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Honey and soda to increase potency

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is not a direct erection agent. The product has the property of suppressing pathogens dangerous for men’s health. The greatest benefit is the combination of soda and honey for potency . Everyone knows about the ability of soda to suppress heartburn, but not everyone knows that the correct use of soda contributes to the general strengthening of male strength and the body. 

How is soda useful for men?

Relieves inflammation in prostate adenoma and other pathological conditions, acts as a disinfectant.

Helps relieve malignant, benign neoplasms. The property was proved by the experiments of Neumyvakin, during which, with the help of sodium bicarbonate, the tissues were relieved of metastases.

It has a positive effect on immunity, activating the body’s own protective functions against bacteria, viruses, harmful microorganisms.

Improves metabolic processes, removes decay products and harmful toxins.

Stimulates blood circulation in the small pelvis, stagnant processes in which lead to the impotence of a man in bed.

Baking soda

The substance allows you to restore the normal function of systems and organs that negatively affect male libido. Timely solution of such problems is the prevention of impotence in the future. 

How does sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) affect potency?

The product does not have a direct effect on erectile function, but the overall strengthening effect will help to increase potency:

  • disinfection of the body – creating an environment unfavorable for the reproduction of pathogenic flora;
  • neutralization of acid irritants when ingested;
  • normalization of metabolic substances when taken externally and orally;
  • decrease in the acidity of biological fluids.

Eating a lot of sweets, meat leads to increased acidity – microflora, in which various pathogens actively multiply.


The response is to stimulate the reserves of valuable substances from tissues and organs to reduce it. Such exhaustion can cause the following disorders:

  • damage to nerves, blood vessels, diabetes mellitus, against which sexual dysfunction develops;
  • the formation of stones in the urinary tract;
  • obesity due to slow metabolism, and adipose tissue “feeds” on testosterone;
  • development of cardiovascular diseases.

Baking soda helps neutralize acidity. Science and medicine call this property alkalinization. The effect is enhanced by honey, which is rich in potassium, which eliminates the moist environment in which pathogens are formed. The waste product of bees is an aphrodisiac. 

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Soda with honey recipes

Soda and honey for potency and many folk recipes to achieve a positive effect. The best are those that combine baking soda and honey, applied internally and externally.

Warming ointment

External application allows you to increase blood flow to the genitals. The product is being prepared according to the following scheme:

  • a pea “Zvezdochki” (can be replaced with Menovazin or Malavit ) is added to a teaspoon of natural honey;
  • mixed with soda, taken in half of the resulting volume of the mixture.

Apply the ointment to the feet, lower back 15-20 minutes before immediate intimacy, but wash off before contact. Not allowed to hit the member.

Honey and soda ointment

Honey “cocktail” with soda and lemon

Under the action of acid, sodium bicarbonate is converted into citrate, which has the following positive effects:

  • prevents dehydration;
  • the condition is alleviated in diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • reduces the symptoms of heartburn;
  • stimulates erectile function.

The preparation of the drink consists in mixing 1/2 lemon juice, half a teaspoon of soda and whole honey in a glass of water. Consumed once a day before meals for two weeks.

Toning mixture

Honey and soda mixture

To get a strengthening immunity, cleansing blood vessels, and normalizing digestion mixture, mix soda and honey together. The proportion of the components is 1: 3. You can add ginger, turmeric, lemon.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly. The resulting product is taken in a teaspoon with food or before meals. Every day you need to prepare a new mixture. The therapy lasts a week, and then take a break for a similar period.


Warm water can have a positive effect not only on blood circulation, but also on potency. Soda activates metabolism in tissues, strengthens capillaries and blood vessels, relieves puffiness, disinfects, and honey promotes nutrition and regeneration of the dermis, improves mood, relieving stress.

The bath is filled with water (temperature is not more than 38 degrees). Dissolve 200 g of natural honey and 500 g of baking soda. You can add salt, essential oils. This will make the composition of soda and honey for potency even more useful. The duration of the procedure is a quarter of an hour. The desired result of improving libido will be achieved gradually. The procedure is repeated within a month at intervals of every other day.

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How to apply correctly?

The tool does not have an instant effect. It begins to strengthen male strength gradually – a cumulative effect. Major improvements are seen after a week. There is a reasonable opinion that soda with honey should be taken by those who are over 35 years old. This will avoid many problems in the intimate sphere.

Do not forget about some precautions:

The proportions, dosages and duration of the course must not be violated. They are carefully calibrated and time-tested, selected so as not to lead to an excessive decrease in acidity.

It is not recommended to use honey without testing for individual intolerance. Allergies can manifest themselves both internally and externally.

You should not apply ointments and mixtures to the genitals. Some sources have recipes for such use, but a burning sensation is only the mildest consequence. You can completely burn the head or barrel.

When taking a bath, be sure to rinse in the shower after. It is necessary to remove the ointment from the feet and lower back before sex. The partner may have an allergic reaction to the waste product of bees.

Reviews of the treatment with soda and honey

Many men resort to using folk recipes and share their opinions online in various forums. About soda to raise potency, the recipes for which are simple, the reviews are mostly positive. Some write about the ineffectiveness of the remedy, but this is usually caused by non-compliance with the regularity of admission or the presence of pathologies that cannot be eliminated without medical intervention. Do not forget that each organism is individual.

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