Failure of a partner in sex: how to react

How to properly respond to a fiasco of a man in bed? Agree, the situation is unpleasant when both of you decided to indulge in passion, and your partner is “out of shape.” For the stronger sex, this is the most terrible nightmare, which can cause numerous complexes and disorders in the future, therefore, the reaction of a woman in such a case is very important.

Patience and understanding

This is the first thing a man needs in case of failure in sex. Do not in any way reproach or ridicule him! And exclude the word “impotent” from the lexicon altogether. The only failure can turn into a series of problems in your sex life if it meets the aggressive reaction of a woman at a difficult moment.

If this is a person dear to you, treat with understanding his misfire. Contrary to popular belief that men are the stronger sex, in fact, they are very emotional and suspicious. Any problems at work or a fight with mom can throw them off balance and sink deep into the subconscious. It is these experiences that cause discord in the sexual mood of men.

One can speak of a serious sexual disorder only after six months of regular fiasco.


Pretend not to attach importance to male failure. Do not interrupt the foreplay, continue tactile caresses, conversations on frank topics, and not a word about the incident in bed! If a man sees how easy and simple you treat his problem, this will significantly defuse the situation. Take a shower together, share your sexual fantasies – in a word, do not dwell on the issue of attention.

Sexy diet

Offer your partner to abstain from sex for a while. But don’t stop practicing flirting, caressing, kissing. This will give the man confidence in his capabilities and in himself, and the accumulated sexual energy is guaranteed to provide you with a stormy night after the diet.

Tête-à-tête conversations

Never share the details of intimate relationships with third parties, especially if the sexual experience is unsuccessful. Your conversations should only take place with your partner, in a comfortable environment, without raised tones, claims and reproaches. Do not take intimate details outside the bedroom – this is bad form.

One failure in bed does not make a man impotent and weak. Be wiser and support your chosen one. Perhaps this is a single failure, and your correct reaction will help to avoid the development of a global problem. And if the problem still arises, contact only qualified specialists and do not self-medicate.  

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