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The most intimate male massage: myths and facts

The subject of digital rectal examination, and especially prostate massage – the same finger in the same place, excites the imagination of men who have not previously encountered this procedure. Those who have already had such an experience, for the most part, agree on the need for it. Understood the nuances of the most intimate and most male diagnostic method.

Digital rectal examination

This procedure implies that the doctor examines the anatomical features of the patient’s prostate with his own finger in a sterile glove, which has been previously lubricated in vaseline oil. The procedure is carried out in one of the two most common positions:

  • the patient lies on his right side, bending his knees and leading them to his stomach;
  • the patient is on elbows and knees.

Other positions – standing or squatting – are applied less frequently.

In normal prostate size does not exceed the fruit of chestnut. The urologist during the digital rectal examination without effort gets to its upper limit. At the same time 2 lobes of the prostate gland are clearly defined with a pronounced groove between them.

With   prostate   the size of the body increases, it swells, touching it causes pain. As the disease progresses, the density and outlines of the prostate, the consistency of its tissues by touch, clarity or blurring of boundaries, soreness, symmetry of the lobes and the degree of severity of the grooves, the presence of various formations (tumors, cysts, stones), as well as the condition of neighboring lymph nodes – and is oriented the doctor at the time of diagnosis.

Rectal Prostate Massage

So, during the examination, the doctor comes to certain conclusions about the health of the prostate gland. And in the process of massage, it already acts directly on the patient’s body.

Usually the procedure is carried out with a full bladder – this improves contact with the prostate. The pressure on the gland depends on how dense it is: the higher the density, the more the doctor has to put pressure on it. An important point: if the doctor’s actions cause   pain, it is necessary to inform him about it. Unpleasant sensations are a variant of the norm, but there should be no pain – or it is a diagnostic sign.

Besides,   massage   prostate is prohibited in the following cases:

  • prostatitis and any other infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  • stones in the prostate gland;
  • prostate tumors;
  • anal fissure and rectum fissures.

So what then is prostate massage? Diagnostic method or medical procedure? It can be both, depending on the medical need.

Massage of the prostate is carried out if there is a need to obtain a secret (juice) of the prostate for laboratory analysis. For example, many diseases of the genitourinary sphere in the representatives of the stronger sex occur blurry and outwardly resemble each other. Sometimes it is the analysis of prostate secretion that allows you to make an accurate diagnosis.

In addition, recent studies have shown that prostate massage increases the reliability of research on prostate-specific antigen (PSA) – a marker of cancer of the prostate gland. After the massage procedure, the PSA level in the serum increased over the next 10 minutes and reached its peak values ​​in an hour. A similar situation was observed with some proteins, which are also analyzed during the diagnosis of cancer.

If prostate massage is prescribed as a therapeutic procedure, it should be understood: one session will not solve the problem. After it, some of the symptoms may disappear for several hours or days, and then reappear. The course usually consists of 8-12 sessions at intervals of 1-3 days. But experts point out that if the course lasts for several months, and there is no noticeable relief, it makes sense to change the treatment method.

Top 5 prostate massage myths

Prostate massage is interesting only for gay men.

Survey data and analysis of statistics of visits to urologists claim that 70% of men who prefer women in sexual terms, have already passed or considered the very possibility of prostate massage. So there is nothing to do with intimate tendencies – the presence of a prostate gland in a person plays a role.

Prostate massage is useful for potency.

From the moment this procedure appeared in the medical arsenal, various effects were attributed to it. Including it was believed that it improves the blood circulation of the genitals and, accordingly, improves the quality of erection. There is even an opinion that somewhere there, in the prostate area, there is a male version of the “G-spot”, and if it is found, then the man’s orgasm will be longer and brighter. In fact, there are no definitive conclusions about the benefits of rectal finger massage for potency and improving the quality of sexual contacts. There are no studies that would conclusively prove this, or their results were not so obvious. Doctors hold the view that prostate massage can:

  • Reduce pain ejaculations – by eliminating the stagnation of the secret in the reproductive system of men.
  • To reduce the manifestations of erectile dysfunction – not in all cases, but there are chances, especially if you use this method in combination with other techniques: medicines, implants, etc.

Digital rectal massage treats prostatitis

It is a myth. First, in the acute stage of the disease, this procedure is prohibited. Secondly, massage of the prostate gland is not a medicine, the process of inflammation itself should be treated with medicines that reduce the inflammatory process and destroy the causative agent of the disease.

But the relief procedure can bring. An enlarged prostate squeezes the urethra, as a result of which the patient suffers from urinary disorders. Massage helps reduce swelling and restore urine flow.

Prostate massage treats for hiccups

You will not believe, but this is not a myth! One of the first scientific reports on this topic appeared in the late 1980s in an authoritative scientific journal. The doctor reported on how he managed to relieve the hiccups, which had lasted for several days, of his 27-year-old patient – precisely with the help of a digital rectal massage. And still there are more and more new messages of doctors about the successful cure of this method of patients suffering from severe incessant hiccups. It is characteristic that in most cases they also had a disease of the gastrointestinal tract. It is clear that the situation should be serious enough that there was a reason to apply finger rectal massage. In addition, in all the cases described, the procedure was carried out with the consent of the patient. But, as the authors of the articles, who tried it in practice, point out, such a massage is better than medicines.

Prostate massage can be done at home by yourself.

In principle, yes you can. But not necessary. The risk of worsening your own condition through an incompetent but energetic massage is quite high. A rough execution of the procedure can lead to edema, which will block the urethra. As a result, the person will get a breakdown in urination.

80% of Americans surveyed believe that men should get pleasure from prostate massage and would not mind to help them with this. Popular are the various gadgets designed to electrostimulate the prostate, as well as to increase intimate diversity. However, as medical practice shows, in this case it is better to discuss the possibility and nuances of using electronic devices with a urologist or andrologist. Otherwise, the likelihood of the patient’s condition deteriorating is also high.

For the same reason, it is not recommended to trust your prostate to the hands of a person who does not have medical education.

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