How to delay ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual disorder. At the beginning of sexual activity (16-18 years old), it is quite normal due to excessive overexcitement , lack of experience and high testosterone, but not in an adult man. Experts say that there are many effective methods for delaying ejaculation and having a fulfilling sex life.  

Why does premature ejaculation occur?

There are two types of early ejaculation:

How to delay ejaculation?

  • Primary. From adolescence, the guy suffers from the inability to delay the secretion of semen. Caused by congenital problems – short frenum, hypersensitivity of the head of the penis, low serotonin levels in the head store.
  • Secondary. It arises under the influence of external factors, when a representative of the strong half of humanity leads a full sex life. Its causes are urological and endocrine diseases, genetic predisposition, and taking certain medications.

Regardless of the reason, it is possible to delay the onset of the moment of ejaculation.

How to delay ejaculation in men?

A variety of means can be used to restrain the onset of semen eruption. You should first visit a urologist and establish the exact cause of the male delicate problem. If the cause is psychogenic, a visit to a sex therapist may be required.

Ejaculation delay pills

Various medications can help delay the ejaculate ejection. Antidepressants belonging to the SSRI group are especially popular among drugs for delaying the onset of ejaculation. This is due to the side effect of the pills. It is harmful in the absence of problems with early ejaculation , but useful for those who need to contain it.

The use of this medication is recommended by urologists, but on the package or in the instructions there is no direct indication for admission for this delicate male problem. The course of the drug is at least three months. This allows for maximum effect. Delaying ejaculation allows you to get “Viagra”, ” Cialis “, which are PDE-5 inhibitors, as well as ergot pills, for example, ” Diprofen “, ” Tifen “.

options for wearing a ring on a member

Delay ring

The simplest cock ring is a device that fits over the base of the penis. It speeds up blood flow, but slows down the outflow. This allows you to delay the onset of ejaculation .  

There are different types of rings. In order for both partners to have fun, advanced users use models with antennae, which additionally stimulate the partner’s vagina.

How to renew yourself?

Delaying ejaculation is a question that interests many men. Many techniques have been developed to achieve the desired effect. Some are selected by a specialist (sex therapist), others can be chosen independently:

  • Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles; 
  • correct breathing, ensuring a delay in sperm secretion;
  • refusal of regular frictions (repetitive movements), contributing to the early onset of ejaculation.

It is not difficult to pick up the equipment. There are many tutorials, videos, to get you up to speed quickly and without any special tools.

Undesirable methods of delaying ejaculation

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There is no therapy or way to curb ejaculation that is 100 percent safe. This is absolutely true for any therapy. It is always necessary to observe the measure. This is especially true for the delicate problems of a strong half of humanity.

If the erection ring is used incorrectly , the base of the penis can be squeezed. The consequences of this are rather sad. Blood circulation is impaired and, without timely intervention, some men may become infertile. You should not immediately try to achieve the maximum duration of intercourse. Everything is done gradually. At first, they use the simplest designs for a short time, and then you can move on to more complex ones, gradually delaying ejaculation. 

What to do if a man has a delay in ejaculation ?

Late ejaculation also negatively affects the quality of sex and the inability to satisfy the partner. It can manifest itself at almost any age, but is more common in people over 30-35 years old. The reasons can be:

  • taking certain medications – antidepressants, diuretics, antipsychotic and antihypertension;
  • anatomical incompatibility of the genitals in partners, when the phallus simply does not feel the walls of the vagina;
  • deliberate delay in ejaculate, as well as improperly used techniques.

For anatomical problems, it is suggested to undergo surgical correction or circumcision. If an erection occurs with a delay due to the intake of antidepressants, antagonists (alpha1 and alpha2), calcium channel blockers, and reuptake inhibitors are prescribed. Acceleration of the onset of an erection, when the delay is caused by neurological disorders, is achieved through physical therapy. Prescribe massage, electrosleep, galvanization, acupuncture, baths with a therapeutic effect.

Treatment for delayed ejaculation in older men may be hormone replacement therapy. It allows you to return the quality of sex to its previous level. Another advantage is that the technique allows you to get rid of many symptoms of andropause , including excessive obesity. Such drugs have many side effects, so you need to take pills as directed by a doctor, periodically coming to an appointment while undergoing a medication course. Anatomically incompatible partners can use special stimulating condoms or lubricants, sprays.

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