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Kamagra is one of the best quality generics of Viagra, which restores erectile function and eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation. The drug consists of Sildenafil - a powerful selective inhibitor that slows down the process of ejaculation. Kamagra is suitable for the treatment of the first symptoms of impotence, can be used to prevent prostatitis, prostate adenoma, infertility. Kamagra has a powerful and fast action: just 15 minutes after taking the capsule, you can feel its positive effect. It is manifested by an increase in sexual energy and muscle tone, an increase in the sensitivity of erogenous zones, and an increase in erection. Clinical trials have shown that the average duration of sex under the influence of the drug Kamagra is increased three times. This result is due to the fact that Sildenafil quickly penetrates the blood. In this case, Kamagra has a smaller list of contraindications than the original Viagra. Due to the presence in the composition of the drug auxiliary components, the action of Kamagra is soft and harmless.

Kamagra: Battling Against Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a global problem affecting over 30 million of Americans. Undoubtedly, it is a delicate subject where multiple triggers such as lifestyle and psychological disorders coexist. However, Kamagra came to fight this tedious pathology and to put an end to Viagra reign in the pharmaceutical field.

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Despite technological advances and the knowledge we have about human body functioning, we still do not know the cure for erectile dysfunction. Therefore, we have dedicated our efforts to treat the symptoms of this tedious disease. This is where Kamagra is born, a fast and effective drug to treat effectively erectile dysfunction.

Kamagra is composed of Sildenafil Citrate, the most important component of most drugs used for this type of disorders. In addition, the method of application of Kamagra differs from that of other drugs, which makes it special.

Even so, many controversies surround this drug because it is quite trafficked, since it is illegal in many countries. Let us explain the benefits and content behind an envelope of Kamagra, as well as each of the myths surrounding the use of this powerful drug.

The Origin of Kamagra

This drug was born in India after the free trade of Viagra was possible. For a long time it was not possible to make compounds based on Sildenafil because Viagra had the patent that gave it the power over the use of that molecule, however, over the years new similar drugs have emerged on the market and one of them is Kamagra.

We can find this drug in many countries of the world since the black market sells it online without prescription, i.e. illegally. Undoubtedly, no matter how safe or good a drug may be, getting it over the Internet without a doctor’s prescription is a bad omen.

Erectile dysfunction is a delicate pathology treated with drugs prescribed only by your doctor.

Science behind Kamagra – How it Works

As mentioned above, the base compound or active ingredient of Kamagra is sildenafil citrate, an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase-5. In our body, we have many important mediators responsible for allowing smooth muscle relaxation, the muscle that makes up the arteries of our circulatory system, and one of the most important is nitric oxide (NO).

Sildenafil, through its inhibition of phosphodiesterase-5, blocks important intracellular intermediaries’ degradation, which are the ones that keep alive the most important vasodilators such as NO. The greater the amount of NO in the blood vessels surrounding the penis, the greater the amount of blood that will exist within the corpora cavernosa -the penis segment that increases in size – so that you can achieve an erection.

In addition, because nitric oxide is not degraded, erections can last longer, making it a more effective and efficient medication.

How to Use It

There are many myths about the perfect time to use the pill before sex. However, the reality is that we should use it at least 1 hour before, on an empty stomach - since the food interrupts its absorption - and drinking a lot of water, because it is a water-soluble medicine, which would greatly improve the percentage and speed of absorption.

With Kamagra, the results are effective and we can observe them up to 5 hours after using this medicine, so it allows you a window with a large margin; you will have at least 5 hours to take advantage of the effects of this drug.

On the other hand, once the effects have elapsed and time has passed under which we can observe some trace of the action of Kamagra, you will only be able to take this tablet again 24 hours after the previous administration. This is due to the powerful adverse effects caused by the overdose on the body.

Another important point is to get the right dose. The first time you take this type of sildenafil should not be under self-prescription, but your doctor should check and revise it to give you a standard initial dose, with which you feel safe and they observe no harmful adverse effects. They relate dosage to the degree of erectile dysfunction you suffer and your ability to tolerate the effects of the medication. Very large doses are unnecessary in people who have mild erectile dysfunction or whose dysfunction has a psychological origin.

Usually, the initial doses are 50 mg, then altered and can range from conservative doses of 25mg to potent doses of 100mg before intercourse.

Another important point has to do with the state of your kidney and liver. As with many medications, the liver is responsible for metabolizing each of the products in Kamagra. In addition, the kidney eliminates those products previously metabolized by your liver, so it is essential that both organs be in good condition for safe use of Kamagra.

This means that not anyone with some degree of kidney dysfunction -as in the case of patients with advanced hypertension or advanced diabetes- cannot use this drug? Not necessarily. They can make kidney adjustments, which means that the doses will be adequate to your kidney’s ability to eliminate the drug. Similarly, your doctor can make changes and adjustments related to the liver’s ability to metabolize it or not.

Side Effects – More Than Sexual Benefits

As always mentioned, no drug is free of adverse effects, and certainly, Sildenafil is no exception. Remember that this is a drug able to make a generalized vasodilation by increasing the levels of NO present; therefore, we can expect to have several undesirable effects. Among them, we have the general side effects.

Like most drugs, we can observe common non-lethal side effects such as alterations of the gastrointestinal tract. The most common side effects of this drug are vomiting, but we can also suffer from diarrheal episodes. However, in the case of Kamagra it is not very frequent, so they present it as a good option in the market.

We can also observe headache and direct alterations in the eyes, related to the mechanism of action on phosphodiesterase-5. The most important organizations in the United States found that this drug caused visual alterations, even to the point of losing sight.

Other side effects include cardiovascular alterations due to the decrease in arterial pressure caused by this drug. The response of our body to low blood pressure is fast and clear, the increase in heart rate, therefore, it is normal to expect us to feel palpitations as the heart elevates its rhythm and force of contraction to maintain blood circulation even though there is less pressure.

In addition, even when there are few cases, researchers point out that there is a probability of suffering other cardiovascular disorders such as arrhythmias, myocardial infarction, and cerebrovascular events (stroke).

When should I not use Kamagra?

Of course, there are important cases in which the use of this powerful vasodilator is inadvisable. Among them, we have:

There are several important points to remember, one of them is that indirectly we seek to increase the levels of nitric oxide in our body to increase vasodilation and achieve penis erection. However, we cannot use any other type of medication related to the increase of nitric oxide in the body, since it would cause an unwanted increase that can lead to a deadly risk.

Many of the medications related with increased NO are antihypertensive agents, where nifedipine and the like stand out. In addition, one of the most important responses to possible myocardial infarction is the use of nitroglycerin, another nitrate, in order to decrease tension. Therefore, be careful and be cautious, remember that we should not use other nitric agents with Kamagra.

Liver and Renal alteration:
Important and indispensable, we cannot forget that the metabolism and this medicine elimination take place in the liver and kidney respectively; therefore, our organs must be in perfect condition. Injuries to either of these two systems can cause us to accumulate this drug harmfully in our body, triggering harmful side effects that could even lead to death.

Even so, we can still take Kamagra if there is an injury in these organs, but it will depend strictly on our doctor appreciation. He can make kidney adjustments, simpler doses that will allow him to maintain consumption and will injure none of your organs or see any unwanted adverse effect.

Sexual relations
We cannot prescribe this medication in patients who are unable to have intercourse because they have basic cardiovascular disorders that prevent it, should not use this medicine. The risk of death is quite high, so take care of your health.

Cardiac disorders
The first, but not the most important, is arterial hypotension. In this disorder, the vessels dilate and the blood pressure drops considerably, therefore, we cannot use a medication that increases the amount of vasodilatation observed in the vessels, those only contribute to lowering the pressure even more and can lead to death.

Another important point is recent myocardial infarctions. When using Kamagra the tension naturally decreases due to vasodilatation. The compensatory response to this fact is to increase the heart rate to ensure that blood reaches every corner of our body. However, if our heart has just suffered from a major ischemic event, we cannot overdemand it. We must stay out of it and avoid increasing our heart rate, so it is best to stay away from Sildenafil for a while.

As for cardiac arrhythmias, the increased heart rate exacerbates rhythm disorders, yet another compelling reason to avoid using sildenafil under such circumstances.

Eye disorders
Due to its mechanism of action, the effect it has on phosphodiesterases, we do not recommend its use in retinal disorders related to this enzyme. Furthermore, we should not use it in any type of degenerative pathology.

Myths and Lies behind Kamagra Use

1) Aphrodisiac
Sildenafil is not an aphrodisiac, it has no direct effect on sexual desire or sexual need since it does not act on the brain or heart. Indirectly, we can assume that sexual desire increases thanks to the hormones released with the erection, however, this would be an unfounded annotation. You should then consider any product capable of producing an erection is an aphrodisiac? Well, no. In fact, scientists have proven that without the right stimuli the effect of this drug is void.

The most important sexologists, as well as organizations related to these drugs evaluation, point out that even if you take Kamagra if there is no degree of excitement you will simply not get an erection of the penis.

2) Can I use this drug with Hypertension?
Not directly. Initially, Sildenafil was a drug created to treat hypertension; however, patients should be careful when using this type of pill.

Reducing the pressure sharply or using it with another drug capable of raising nitric oxide levels can be risky to health, even lead to fatal complications, so we recommend that you consult your doctor.

3) Kamagra in diabetics
Sildenafil is not the recommended option for diabetic patients; there are other similar drugs with beneficial effects on this pathology. We do not recommend the use of Kamagra if you have diabetes or any type of insulin resistance. The increased heart rate and stress triggered by this drug can cause major hormonal complications.

4) Frequent use: Death?
No. You can take Kamagra daily with no risk of major complications, as long as you have none underlying pathology or any type of contraindication for its use. However, remember that you can only take one pill or one dose each day, wait at least 24 hours to take the next one. This is the time it takes Sildenafil to almost completely abandon your body, remember that the amount of nitric oxide you keep in your body can affect it.

Kamagra is one of the best options in the market to battle Erectile Dysfunction. However, many people uses this medicament as a recreational drug even when almost all countries have forbidden it. Can you use Kamagra safely? Yes, you can! However, as always, please consult your doctor before taking it.

Erectile Dysfunction: Knowing the Relentless Enemy

It is common to hear people talk about of this disorder, is one of the most frequent pathologies especially among men aged 40 to 70 years, affecting more than 30 million Americans.

The concept of erectile dysfunction goes hand in hand with satisfactory sexual relations. It refers to the inability to achieve pleasurable intercourse because of the incapacity to achieve or maintain an erection of the penis. In other words, we are only talking about the inability of the penis to erect, not about libido disorders, orgasm or ejaculation.

Kamagra Online

Another important part of erectile function definition lies in time. Usually, we confuse the inability to maintain or achieve an erection in one occasion with erectile dysfunction. It is important that in order to diagnose this pathology properly, over 3 months must elapse.

Until a few years ago, there were not the necessary data to carry out the statistics pertaining to this pathology. Many people did not want to comment on this problem because they felt sorry - especially those men related to the health system. However, now there is enough information and oral medication to solve -partially- this problem.

Studies in the United States indicate that at least 52% of 40-70 year olds suffer from some degree of dysfunction. Today it is still a “shameful” pathology, however, it is much more accepted and people have gained more confidence.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

We can classify them into three types according to their origin:

Organic: Refers to physical-biological lesions, where vascular disorders predominate up to 80%, followed by neurological and hormonal disorders.

As for the vascular causes, several pathologies trigger the dysfunction. Alterations in the iliac arteries, such as what happens in Leriche syndrome and bypass, trigger vascular disorders that decrease the ability to achieve an erection. Other disorders directly related to the penis, such as vasculitis, also affect erection ability.

In the neurological range, we have two important sites of origin. The first is the brain, where important diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, sleep apnea and cerebrovascular events or strokes stand out. On the other hand, there are other disorders also linked to the nervous system, such as medullary pathologies, which also enter as the origin of this pathology.

We also include hormonal disorders. Some pathologies such as Cushing syndrome or adrenal insufficiency can lead to this disease development.

Psychogenic: There is erection disorder, but there is no verifiable organic lesion. Most experts estimate that about 20% of the causes of this disorder lie in a psychological disorder. They relate major disorders such as depression and anxiety with this disease. Even so, we can trigger this disorder if we suffer from psychosis, fear of pregnancy, problems with our image or low self-esteem.

When it comes to a dysfunction that repeats itself over time, serious problems appear, such as affecting self-esteem, avoiding sexual relations and conflicts at the couple level. In reference to this last point, the belief that "you are increasingly distant" and "you no longer want me" attributes the origin of the problem to erroneous causes and ends up becoming a cause for discussion and alienation.

Mixed: We observe alterations in both organic and psychological spheres.

Risk factors for erectile dysfunction

  • Age: although the probability of suffering from this disorder increases considerably after the age of 40, the age considered the most important margin of onset is 50 years. As the years go by, the risk and probability of suffering from this disorder will increase, although we consider it a normal physiological event at some point.
  • Diabetes Mellitus: is the endocrine disorder most associated with this pathology. In people suffering from this disease, blood flow, and nerve connections decrease due to vascular micro-injuries caused by this disorder. Even 15% of healthy men with erectile dysfunction have elevated glucose levels. The hormonal alterations that occur in diabetics, which cause gonadal dysfunction, are also an important point to note.
  • Sedentarism: Many studies confirm that increased physical activity in any man acts as a protective factor against this disease. Specialists affirm that even up to 70% of people who practice some sport can avoid this disease.
  • Smoking: One of the most important injuries resulting from smoking has to do with vascular disorders and oxygenation. It is normal to think that smoking affects blood flow in places as important as the sexual organ. Therefore, to achieve a pleasant sexual encounter, do not smoke.
  • Cardiovascular disease: Heart and vessels diseases also fall into this category. Of course, if something affects the blood supply or the arteries that carry blood and help the corpus cavernosum to increase in size, it will be impossible to achieve an erection. Some of the related pathologies are hypertension, peripheral vascular disease and the lowering of HDL cholesterol.
  • Medications: although it may not seem like it, 25% of cases are due to medicines. Scientists relate its effects to alterations in the brain - such as benzodiazepines and antidepressants - or alterations in blood flow (such as most beta-blockers used for hypertension). Another type of drug alters the level of testosterone, which can decrease libido and alter erection capacity.


Unfortunately, there is no definitive cure for erectile dysfunction, especially with age-related dysfunction. However, it is necessary to perform multiple tests to rule out other underlying pathologies that may cause it.

They aim the treatment at improving the symptoms, in this case, to achieve an erection of the penis.

1) Sildenafil Citrate: also called Viagra, Kamagra, etc. It is choice’s treatment in erectile dysfunction, approved worldwide and the most used. It increases blood flow in the penis’s region, which helps to achieve an erection. However, prior sexual stimulation is necessary to achieve it.

2) Tadalafil: It has a slower effect, with a maximum peak at 2 hours.

3) Vardenafil: We should not take it with food. It is the medicine of choice in diabetic patients since it collaborates with blood glucose levels. It is even more potent than sildenafil.

4) Apomorphine: it differs greatly from others since this medicine has a sublingual presentation. It works by improving excitement stimuli, causing an erection. We can use it in patients who consume nitrates.


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