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What is transrectal electrical stimulation of the prostate

Most often, urologists are faced with pathologies of the prostate gland. Electrical stimulation of the prostate is one of the methods of treatment, which is an integral part of complex therapy. If you apply this physiotherapeutic method of influencing the tissues of the gland, the treatment will be more successful.

What is the procedure?

The essence of electrical stimulation is that a current of small magnitudes affects the tissues of an organ. Under such influence, blood flow increases and metabolic processes in tissues are accelerated. The gland is irritated, which helps to reduce its swelling that accompanies the inflammatory process. After the procedures, you can notice that urodynamics have improved . This is due to the fact that the swelling subsided, and the prostate stopped squeezing the urethra and bladder.

Most physiotherapy methods that affect the pelvic organs are carried out in a non-contact way. For example, electrophoresis is performed by applying sensors to the lower back. Electrical stimulation is carried out by introducing the device transrectally or through the urethra, that is, with access to the gland.

Myostimulation can become part of a complex of physiotherapy aimed at restoring men’s health. If you use magnets or a laser at the same time, you can achieve noticeable results.

Why do electrical stimulation?

With the help of a controlled electrical current, drugs are delivered directly to the site of inflammation. It also helps to stimulate the work of the muscular system associated with the prostate gland and nerve fibers. This method helps to get rid of diseases:

  • reproductive system;
  • affecting the urinary function;
  • associated with tissue metabolism.

In this case, the myostimulator can not be used in all cases. When prescribing this method, the doctor takes into account contraindications. They are acute processes.

Procedure methods

Depending on the placement of the prostate electrostimulator , this physiotherapy procedure is carried out in two ways.

Method name Description
transurethral This method is used only in medical institutions, since the patient cannot independently place the electrode into the urethra. The second sensor from the device is placed on the sacrum. Patients are afraid of mucosal damage and pain, but the device is made so that there are almost no side effects. It repeats the anatomical shape of the urethra. The discomfort is minimal.
transrectal It is considered a more effective method, since the electrode is placed in the rectum and the impact on several components of the genitourinary and excretory system at once. Home appliances suggest this way of placing the electrode, since it is not difficult to use it yourself. The second sensor from the device is brought to the pubis.
External Practically not used, as it has minimal efficiency. In this case, two sensors are placed on the skin: on the sacrum, between the sphincter and the root of the scrotum. The only advantage of the method is the absence of any discomfort.

The choice of method is carried out by the doctor. In most cases, he recommends a variant with rectal insertion of the sensor, since it acts on the focus of inflammation in a complex manner, stimulating even distant parts of the organ. At the same time, the current does not damage the walls of the intestine and the tissues of the organ.

Transrectal exposure is not contraindicated when manual massage is prohibited. It is widely used in the formation of calcifications .

What are the characteristics of electrical stimulation?

There are several important details that the doctor takes into account when prescribing electric stimulation:

  • electrode size;
  • session duration (from 7 to 17 minutes);
  • current strength;
  • the total number of procedures.

Before the session, it is necessary to empty the bladder and intestines. It is impossible to independently determine according to which scheme to carry out the procedures. Therefore, they cannot be made at will. The course of treatment is made by a doctor based on the results of diagnosis and concomitant diseases.

Treatment results

Almost all patients note that the symptoms of prostatitis disappear with time. This is due to the fact that under the influence of current, pathogenic bacteria that are sensitive to temperature changes are destroyed. Also, stimulation allows you to use the reserves of the body, this leads to:

  • the disappearance of pain;
  • increased tone of the gland;
  • improvement of erectile function;
  • increase the time of sexual intercourse;
  • restoration of libido;
  • the possibility of conception.

Many men say that this procedure helped them conceive a child. Its use in infertility of an unknown nature allows you to start trying to conceive after 5 procedures, in most cases it is successful. This happens only if there are no other reasons for infertility.

Advantages of the method

Electrical stimulation is prescribed to almost every patient with prostatitis for several reasons:

  1. In the absence of contraindications, this method is much safer than treatment with medications. When using it, there are no side effects.
  2. The action of the device extends to the gland as a whole, as well as to the organs located next to it.
  3. Simulation allows you to adjust the work of the body, by including its reserves in the work.
  4. The patient’s well-being after the course improves significantly: discomfort disappears, urination improves and sexual functions are restored. The quality of life is improved.

In just a few cases, the course does not give the maximum effect. This is due to the fact that some inflammatory processes proceed according to a complicated scenario, affecting neighboring organs. Also, the effect is reduced when vesicles appear.

What are the indications?

The expediency of electrical stimulation is determined by the urologist. Before compiling the course, he will conduct the necessary diagnostics to assess the general condition of the male body. This physiotherapy method is used for:

  • urination disorders;
  • chronic stage of inflammation of the prostate;
  • pain in the pelvic muscles;
  • urethritis;
  • erectile dysfunction or disorders: delayed ejaculation or premature ejaculation;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • infertility of unknown nature;
  • chronic prostatitis, accompanied by stagnation of blood, infections.

Also, the doctor independently chooses the moment when to carry out the procedure. With prostatitis, he prescribes treatment with this physiotherapeutic method during the recovery period after a course of drugs. With urethritis, this method of therapy is taken along with the main course of treatment, as it can help remove the symptoms of urination disorders.


There are several situations when it is impossible to carry out a physiotherapy procedure:

  • inflammatory process, accompanied by accumulation of pus;
  • malignant tumors;
  • the presence in the patient’s body of devices that can respond to current pulses (heart rate stimulators and others);
  • acute diseases of the genitourinary system and rectum.

The rectal nozzle cannot be inserted during exacerbation of hemorrhoids or proctitis. If the inflammatory process has affected the urethra, then the electrode cannot be inserted through it. All of these pathologies are a direct contraindication to myostimulation, with them other methods of physiotherapy are chosen.

Can electrical stimulation be done at home?

If you are not ready to go to the clinic every day for a physiotherapy, then you can purchase a device for the home. Now there are more than a dozen varieties of devices with different prices. However, not everyone is willing to pay a few thousand for a device that may not be useful for further use.

Not all state institutions have devices for stimulating prostate tissue. If your clinic does not have a device for myostimulation, then you can contact doctors practicing in private institutions. They have a more flexible work schedule, which will allow you to choose the right time for your session visits.

Is it difficult to assemble the device yourself?

Many men approach procedures from a practical point of view. They do not want to buy a physiotherapy device, but prefer to make it themselves. To do this, they take a motor from any device with vibration (an electric razor, a manual massager), and then place it in a case made of plasticine or other material that absorbs vibration.

You can make devices for only detailed stimulation on your own.

Alternatively, you can use the device Darsonvalused in cosmetology. Its action will be less effective, but safer when compared with home-made devices.

Where to buy a finished device and approximate prices

Compact devices for stimulating the prostate can be bought at pharmacies and medical equipment stores. They are always accompanied by instructions that allow you to properly conduct the session. It is worth paying attention to the electrostimulators of the following models:

  • Beurer EM 38 – a device that is a belt – the price is about 2500 rubles;
  • ” Prostam ” – a device for transrectal thermal stimulation, having the shape of a rod – about 3500 rubles;
  • Erekton is a small tube for rectal administration – about 3,500 rubles;
  • ” Mavit ” carries out a magnetic-thermal effect – the price is about 8000 rubles.

There are also more expensive devices, but it is not advisable to buy them, since they are made for clinics. For example, ” Intraton 5A” performs electrical stimulation and aspiration. Its cost is about 180 thousand rubles. It can be higher with a more complete set. Mainly used in clinics.

The opinion of doctors about the procedure

Urologists consider electric stimulation of the prostate to be a useful procedure, but warn that it cannot replace other methods of treatment. Physiotherapy can only be used in combination with medications and other methods of exposure. In any case, the patient is recommended to visit a urologist annually for preventive examinations and diagnosis of health status.

Exposure to the prostate gland with a low frequency current can be a good additional treatment, but you should not rely on it alone. It must be understood that any inflammation can be stopped only with medication. With proper sessions, improvements will appear within 1 week.

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