Sliding moment: why do you need a lubricant and how to choose it?

Many people now know how important lubrication is in an intimate process. Unfortunately, not all, but the situation is changing for the better. Knowing is one thing, but applying something completely different. When buying condoms at the pharmacy, it would not be superfluous to ask for one and a lubricant , but then a dark forest and darkness begins. What is it? Is it safe? Do you need it? What types are there and which one to choose? Here you cannot do without help, and its usefulness can hardly be underestimated. Artificial lubrication saves in the most unforeseen situations, for example, in case of casual sex. Having her with you is already a rule of good manners for a man. In general, let’s figure it out together. 

Theoretical part

Lubricant is a special gel for intimate purposes that replaces natural lubrication and helps in every way during sex. It is not harmful, but trying to replace it with various improvised means is fraught with consequences. By the way, there is nothing offensive in such a tool, they say, is it really not a girl that is so excited that there is no lubrication. It’s more like insurance, besides, everyone has different acceleration. There are many gels that enhance erection in men or, on the contrary, suspend it, kindle passion in a girl, remove pain for very sensitive women, and so on. There are lubricants that also relieve pain (for example, during anal sex) or have weak contraceptives. The latter are by no means a substitute for pills or condoms, but are suitable as additional protection. Also, the lubricant protects the walls of the vagina from any microtrauma. Next, we will talk about what types of lubricants are available. 

Water Based Lubricants

They are the simplest and cheapest. They are ideal for the first acquaintance with lubricants , when you don’t particularly want to bother. Invisible, but irreplaceable. A kind of invisible and inaudible helpers. Usually odorless and light in texture. By the way, they are hypoallergenic. Another plus is versatility. That is, such a lubricant is suitable for all types of sex and even for your toys. The water base is also easily washed off, and leaves no residue on the bed. The only negative is that it dries quickly, which is quite important in sex. 

Silicone lubricants

Unlike aquatic counterparts, they remain on the skin for a long time and generally allow long-term caresses. Due to this, they are the best choice for anal sex. Silicone provides excellent glide even in absolutely dry conditions. It is pleasing to the skin and mucous membranes. Another point – it is very difficult to wash off under water, it seems to be a minus, but if you decide to have sex in the pool or shower, where natural lubricant is washed off once or twice, then be sure to take a bottle of lubricant with you. But you can’t use it with silicone toys – it will spoil them.

Heating mixtures

Great for those who literally like it hot. Everything is clear from the name. Friction heats up the lubricant. Due to this, there is a strong stimulation and blood flow. That is, both the guy and the girl are infuriated and want each other even more. Because of this, heating lubricant is often used in erotic games. It is washed off quite easily, here the main trick is not to overdo it. If you feel that you are baked – right into the shower, perhaps you are among the unfortunate ones with allergies. But great for foreplay. 

Aromatic lubricants

They are chosen most often for comfortable oral sex. Yes, lubricants and this side improve and help the girl, especially if the guy’s size is very impressive. The plus is that they can be swallowed freely, and then not bother rinsing off before penetration. The double benefits and versatility are clear.

Cooling effect

If heating lubricants increase the temperature, then cooling lubricants, on the contrary, seem to freeze. Who are they used for? For those who are constantly in pain, for fans of anal sex, for couples who want to prolong their pleasure by all means. And you will be surprised, it works. Cooling mixtures not only significantly prolong sexual intercourse, but can also cope with the lack of an erection. Most often, these lubricants are water-based, which means they wash off quickly so that you can reach the logical conclusion without yawning. 

Moisturizing lubricants

This is a real salvation for many girls “with problems”. For everyone who has allergies, for those who are in pain quite often and who feel uncomfortable, who constantly have cracks and generally hypersensitivity. Hurray, there is a remedy for all this. Moisturizing lubricant gently, gently and delicately acts on the inner walls of the vagina, protecting and stabilizing. 

Massage lubricants

Such mixtures appeared on the market not so long ago, they can still be called a novelty. It’s definitely two in one. Rich in composition, oily in texture, massage lubricants look like oils at first glance. They are great for massage that flows smoothly into sex. Including, you can do an intimate massage. Nothing needs to be washed off and afraid. There are both water and silicone.
As you can see, there is nothing difficult about lubricants . Just pick the one that suits the occasion and experiment. Try all the options with a partner! 

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