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Gifts should bring joy. But what exactly to present to the girl? Find a lot of unusual things work in a sex shop. Sex toys, beautiful lingerie and intimate cosmetics are the best presents for any holiday. You can find great things not only for your wife, but also for your grandmother, colleague or sister, and it won’t go wrong. What to present to the beloved woman, and what to mother?

What to give to a woman who has sex

The easiest way to choose a gift for a sexual partner. You can buy almost everything: from exciting lubricants to sex swings. And the most interesting thing is to apply it all together later. But there are items that women like the most.

It causes an orgasm in 1-3 minutes. The waves massage the clitoris so much that the finale is approaching very quickly. It is used during masturbation, but it is interesting to try the application in pairs. The best models are equipped with vibration. Two types of caresses are much more interesting than one.

Premium models are suitable for luxury lovers, they differ in special shapes and exquisite details. Accessible items look less luxurious, but cause a similar feeling.

Sexy underwear

A stocking on the body, panties with access or a corset will become memorable gifts. You can also choose a peignoir, a set of linen made of natural silk or an ultra short dress. The girl will definitely like all this; she will want to demonstrate such a purchase.

A modest gift – ordinary stockings, they are of any size and color. Dear – a set of things with a corset. The set can contain up to 6 different items, the staff of our store will recommend the necessary things and help with beautiful packaging.

Vibrator for couples

The ideal vibrator gives pleasure to two participants in sex. And a vibrator for couples massages her clitoris, a G-spot inside the vagina and a man’s penis. A sex toy is used during the usual postures, it is simply placed between the bodies. The special form does not interfere with movements, but only complements the sensations.

Such a vibrator may have a remote control. And then he will manage to go for a walk. And the man will be able to take control. Such a gift is an opportunity to try something new.

Role suit

You can make fantasies come true with costumes. As a gift, it is better to choose a beautiful image, for example, an Angel, a Stewardess or Little Red Riding Hood. Of course, it is better to ask her in advance, and who did she dream of being in her childhood?

What to give to a colleague or girlfriend from a sex shop?

Not very close person can also buy a gift in a store for adults. It will not go, many things are intended for health, and they will be appropriate for any holiday.

Makeup kit

A set of massage oils or high-quality lubricants is a great gift. The funds from the sex shop are of good quality, and they will definitely be used.

For married women, there are makeup kits for couples. They include 2-6 tools for experiments. And all this is very stylishly packaged. Such a present will never be regarded as vulgar. Since it all looks very expensive and stylish.

Vaginal balls

This is a simulator that helps strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This is a useful thing that prevents urinary incontinence, prolapse of the pelvic organs, and also returns muscle tone after childbirth. A side effect of the application is increased sensitivity and brighter orgasms.

There are vaginal balls, and there are Kegel exercise machines. And there are also models that synchronize with the smartphone, and are something in between the first two options. All options have different prices, you can find both expensive and cheap.

Perfume with pheromones

Pleasant aroma pleases the girl. And if he also helps to attract men, he is more interesting several times. Of course, you need to find the right notes so that the smell suits the owner. But if you manage to get there, the present will delight you for a very long time.

What to present to mom or aunt as a gift?

Adult women also love gifts. And they don’t always need to know what a gift is from a sex shop so that they don’t get scared. But for them, too, there will be useful things that are completely not hinting at sex and not related to it.

Pajamas or a stylish bathrobe

Women like homewear made from delicate materials. It is only important to understand what exactly a particular person likes. Long and short things, cotton and silk, with ruffles and without – all this is available.

Massage candle

Everyone loves massage, and if it is done with warm wax, it’s wonderful. It’s worth buying a candle even for self-massage. They light it, wait until the wax melts, and then pour it onto the skin. The mass does not heat up much, it does not burn. And this composition perfectly moisturizes the skin and cares for its surface.

Candles are big and small. Each has a magical aroma. Chocolate, raspberry or green tea are the most popular scents for gifts.

Set for jelly in the bathroom

Water in the bathroom can turn into jelly in a few seconds. For this, a special liquid is poured into it, and magic happens. It is very pleasant for the body, it is difficult to compare experiences with something else. Then another composition is added, and everything again becomes water.

A set for such transformations in the bathroom is a great gift at any age. Experiments with him are appropriate when paired, but to take such a bath is interesting and alone.

Gifts from a sex shop can be cute, fun and very enjoyable. And this is not necessarily a dildo or a conventional vibrator, there are many more options.

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