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How to arrange a romantic holiday: 5 effective ways

The new year is traditionally considered a family holiday: it is customary to visit elderly relatives and to entertain children with all your might. But you can go on another scenario and, for a change, make this time a romantic vacation for the two of you. 5 ideas how to add romance in the New Year holidays .

On holidays you should not forget about your second half. Even if you have children, relatives and friends, most of whom need to be covered during the Christmas holidays, take the time and desire to be together. Moreover, among the years we do not have much time to please our soul mate with the attention. If you want to come up with something romantic for two is not so difficult. If finances allow, you can leave together for a couple of days out of town and meet Christmas there or go to warm countries for all holidays. But if it didn’t work or you didn’t want to leave, we offer 5 ideas on how to add romance these days while in the city.

1. Arrange the Day of wish fulfillment

One day you fulfill the wishes of your partner, and on another – he is yours. This is a great opportunity not only to spend time together, but also to build relationships, to get even closer, and in general to remember for the sake of whom you actually brush your teeth in the morning.

The format with the distinction of wishes by day is also very good because you can afford something that you usually don’t decide in the desire to adapt to your partner. This is a chance to add new ideas not only on holidays, but also on weekdays.

2. Vacation from children

If children are hindering each other’s wishes for you a little, why not diversify their holidays in an alternative way? You can send children for a couple of days to grandparents – and the older generation, joy, and children diversity. And you will have a real vacation of love. During the day you can go for a walk or a movie, and in the evening arrange a candlelit dinner and a relaxing massage before bedtime. He must be mutually from the series “you for me – I am for you”.

3. Winter swim

Do not worry – no winter swimming! Of course, it may also have its own romance, but it is clearly not for everyone. But to go together to the heated outdoor pool is a great idea! And the memories that you save for a long time. Just imagine: winter is cold outside, and the two of you in the pool are a real romance. And there will be something to remember.

4. Night of the way

Surprise your sweetheart – buy two tickets to St. Petersburg or Kazan, book a hotel or rent an apartment, and spend 1-2 days away from everyone. And let go very close, but in another city you will definitely feel in love with teenagers. And if you buy the entire coupe or get tickets NE, then the romance will begin on the way.

5. Hotel stories

You can secretly rent a hotel room in your city and arrange the most real date, which for a long time was not in your life. Invite your spouse in the evening to your favorite restaurant or just arrange to meet there, agree in advance that the dress uniform is formal. You can play strangers – as if you first saw each other, and then invite him to the hotel. This is a great idea for couples of any age who want their relationship to still have passion and novelty.

6. Make a movie

Watching movies is a traditional scenario for the New Year holidays. And what if you make your own movie? How little we all spend time with our loved ones, even fewer memories remain with us on various kinds of media. Agree, this is fundamentally wrong! Therefore, the coming New Year is an excellent occasion to create a new family tradition: make a movie about yourself and your loved ones, how you like to spend time together.

7. In winter, you can also walk

It’s time to go for a walk in the snowy forest to arrange sledding, skiing, sculpt snow women. Do not forget to bring along a thermos with mulled wine or hot tea, a lot of yummy.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​a forest or you’ve already been there, remember that you can walk not only in nature. In the days of the New Year holidays all the museums and exhibition facilities work.

8. Falling into childhood

Riding on the cheesecake is a pleasure both for children and for adults, who sometimes also want to remember how carefree it is, to fly from a mountain at a speed, without thinking about anything and just enjoying the nice winter day. One of the most popular places for tubing is VDNH, there every year they invent something new for lovers of cheesecakes. This year, the height of the hill is 7 meters, in addition, the number of lanes is added, there are now 5 of them, so that you and I will not stand in line for a long time. The slide works until 23.00, in the evening the illumination is turned on and the reason for not having a dull time becomes even greater.

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