and take a comfortable position. After treating the man’s penis with an antiseptic solution, it is placed in a special cylinder. Further, with the help of a pump, air is pumped out of the device.

Reducing the erection that occurs during the procedure is prevented by a ring that is put on the root of the penis just before the procedure. It prevents the inflowed blood from quickly returning to the body. Due to the large amount of fluid in the penis, its cavernous bodies are stretched, which in the future allows it to accommodate a larger volume of blood.

Half an hour after the onset of an erection, the ring is removed, which will allow the biological fluid to return to the body. This must be done, otherwise the work of the circulatory system will be disrupted. During this time, a man may have intimate contact or masturbate.

Although both the device and the man’s body are treated with an antiseptic, before going to the clinic, it is necessary to thoroughly toilet the groin area and put on underwear made of natural fabrics.

Pros and cons of phallodecompression

Any invention used in medicine has its supporters and opponents. The opinion is based on the advantages and disadvantages of the applied method of treatment. LOD therapy has the following advantages:

  • low cost of treatment;
  • no side effects;
  • painlessness;
  • easy application;
  • the ability to use at a convenient time; 
  • no need for inpatient treatment.

The results of such treatment are visible almost immediately, and at the end of the course of therapy, most patients forget that they suffered from erectile dysfunction or impotence. With regular use of the technique, the disease does not return, and the general well-being of the body improves due to increased blood flow in the pelvic organs. The latter contributes to the rapid elimination of other diseases of the reproductive system, as well as their prevention.

The disadvantages of the device include significant harm to the body if the use of the erector is carried out incorrectly. Excessive wearing of the restraining ring is a frequent mistake made by patients. Many men strive to prolong the pleasant sensation of an erection, which leads to serious consequences.

The most common of these is swelling of the tissues of the penis. If blood flow is not restored in a timely manner, such swelling will cause the tissue of the penis to die, which will lead to amputation of the organ.

Also, frequent phenomena are considered:

  • scarring of the tissues of the cavernous bodies;
  • decreased sensitivity of the head of the penis;
  • disruption of the heart and blood vessels;
  • impotence.

Unpleasant side effects include pain during ejaculation if intercourse is performed immediately after the procedure (until the ring is removed).

Also, strong pressure on soft tissues causes small bruises and internal hemorrhages on the penis, which cause anxiety to the patient and a feeling of slight discomfort. Numbness of the penis is possible, which quickly goes away on its own.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

The main indication for therapy is erectile dysfunction, that is , the man’s inability to bring his penis into an erect state and keep this erection. Also, the device is used as an addition to the treatment of chronic prostatitis and vesiculitis. The erector helps with diseases of the circulatory system, which often provoke impotence in the stronger sex. The list of indications also includes Peyronie’s disease, a violation of the anatomy of the penis caused by surgery, age-related changes in the body that provoked sexual impotence. 

Patients suffering from cardiac pathologies and diseases of the genital organs in the acute stage of phallodecompression are not performed. Contraindications also include malignant tumors in the reproductive system, inguinal hernia, phimosis, hydrocele and varicocele.

For the treatment and prevention of impotence, only local measures are not enough. You need to lead a correct lifestyle and maintain your own health. Proper nutrition is important, which includes vegetables and fruits in large quantities, cereals (buckwheat, millet, oats), protein (meat, milk and dairy products), limiting salt and hidden fats, avoiding fast food.

It is also important to exercise regularly, walk more, swim, ride a bike, do gymnastics in the morning. The key to healthy potency is a regular sex life and timely treatment of emerging diseases, including infectious ones. 

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