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How to maintain male power for many years? Man’s health

The health of a man directly depends on the lifestyle that he leads. Improper nutrition, alcohol, smoking, chronic stress, lack of physical activity affect not only the life expectancy of men, but also are given below the waist. Recent medical statistics revealed a very sad fact – 90% of Russian men suffer from erectile dysfunction, although most of them do not consider them to be abnormalities. 

Every second of the men surveyed noted erectile dysfunction after 40 years, and every third man over the age of 50 ended his sexual life for health reasons. Our men do not like going to doctors; going to them is tantamount to recognizing their own sexual weakness. And in vain, after 35 years, absolutely all men begin to increase the size of the prostate gland, and after 40 years, every seventh man has a risk of developing prostate cancer.    

To preserve male power for many years, you need from a young age to monitor your diet and lifestyle. And for this: 

1. Monitor your weight regularly . The production of endothelium, vascular lining cells and stimulating an erection, can be supported if, from the time of puberty, the intake of easily digestible carbohydrates and animal fats is limited. Buns, sweets, lard, fatty meat, smoked and canned foods provoke the growth of the prostate gland. In the male diet should be dominated by dishes of fish, vegetables and fruits, with the addition of greens and seasonings. Studies conducted by scientists for 25 years have shown that men who control their weight and maintain it at the same level live longer and do not suffer from impaired potency until they are old. 

2. Have sex at least two to three times a week . A secret is produced in the prostate gland, but nature does not provide for a place in the male body where it could be stored. Therefore, we must always make sure that there is no stagnation of secretion of the prostate gland. Regular sex life allows you to periodically eliminate the secret, so after 30 years a man should be able to have sex two to three times a week. Not only abstinence for more than a month, but also too frequent outbreaks of passion are harmful to men’s health. The prostate gland should work at a certain pace, and after 25 years of age, you must try to observe a certain rhythm of sex.   

3. Walk or exercise every day . Not only irregular sex life, but also a sedentary lifestyle leads to stagnation of prostate secretion. It is necessary to engage in sports not only for men, but also for every boy. Andrologists advise men to do physical exercises in such a rhythm until the shirt becomes wet. The production of the male hormone testosterone in high concentrations occurs only during intense sports. Daily walking and exercise stimulate the production of endothelium, prevent stagnation of prostate secretion and improve the quality of erections. 

4. Limit your drinking and quit smoking . Among men, it is believed that alcohol relieves stress and helps increase potency. In fact, excessive addiction to alcohol leads to the exact opposite result. Alcohol aggravates fatigue and aggression, relaxes muscles and impairs potency. Nicotine provokes metabolic disorders, which directly affects men’s health.   

5. Start a family . A constant change of partners does not lead to an increase in libido. The sooner a man starts a family and lives a regular sex life with only one woman, the better for his male health. Today, science knows more than 30 latent sexually transmitted infections, the fault of which causes problems with erections in men. After each dubious relationship, a man must be examined by a doctor. Genital infections are most often the cause of the development of chronic prostatitis. 

6. Relax fully . Nothing contributes to the extinction of sexual function, as systematic stress and depression. In order for the body to work well, it is necessary to create for this a clear mode of work, sleep and rest. Do not allow yourself to work around the clock, only daily and fully resting man can feel happy and maintain male strength for many years.

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