Homeopathy for family cancer. Carcinosinum in the treatment of cancer

You are right about the carbon element (sensitive, chilly, sensitive to noise). But you need a medicine that is characterized by persistent anemia and kidney damage. And this is inherent in strontium. I started therapy with Strontium carbonicum LMl, then switched to LM2. Hemoglobin rose, sensations of tingling and numbness decreased, the amount of urine increased. Potency LM3 has no effect. If there is no indication of cancer in the family history, therapy with strontium carbonicum can be started. But the patient had a family history of cancer, which influenced the treatment. If the family history has indications of cancer, then the cancer genome is activated. In this case, the nosodes play an important role. And then I prescribed Carcinosinum SZO every 15 days. She was examined monthly (creatinine, urea). Against this background, I again gave Strontium carbonicum LM4 and received a good response, hemoglobin rose to 80 g / l, kidney function indicators improved (creatinine and urea decreased), but the manifestations of carpal tunnel syndrome did not disappear. Most likely they will not respond to homeopathic treatment – surgical intervention will be required. Hall: Why was Carcinosinum assigned? Kulkarni: For two reasons. Firstly, an indication of the presence of cancer in the family history, and secondly, her attitude to life did not imply a confrontation (realistic and conscious attitude to life, a clean and calm nature, very sensitive, soft and conservative; she believed that children suffer from because of this). She devoted her entire humble life to others, suppressing her desires. Therefore, among all the nosodes, I chose Carcinosinum. Softness is the essence of Carcinosinum, therefore it is more indicated for soft tumors, for thin, graceful, polite, sensitive, adaptive people similar to Pulsatilla. For another nosode from the tumor tissue – Scirrhinum – solid and dense tumors are characteristic. Hall: Spinnedi prefers to give Carcinosinum in the stage of precancer, and in the case of cancer, other nosodes. Kulkarni: I also mainly use Carcinosinum in a precancerous condition. And although there are indications in Materia Medica that it is better not to repeat nosodes, but the studies that we conducted allow us to conclude that this is possible. For example, the body is in a state of exhaustion and degradation and loses the battle with the disease (fights, but loses). It is difficult to assume in a 76-year-old patient that her myeloma is treatable. It is important for us to support life without further progression of the cancer process, i.e. maintain a proper quality of life. This woman has been under observation for 1.5 years, and so far no destruction of the lumbar vertebrae has been observed. Hemoglobin values ​​range from 90 to 100 g / l, it leaves the house, works around the house, carpal tunnel syndrome does not increase. She currently takes Strontium carbonicum LM4 three times a day and Calcarea 200C every 15 days. Over the past three months, she felt lethargic, she had petechiae on her forearm, which indicates platelet failure. We advised her to get a blood transfusion and gave Calcarea. After raising hemoglobin by 1.5 units after blood transfusion, it did not drop anymore, and the amount of urine did not decrease. Both urea and blood creatinine remain normal, and her quality of life is maintained. Further, if necessary, I plan to increase the potency to LM5. Chemotherapy was not performed in this situation. Audience: How long do you continue treatment with LM potencies? Kulkarni: With cancer, I have been giving them constantly for several years. I repeat them in the case of metastases, far advanced stages of the cancer process. In a precancerous state, I give one dose of a constitutional drug in the potency of UM, 50M, then I observe for several months. If this is an early stage of cancer, I repeat the constitutional drug while taking organ preparations (but not every day). For several days I give the drug in one dose, and then I observe for some time. It all depends on the state of vitality.

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