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Hand Move: 6 Hand Techniques That Will Make Him Orgasm

Girls love slower. Girls also love to please boys. Sometimes you want to please your faithful and arrange an evening just for him. To be passionate, fast, powerful. So that he would then come to his senses for a long time and not understand for what merits he got such a treasure in the person of you. Manual techniques, that is, made exclusively by hand, are suitable for all occasions. So you can be naughty somewhere in a dark corner at a party, in a train compartment and in your own bedroom. The effect is one – you quickly and accurately bring your partner to orgasm only by sleight of hand.

1. Let’s start simple

It is foolish to treat a guy’s penis like a sugar statue that will fall apart at any moment. This is a very strong organ, and in an excited state you do not have enough strength to break it. What is it for? To the fact that sometimes men do not have enough rudeness in their treatment of their dignity. No, shouting into his panties is not necessary, but squeezing and persistently caressing is necessary.

The meaning of this technique is to clasp the penis at the head with your palm and, with pressure down, lead your hand to the very base. Then, almost immediately, lagging behind for a couple of seconds, do the same with the other hand. Short pauses between compression cycles act like vibration and simulate the entrance to a woman’s vagina. Orgasm is always guaranteed. 

2. Playful fingers

Who said that one must go into battle unarmed? You can always use sex toys that deliver orgasm. For example, you can use attachments on your finger – grease such a toy with lubricant and caress the dignity of your chosen one with vibrations and pulsations.  

3. Alternation

Here we are a little cunning, because the meaning is not in one hand, but also in oral sex. But there are not many of them. Also, the good news is that the gag reflex and the need to put the entire penis in the mouth are a thing of the past. First you need to apply a lubricant for oral sex to the penis (what types are there and what to choose). And if you are too lazy to follow the link, look right here. Can even be taken with a strawberry flavor for a sweet treat for both of you:
Once the lubricant has been applied, proceed. Suck gently with your mouth and stimulate the penis, but only the head. You cannot go lower. Hands are located at the very base and sharply squeeze and stroke this area. But not all the time! There is a short pause for five compressions. The point is in the alternation of movements. After that, with the other hand, grab the penis near the head itself, while simultaneously ceasing to hold it in your mouth. It seems that the order is complicated, but in reality everything is simple. In any case, a matter of practice that your partner is unlikely to give up.

4. Crossed wrists

This technique not only gives its results, but also looks incredibly beautiful. It seems that you escaped from some kind of harem, along the way, picking up interesting techniques. For this effect, you need to cross your wrists, and then clasp your lover’s penis at the very base. Spinning your arms, rise up. Then scratch again and go down, with a slight emphasis, so that your touches feel good. If you reach it, use your thumbs to stimulate the bridle. So the orgasm will come even faster. And if you have beautiful breasts, then you can also rub it against the penis. This is more of a visual effect. A great technique to make a first impression even with casual sex. 

5. Manners are most important

One hand rests on the base, and the other grabs the penis in the middle, but so that the little finger is protruding upward, as if you are not tumbling in bed, but drinking tea with the queen. With spiral movements, bring your hands up, when you reach the head, I turn my palm so that the little finger is already looking down. The reverse is turned on until you reach the bridle. Stimulate it with this same finger, you can still apply the technique to the urethra. The technique is good because it gives an almost full girth of the penis, in addition, it touches many hidden erogenous zones.

6. Boat, swim

Place your hands in a boat. Place the partner’s penis into it. Further, the boat begins its journey along the seas of pleasure. Drive your palms along the penis, and with your thumbs, when your palms go up, stimulate the head. It will also be good if you walk not only along the bridle, but also the stitch on the penis. An uncomplicated technique, which, nevertheless, gives a lot of pleasure. To please your beloved man is simple. To do this, you do not need to cook a bucket of borscht or go fishing with it. Just pay attention to his penis and he just sings with delight. 

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