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Is it worth it to combine sex and alcohol?

Can these two concepts coexist? 

Why not! Even more likely than not! Another thing, is it always as necessary as it seems ?!  

Surely, there have all been cases when you drink on a date to get rid of inner constriction, relax, look at the person sitting opposite in front of you with some other drunken eyes. And so it becomes fun and easy! And I want much more than I’m sometimes ready to afford, and somehow I’m not ashamed of my desires, but the one sitting opposite turns, well, just into an icon of perfection.

But do we need it? I suggest a look at the most typical consequences: 

What is the likelihood that in a fit of drunken passion you will not forget about the condom? I think that for the most crucial moment it will be easier for the majority to block the idea of ​​safe sex than to remember where the rubber is hidden. I hope everyone is aware of the possible consequences. AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, not to mention an unwanted pregnancy.

What will happen in the morning? It is quite possible that the memories of last night will make you embarrassed so that it will be necessary to urgently fill in the embarrassment. Well don’t blush , indeed. And there, you know, it’s not far from alcoholism.  

And, of course , the question of potency! The likelihood that it will not rise below the belt, or the desired state will not be achieved, inevitably increases. 

In general, if you think about it, a relationship that began with alcohol and then jump into bed cannot end with anything eternal. Therefore, resorting to alcohol is only if the main goal is sex without continuing. Why hide! Sometimes, in addition to translational movements, you really do not want anything.

Imagine that you have learned safety lessons and try to get into the city of sin … Remember! Alcohol may not always help, especially if you are a girl. 

How to combine sex and alcohol?

1. Noticeably drunk women men do not like … Therefore, do not overdo it! Imagine yourself drunk from the side: the mascara spread around the eyes, the tongue weaves, the eyes mow. Well, who needs you this? And then, do you need good sex or the title of honored whore? Do not behave defiantly, you wanted to do without consequences!  

2. Valuable items! Try to ensure their complete safety. For example, leave at home. Otherwise, thoughts of a possible loss will not let you relax to the end. After all, the brain under the influence of alcohol will certainly take full combat readiness, and your task this evening, if possible, is not to turn to gray matter. 

3. Want to look sexy? Try to remain a girl, even in the choice of drinks. Pay attention not only to the taste, but also to the shape of the glass in which the liquor is served. A great choice in this case would be Strawberry Margarita. You can drink it for a very long time, so you won’t have time to get very drunk, and the upcoming kiss will be sweet. 

Summing up, we can safely say that sex and alcohol are certainly compatible. But, like most things on earth, it has its own rules of “combining”, which are important to understand and learn, so that later there will not be excruciatingly painful for a condom dusty in your pocket.

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