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How to quickly excite a girl at home

How to excite a girl – guys often think. The harmonious relationship of a couple is impossible to imagine without bright and sensual sex. The endorphins released during orgasm lift your mood and even improve digestion.

Physical intimacy helps to improve the emotional connection of partners. But only when receiving mutual pleasure. It’s easier for a young man to quickly tune in to sex , it’s the way nature works. For a woman, it is somewhat more difficult to tune in to intimacy (especially for the first time). She needs foreplay.

Where to start foreplay

The first thing that will tell a woman about her desirability is a male look. His gentle words, compliments, spoken in a whisper in an ear that can be slightly bitten. Long-term partners, knowing how to excite a woman, can read each other’s thoughts and desires without words, but at the beginning of a relationship it is not easy to understand each other. Flirting and flirting are important for the emotional relaxation of a partner. This is exactly what excites girls at the very beginning. The next, main component of any foreplay is kissing.


Tender and passionate, long and slow, kisses are the best way to get a girl to caress. Touching lips and tongue to different points of her body awakens libido, delivering tactile and emotional pleasure.

Kisses on the lips

Long and gentle kisses on the lips are more likely to excite a girl than inept licking of her face. You should start with light touches of lips to lips. When the lady’s lips are slightly swollen, they need to be slightly opened with their own. Then, touch them with your tongue.

Touches should resemble light stroking. Lightly touch your tongue to the girl’s tongue. Her reaction will tell you what to do. If she does not remove her tongue, but presses it against yours, then she is quite excited. A good kiss should last as long as both partners want.

Kisses on the neck or ear

In between kisses on the lips, to incite passion, pass your lips along her neck, rising to the auricle. A gentle touch of the lips to the earlobe, along with a compliment whispered in the ear, will excite the woman even more.

Kissing in the décolleté

This type of kissing causes a woman’s arousal when done with the right technique. You can quickly excite a girl:

  • sensual touches of the lips to the area from the collarbone and below;
  • vertical movements of the lips and tongue between the breasts;
  • light biting of delicate skin;
  • no quick, sharp and rough movements.


The sensations of gentle touches will relax the girl, she will trust her partner even more. Move your finger up and down the back of her arm, from the tip of the fingers, in a circular motion across the palm, to the end of the bicep. This will cause pleasant goosebumps and help to excite the girl faster. When kissing, you can stroke your partner’s hair, lightly playing with their tips with your finger, curling them into rings.

The main thing is that the girl likes it – not everyone likes to touch the head and hair. Slightly run the fingernail of your index finger up the thigh from the lady’s kneecap – a wave of pleasant emotions will cover her. Tactile contact inspires confidence and relaxation. A relaxed girl will get more pleasure from further intimacy.

Arousal with massage

Massage will be the next and clearer step after gentle touches, leading to the excitation of a woman. Conventionally, massage is divided into parts of the body for which it is intended. These are the areas of the head, neck, back, arms, legs and abdomen with chest.

It is important that a man has skills in massage. Better, in erotic. But the skills in the treatment will not be superfluous.

Types of massages:

  1. Head massage promotes a rush of blood to such erogenous zones as the ears. Helps relieve migraines (that same headache!) And set in a romantic mood. It is done with smooth circular movements with the fingertips, from the temporal part to the back of the head and lower to the neck. A separate technique is ear massage, which consists in caressing the lobes and nerve endings of the auricle.
  2. A logical continuation of the head and neck massage will be back caresses. The main difference from medical procedures is that all touches should be as pleasant as possible, wavy, it is important to listen and hear the partner’s body so that touches bring joy and pleasure.
  3. The hand massage technique includes the pleasure of touching the nerve endings located in the fingertips, palms and all over the back of the hands.
  4. One of the most erogenous zones in girls is the feet. From a properly done massage of this zone, there is a powerful rush of blood to the pelvic organs, giving rise to additional lust. This is one of the surest ways from the list – how to excite a girl.
  5. Massage of the abdomen and chest is available only to those men to whom a woman is ready to open up and give herself. This is the most sensual and exciting type of touch. It requires the ability to play on the body of a partner, as on the best musical instrument.

To make the massage perfect, you need to stock up on massage cream or oil. The temperature in the room should be warm. The light is muted. And most importantly, the massage therapist’s hands should not be cold.

Erogenous zones

In girls, they are located almost all over the body. The main ones include:

  • ears, they need to be kissed, stroked, you can bite a little, whisper pleasant words in them;
  • lips and tongue, waiting for kisses and light bites ;
  • neck, they kiss and gently stroke it;
  • breasts, especially the area of the halo of the nipples, are intended for kisses, caresses with fingers. A very sensual area for a lot of erotic experiments;
  • feet, they must be caressed with fingers and stroked;
  • buttocks area, stroking, patting;
  • hips, caress with hands;
  • the back of the hands, for caresses with fingers and lips;
  • inguinal zone, caresses with fingers, stroking, caresses with lips.

The excitation of a woman comes from the stimulation of nerve endings with pleasant sensations. Those who hear their woman are more likely to excite her, because they feel that it is she who is most pleased.

The impact on the erogenous zones can be different, from very gentle and barely perceptible, to being on the verge of pain. Kissing, light biting , stroking and patting are the main tools of a man for influencing female erogenous zones, from ears to heels. The disadvantages include vulgar licking, pinching.

Exciting environment

Preparing for intimacy, it is worth creating a romantic atmosphere. Muted light, romantic music playing in the background, light buffet. In the question of how to excite a girl, a properly composed menu will help. Many foods are natural aphrodisiacs:

  • seafood;
  • bitter chocolate;
  • citrus;
  • grape.

Use products for erotic play. A nice way to excite a girl is to feed her with berries from your hands.

To create a romantic and exciting environment, it will be useful to use exciting aromas. You can light a few scented candles or cinnamon-scented sticks. It has been scientifically proven that some colors from the rainbow spectrum are better suited for intimacy:

  • excite red, orange and yellow;
  • oppress green, blue and blue;
  • calm purple and all shades of black.

For the best effect when creating an intimate setting, use the shade of the desired color on the lamp.

Joint viewing of an erotic film

For complete liberation and additional excitement of the girl, you can invite her to watch an erotic film together. Do not include explicit pornography or a film without a plot. For women, it is not so much the picture of sex in the video that is important, but the path to it. Filmed beautifully, with spicy scenes, the film will quickly excite her and set her in the right mood.

Erotic games and accessories

If it’s not the first time with a partner and you want to refresh your impressions, turn to accessories. Their diversity in our time is simply huge. Fantasies will be where to roam. Try to choose:

  • aphrodisiacs, from erotic massage oils to aphrodisiacs;
  • devices for erotic games;
  • massagers ;
  • improvised means, such as ice.

To understand that a woman is excited, one must be attentive to her. Swollen lips, half-closed eyes, dilated pupils, shortness of breath, confused and slightly hoarse voice. A woman touches a man more often and more affectionately.

Her movements become more fluid and graceful. The back is arched, chest forward. An attentive partner will definitely understand his woman. To excite her quickly, you need to be on the same wavelength with her, listen, hear the voice of her body.

What not to do

It is not necessary to act too rudely and persistently in order to excite a woman. When caressing her breasts, you should definitely not twist and pull her nipples. Tickling for longer than 15 seconds may not excite, but completely deprive a woman of the desire to have sex.

The navel is not an erogenous zone. His caresses kill desire. And most importantly, at the moment of sex or before it, harmony in the movements and actions of lovers.

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