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Man and woman: the role of hormones and metabolism in nutrition

Men and women have different train of thought, peculiarities of perception and sensitivity, even the taste for food is different due to sexual differences. Thus, female receptors are more susceptible to sweets, while male receptors are more salty and bitter. Therefore, nutritional preferences are different. Due to the difference in hormone metabolism, the intensity of metabolism and the nervous system response, peculiar pathologies associated with malnutrition are formed (for example, the risk of atherosclerosis of the arteries increases). The representatives of different sexes have different needs for the absorption of carbohydrates, they need different amounts of vitamins and minerals. Let’s talk more about the effect of diet on gender health.

Features of metabolism in the male and female body

Due to the peculiarities in the metabolism of the male body and the female, differences in food consumption, absorption of certain components and the need for them are formed. If the principles of gender nutrition are violated, it threatens to increase the risk of certain pathologies associated with food components. So, men have a greater muscle mass in comparison with women, they have a more intense metabolism, increased energy consumption and the need for proteins. This is dictated by male hormones, especially testosterone, under the action of which there is an active set of muscle mass due to dietary protein and incoming calories. Accordingly, if   metabolism   more intense, the body needs more energy, and the man consumes more food.

So, if on average a man of 35 years old consumes about 1700 kcal to maintain a full-fledged metabolism and working capacity, a woman of the same age spends about 1500 kcal.

Carbohydrates, fats, calories

Ladies need to more carefully control the intake of carbohydrates and fats from food, to monitor the overall calorie intake due to the fact that nature initially stored fat in the female body in problem areas (hips, waist, buttocks). It is necessary to sufficiently synthesize sex hormones, which provide reproductive functions. However, the body fat in women is very dynamic, when the caloric content is exceeded, the body actively transfers excess energy to body fat in problem areas. In men, the calories are burned, and their fats do not accumulate so actively.

Carbohydrates in the diet of both sexes should be up to 60% of the total diet, but most of them should be obtained in the form of complex compounds and fiber. This combination reduces the risk of atherosclerosis of the arteries, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, and obesity with diabetes. In the diet should be a lot of porridge and cereals, whole grain breads, fruits, legumes and vegetables. Men need up to 35 grams of dietary fiber per day, while women need up to 25-30 grams. If simple carbohydrates are prevalent in the diet, the female body becomes fatten faster than the male one. In men, these carbohydrates are primarily for expenses, only a strong excess of the norm leads to obesity.

Meat products are not for men: the risk of atherosclerosis of the arteries

Traditionally, meat dishes are considered male. It is believed that women can do without steaks and chops, and men without such food will suffer. But in reality, everything is not quite right. A man should take into account that the most delicious meat dishes (fried, grilled) are prepared from fatty meat, in which, in addition to protein, a lot of cholesterol and fatty acids. They increase the risk of atherosclerosis of the arteries, forming an excess of harmful, atherogenic fats in the blood plasma. Women more often than men watch a figure, refusing to themselves fat meat. According to research, in men, the development of atherosclerosis of the arteries begins earlier than in women. Therefore, after 35 years, the stronger sex should limit the consumption of fatty meats, sausages and offal. By the time of retirement, the diet should generally contain herbal ingredients with a sufficient number of eggs and dairy products. Replacing meat in the diet of men can be fish of marine breeds, it has a lot of unsaturated fatty acids that prevent arteriosclerosis.

To hormones were normal

Unlike men, women of reproductive age should not limit themselves to the consumption of steaks and chops. Female hormones protect them from atherosclerosis, and for their full synthesis they need fats. Plus, there is a lot of high-grade iron in meat, the deficiency of which in the female body arises more often due to the loss of an element during pregnancy, childbirth, and also due to physiological characteristics.

Men for a complete balance of hormones need a lot of protein, about 30% of fat in the diet, only half of which must be of animal origin, as well as enough carbohydrates. Fats are spent on energy functions and the construction of sex hormones (steroids), carbohydrates provide energy, proteins – form an increase in muscle mass. Negatively affect the male hormones products with phytoestrogens – this is soy supplements, beer and   Red grapes.

Love vitamins and minerals

To preserve the youth, attractiveness and activity of some food components is not enough. The body, both men and women, needs vitamins and minerals. But the needs for certain substances are different. For women, the most important   vitamins   A and E, group B, especially   folic acid. To replenish them, you need to eat vegetable oils, liver, eggs, greens, green fruits and fruits.

Vitamin E and group B are especially important for masculine strength, and selenium and zinc are among the minerals. Men in order not to lose male power, need seafood, fish, herbs and eggs. And oysters for male potency are just a godsend. Mushrooms will also be useful for replenishing the supply of essential minerals and vitamins in men.

Both sexes are useful fresh fruits and vegetables, as they replenish the reserves of vitamins that are actively consumed by the body daily. If it is not possible to eat fresh fruit daily,   vitamins   must, on the advice of a physician, be taken in the form of drugs.

If all the features of male and female nutrition are taken into account, this reduces the risk of developing pathologies several times.

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