Sulfa- P tablets for prostatitis

The use of new treatment technologies has made it possible to significantly reduce the number of severe forms of prostatitis and the development of prostate cancer. In complex therapy, the leading role belongs to antibacterial drugs. Sulfa P tablets were invented by Israeli scientists for the effective treatment of a serious male ailment.

The therapeutic regimen involves the use of funds for 9 weeks. The use of this course relieves inflammation of the prostate gland.

The composition of the medicinal product

The chemotherapeutic antimicrobial substances included in the formula have not lost their significance in the treatment of infectious diseases. Sulfonamides act on gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria, on some large viruses.

In terms of activity, drugs of this pharmacological group are not inferior to antibiotics. The antibacterial effect is reduced in the presence of blood, pus, decay products.

Each Sulfa -P tablet contains a biological complex. Dead Sea trace elements help improve blood circulation, normalize the functioning of the prostate gland, and relieve erectile dysfunction. The biocomplex remedy for prostatitis restores immunity, increases the body’s endurance.

Action, main indications for use

The mechanism of therapeutic orientation of sulfonamides is explained by the fact that they inhibit the absorption of para-aminobenzoic acid necessary for growth by bacteria. The latter has a similar chemical structure. There is competition between drugs.

For the manifestation of the antimicrobial action of sulfanilamide substances, a significant superiority over para-aminobenzoic acid in the environment surrounding microbes is necessary. As a result of the capture of foreign cells, the synthesis of folic acid and purine bases is disrupted. They play the role of builders of nucleic acids for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

Sulfanilamide preparations are well absorbed in the small intestine. In the body, some are partially destroyed, others are acetylated . Part remains unchanged. They are excreted mainly by the kidneys.

Sulfa , regardless of the bacteriostatic action, weakens the inflammatory reaction, inhibits regeneration. An Israeli drug is used to treat prostatitis of infectious origin. The rationale for antibiotic therapy is based on the following factors:

  • Increasing role of atypical micro-organisms;
  • Good permeability to the prostatic secret;
  • Creation of the necessary density of the substance to inhibit the pathogens of infectious inflammation;
  • Duration of use with mandatory bacteriological testing;
  • Destruction of the pain syndrome;
  • Elimination of congestion;
  • Restoration of sexual activity – the regular rhythm of sexual relations drains the prostate, excluding massage as a therapeutic measure.

Long courses of antibiotic therapy are dictated by the duration of the infection in the prostatic secretion.

Contraindications, side effects

Taking medication in some men is accompanied by undesirable effects:

  • headache;
  • diarrhea;
  • nausea;
  • vomit;
  • loss of appetite;
  • weight loss;
  • tremor of the limbs;
  • allergic manifestations in people with hypersensitivity;
  • jaundice;
  • state of disorientation;
  • cardiovascular disorders – arrhythmia, increased blood pressure.

Dietary supplements are called upon to prevent violations of the digestive tract, intestinal microflora. They are taken every other day at dinner, one capsule.

Guidelines for the use of the drug indicates the following contraindications:

  • kidney failure;
  • severe liver disease;
  • disorders of the circulatory system;
  • decompensation of cardiac activity;
  • severe atherosclerosis;
  • Graves’ disease;
  • individual intolerance to sulfonamides.

For the timely detection of complications from the circulatory system, kidneys, it is necessary to conduct regular laboratory tests. While taking the medicine, a plentiful drink is prescribed, preferably alkaline mineral water. It creates an appropriate urine reaction, contributing to better solubility of the components.


There have been cases of reactions to an increase in the dosage of Sulfa-p , they are listed in the instructions for use. Overdose symptoms:

  • Strong headache;
  • increased irritability;
  • drowsiness;
  • lack of appetite;
  • bouts of acute pain in the intestines.

By following the doctor’s instructions, unwanted reactions can be avoided.

Between courses of drug therapy, a mandatory break is recommended to exclude inhibition of brain functions.

Interaction with drugs, alcohol

There is a group of medicines that cannot be combined with Sulfa -P tablets. It:

  • thiazide diuretics ;
  • barbiturates;
  • vitamin C;
  • benzocaine .

Interaction with alcoholic beverages leads to the deposition of salts in the acidic environment of urine. With the constant intake of tablets in chronic prostatitis, there are sharp pains, burning sensation during urination.

Alcohol intake increases side effects, worsens the general condition of the body. For an effective therapeutic effect, it is advisable to refuse alcoholic beverages.

The scheme of treatment of chronic prostatitis

The effectiveness of therapy depends on the correct tactics of using the drug. When treating bacterial prostatitis with Sulfa- P, the main symptoms disappear after 12 days of regular use. Apply Sulfa according to the following schemes:

  • tablet twice a day – in the morning, in the afternoon;
  • capsule at bedtime;
  • half a tablet once a day at night.

The minimum course of treatment is 21 days. It is duplicated until the symptoms are eliminated. The exact dosage, the appropriate scheme is set by the doctor in each case, based on the characteristics of the course of the disease.

During the period of using the drug for the treatment of prostatitis, a full-fledged sex life is recommended: having sex effectively drains the prostate gland.

special instructions

Taking medications is carried out after finding out the causes of prostatitis, consulting a urologist. The doctor, prescribing an antibacterial medication, determines its daily dosage, duration of treatment. An independent increase in the number of tablets leads to an overdose.

Unauthorized doubling of the dose of the drug causes negative consequences for the body.

Are there any analogues

For the treatment of prostatitis, a complex of drugs aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process in the prostate gland is used. Biseptol plays an important role. It is an analogue of Sulf- P. Pharmacological action is aimed at the destruction of the causative agent of the disease.

Biseptol is a sulfanilamide antibacterial agent. The composition of the drug contains active substances: trimethoprim , sulfamethoxazole . They are broad spectrum antibiotics.

After completing a therapeutic course lasting 21 days, take a break. A month later, treatment is resumed if the main symptoms of prostatitis are present.

While taking Biseptol, doctors recommend taking the pills with cranberry juice. It effectively affects the prostate gland, helping to restore its functions.

Where to buy, average price

drug Sulfa – P is ordered in Israeli pharmacies by prescription from the doctor of the Alishech VMC clinic. Postal express delivery is carried out to all countries. The average price of a course intake – 3 packs of 25 tablets – $ 180.

Place an order on the official website of the manufacturer. Guaranteed courier delivery within a week. It is possible to pay by electronic money, ruble card.

A relatively expensive means of Israeli specialists is valued for its high efficiency. Following all the instructions of the urologist, you can get rid of the symptoms of antibacterial prostatitis in a short period of time. Drug therapy avoids the severe consequences of a chronic male illness.