If the orgasm is gone

Orgasm, undoubtedly, is the main goal and the desired outcome of each intimacy, but this is not important. Do not panic if you have stopped reaching the peak of bliss. Perhaps the reason lies somewhere on the surface. You just need to figure it out.

Reason 1. Health

Listen to your body first. The brain, central nervous system, blood vessels, hormones and much more have an impact on the ability of the female body to reach the climax of sexual arousal. Malfunctions in the body are a signal for contacting medical specialists. Take a comprehensive examination. After all, all kinds of diseases, to a greater or lesser extent, can affect the ability of the female body to receive satisfaction from intimacy and experience an orgasm.

Reason 2. Psychological deviations

If your body does not receive satisfaction after physical intimacy, then perhaps the cause was an unpleasant event that happened the day before. After all, stressful situations or emotional experiences have a great influence on the ability to relax in bed. In this case, time is the best doctor, and only in extreme cases it is worth resorting to the help of a specialist.
It is much worse if the orgasm goes away gradually. This signals that other priorities are in the first place in your head: work, study, entertainment and other values, and the need for sexual satisfaction recedes into the background or disappears altogether. It is important here to properly allocate yourself and your time to all areas of life. Try to practice prolonged abstinence.

Reason 3. Partner

In such a delicate matter, you should not discount your chosen one. Emotional attachment to it also affects the strength of satisfaction from intimacy. Misunderstandings, scandals, betrayal and many other factors that arise between you do not have the best effect on the intimate sphere. Or maybe a loved one has his own problems, and he needs your help, understanding, participation.

If you have known your partner for a long time and managed to eat more than one pound of salt with him, maybe an elementary reboot of sexual relations will help to resume and intensify orgasm. Most importantly, if you have lost your orgasm, do not start to panic and sound the alarm. Calm down and think carefully about what could have provoked this deviation. Indeed, in this way, the body signals that there are problems either with health or in relationships. And only after identifying the cause, make decisions about your further actions .