About men's health

First stage - psychological rehabilitation (support) = psychology

You need to understand the origins of male problems, the causes of male behavior, the reasons why a man does this way - and not otherwise? And the man is doing everything quite logical (from his point of view!).

What does testosterone lower from a psychological view?

How are our studies? For example, one hundred men are taken, their attitude towards themselves is monitored, testosterone level is measured, we draw logical conclusions. At the same time, jumps of the level of 5-7-10% are not taken into account - this is a normal phenomenon, but jumps of more than 15-25% are taken into account - and this is already a quarter of the norm, this is already serious!

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1. Neglect of self (the man himself). Such a derogatory attitude of a man to his personality (and with the active support of this opinion by close people, especially his woman!) Is a guarantee of his future failures, and not only in the physical plane!

2. If someone (especially his woman!) Tells a man that he looks bad - the level of testosterone drops sharply (after 15 minutes - by 25% at once !!!). That is, it is enough for you to simply note between times that your man looks bad and that’s all: testosterone has plummeted!

3. When something mechanical interferes with sex - when there is no place, once, the absence of an apartment, or a convenient machine for this, or the obsessive presence of mother-in-law, children, relatives ...

4. Guilt is very serious! If a woman constantly provokes a man to admit his guilt - know: in a few minutes the level of testosterone drops by 25%!

5. Apologies for any reason - when a man begins to apologize, the level of testosterone drops sharply. Therefore, all disputes between a man and a woman should end in a draw! - if we, of course, love our men, and do not want to crush them! If we want to turn our man into a girl, we will constantly force him to ask for forgiveness, to apologize ... for not bringing flowers, for putting slippers on the wrong side ... This is all very serious, this is not a joke!

6. The recognition of their mistakes.

7. Search and non-finding of arguments - if a man in a dispute (no matter who he argues with - with his wife, with his boss, with children) does not find a weighty argument - the level of testosterone drops instantly!

8. Taunt a man. It turns out that men have no sense of humor at all! Although they pretend that it is - but they most of all love, if they laugh NOT over them, but over others! And even if a man laughs at the same time, but in his heart “cats scrub” - and his testosterone drops sharply anyway!

9. Scream. Testosterone drops by 30%, if they shout at a man, even if he seems to be “all on the drum”! Chemistry and biochemistry = stubborn things: they screamed - they did an analysis - they looked: testosterone fell ... everything is clear. And testosterone is restored very hard and long!

10. Getting into any stupid situations (negligee on the balcony or in front of the door of the apartment, well, or invent a bunch of ridiculous situations yourself!).

11. Disputes with the mother-in-law reduce the level of testosterone by 45% - instantly released a sea of ​​energy that burns, burning out testosterone!

12. Disappointment in his woman - if a man sees something unsightly about his beloved - testosterone instantly drops and is not restored for a very long time!

13. The feeling of loss of freedom CHRONICALLY reduces the level of testosterone by 50%! It turned out an amazing thing: "stupid questions" relating to the freedom that a woman asks - instantly reduce the level by 30%. These are the questions of the series: “How are you? What was at work? ”Or“ What are you thinking about? ”, Or“ Something happened? - tell me! ”; but the most terrible question for a man: “WHERE YOU WERE ?!” = and testosterone is immediately down!

Because with such questions a man at the level of the subcortex feels a real threat, an attempt on his freedom! A man does not even analyze the situation, but after finding out where he really was, good sexual contact, alas, will not work out anymore ...

Because he will continuously lose such situations in his mind: “What if I really were there? And if I was "caught" at the same time? And what if ... ”- and such a continuous“ thought-mixer ”constantly distracts from the main procedure! Therefore, women, THINK: if we want to fight for our men, then we must fight in a complex way!

And now about what is increasing the testosterone level?

There are POSITIVE moments that increase it, and there are NEGATIVE - and one and the other in life is permissible. But WISE women raise the level of POSITIVE things, and men (themselves) manage to raise more negative ones.

1. The value of a relationship with a certain woman - if a man appreciates a relationship with his wife (girl), if for him this value is a priority, then the level of testosterone for a long time is kept at the highest level.

2. The feeling of love in return, and the fact that they value him as a man - for a man it is very important that he appreciates, and that he appreciates HIM himself! Because if he appreciates - and I do not appreciate HIS, the level drops.

3. More often tell your man that he is ESPECIALLY, this increases testosterone by 25%! What is the peculiarity - it does not matter, the main thing is to find in it something that makes it stand out from the crowd!

4. Anticipation of good sex. By the way, there are 3 types of sex: sex in the house, sex in the bedroom, and sex in the hallway. Sex in the house is at a good level of testosterone = sex-development of the entire territory of the house. Sex in the bedroom is rather a habit. And sex in the hallway can be expressed by the phrase "Fuck you ...”.

5. A sense of pride in your woman in front of other men increases your testosterone level by 30-40%. Maybe for him personally she is “not very ...”, but the fact that he has such a treasure causes such euphoria and a long-lasting increase in testosterone. Women, do everything so that men are proud of you - like good racers, like the best cars! - men have big toys! :–)

6. But the biggest champion in raising testosterone levels - try to guess? Football? - no ..., although any kind of sports (and playing sports, and observing competitions, pride in the team, participation, a single field of energy) continuously increase the level by 25-30%. When a man sees that "we won" - he is just on a horse! But it is not on the 1st place!

Fishing? - no, she, on the contrary, calms the central nervous system, it is rather a property to balance a man ...

You would never believe it, it's even funny, but the champions in raising testosterone levels in men are Autoshoping and AudioVideoShoping !!!

Up to 50% increases testosterone when buying a car, and by the same amount - when buying to it all sorts of tuning details, spare parts. But the highest - if a man buys radio equipment, and, no matter what he buys! It could be some kind of super-headphones, some kind of small things (joystick, new hard drive to the computer) - such that a woman can't even understand, WHAT CAN YOU HAVE BEEN HAPPY ?! Well, not given to her ...

But the man rejoices just like a child! And the level of testosterone rises to such numbers that he is ready to just take off and prove to everyone that he is the owner of the most important part in his life! Moreover, the most interesting thing is that not only the purchase raises the level by 50%, but even more - simple boasting (by 20%), when it has already been bought, and it boasts. Moreover, this process of bragging can take a week-month-year! It would seem, what's wrong with that? - well, bought, use, satisfied ...

But no, everything is in the complex: the level of self-esteem, the level of respectability, and many, many things increase. Therefore, women, for good money earned in the company, instead of sable fur coats for yourself - buy a car to your man better, and then every 2-3 months buy trinkets (new rubber, radio tape recorder) for her - and YOUR MAN WILL ALWAYS AND CONSTANTLY BE IN A COMBATTONE ! Checked !!!

7. Demonstrating its amazing merits tremendously increases testosterone production. Yes, not "hee-hee"! - you didn’t think about it, though ...! I'm talking about the merits (outstanding achievements, success) of any areas of his life or work!

In the world, everything is oppositely balanced: “Yin-Yang”, “black-white”, “negative-positive” - everything should be strictly equal!

Let's talk about negative stimulators of testosterone production:

1. Easy flirt. Women, do not laugh: it is your flirting that increases the level of adrenaline (the stress hormone!), And for men - quite the opposite! - increases testosterone by 20-25%!

And an easy flirt for a man turns out to be the same as a light stress for a woman.

2. Creek while defending their interests, their point of view. When a man yells (for a child, for a wife, for a dog), his percentage of testosterone levels increases briefly by 15 percent. But only briefly - men, remember this! Is it so tense for a short effect ?! :–)

3. Decisive dispute (15%), especially if a man is sure that he is right.

4. Scenes of jealousy (25%). Women, rejoice that a man appreciates you so much, and remember that after a stormy scene, a violent forgiveness will follow - and on a good testosterone level! :–)

5. Fast driving a car, but only in the presence of a companion who is afraid! If a woman begins to squeak with fear, like: "Hush, I'm afraid, I beg you ..." - then the man has more testosterone, and he goes even faster and more dangerous! In other cases, the level is stable.

6. Lying increases testosterone levels by 35% (note: most storytellers are men). Many men lie the same way as women, but very few people can lie as QUICKLY! :–) But for a man in a lie a certain intrigue, a sharp drive.

Here, for example, if a woman “laid someone off” for work, he was fired - and she didn’t seem to care, and not a single muscle in her had ever faltered, and no reactions ... But the man’s testosterone rises!

7. Revenge, intrigue, men's dreams of freedom greatly increase the level of testosterone. If a man dreams of freedom - at this time he has just a "testosterone peak"! Maybe he doesn’t need this freedom at all, but DREAMS about it inspire! It’s like a dog’s: if you don’t tie it up, it won’t run away anyway, but come home (if it’s smart!).

8. Protection of its territory - up to 50%. Therefore, if your husband “caught” you and slapped him over the heads - this happened at a high level of testosterone, this is the protection of his territory, and there is absolutely no one to blame here!

9. Irritation and anger greatly increase testosterone levels.

10. Humor - as soon as a man begins to laugh, the level of testosterone increases dramatically, probably because men love jokes.

Men (as well as all of us) live simultaneously in 4 worlds: physical, sensory, intellectual and spiritual.

The peculiarity of the MALE spiritual world: for men with STEM, having their own conceptual and egregorean level (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism ...) - these mass egregors give a man security and integrity.

This is determined by the whole nations: a person who has a faith platform underneath, keeps in life much more stable, more secure than a person who relies only on himself.

He has a link of energy that supports him, the space and the Creator himself helps him. Prayer has therapeutic properties, it increases the production of joy hormones: melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, testosterone (by 25-35%) - and suppresses the production of stress and anxiety hormones (cortisol and adrenaline).

Several important psychological moments:

  • The bulk of testosterone is produced only at night, and, in the complete darkness.
  • The maximum production of testosterone is in a FULL SILENCE, so it is recommended to wear earplugs (or wadded “plugs”) on your ears. Therefore, for a man are important: total darkness, absolute silence, and complete relaxation. For a woman, all this does not matter - you can sleep in the light and with a screaming TV, it will not affect you in any way - your testosterone is not produced! For a man, any rustling, a flash of light is an encroachment on his territory, which he must protect from the time of the Ice Age: if the enemy is behind the door, there is no reproduction here, and instead of testosterone, the hormones of anxiety (cortisol and adrenalin) are produced. If you want to save your man (as a man!) - provide him with conditions for complete relaxation! If your bedroom windows overlook a noisy street - take care of noise insulation (double glazing) and blackout windows.
  • The bedroom should be COOL and FRESH, the optimum temperature is up to 17-19 degrees, and teach yourself and your man to sleep under a THIN blanket (in the summer under a sheet) and WITHOUT LOWER LINEN (his testicles should lie free as nature intended!).
  • The bed should be with a FLAT bed (orthopedic, not mesh!), And a comfortable flat pillow (the Japanese generally put a flat piece of wood under their head!) - all this contributes to a better blood supply to the brain. If a man sleeps in an uncomfortable position, testosterone production drops by 25%.

Testosterone is produced all night, and in the morning the level of testosterone is maximum. You probably didn’t know about it, so your men usually sleep in their pajamas, soar under a hot blanket, children, a dog and a cat jump on them, and here you are still snoring!

And then you still need something from him!

Give him a normal sleep and in the morning you will not recognize your man !!! When I learned all this - I was just in shock!

But what is good is the fact that all these conditions can be made for a man QUICKLY and FREE - you just have to want it! Why should we, women, turn off the lights, or force our husband to wear “Ear plugs” and thick cloth “glasses” on his eyes (as they give out on airplanes)?

And will resist - explain that this is all for his own invaluable health!

After all, you now know everything !!!

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I will also remind you of gymnastics - it is useful in any case. But here there are already purely PSYCHOLOGICAL things, because a man has a subcortex working very hard, and if he is constantly in guard watch mode, then there is nothing good ...

It's about the same as a woman: if her child is sick, she only pretends that she is sleeping - and in fact does not sleep, because the child should move, change the rhythm of breathing - and she is already jumping! It's not a dream!

Two or three days of such “rest” - and you will finally understand what kind of torment you are dooming your man with inattention to his male physiology!

Testosterone is produced only during the deep sleep phase!

And this is complete darkness, absolute silence and optimal temperature.

I myself am funny how I imagine a man in the morning: naked, in black cloth glasses, and with “Ears” in his ears! But what can you do if you need so ?! But he - man! If this is the only way to have a healthy man - we agree to endure and not that!


A woman can afford to limit to 1.5-2 liters of water per day, and she will get almost nothing for it - well, she will wrinkle earlier, or dry out a little faster, or her hair will become dry, or the skin will peel off = what annoying little things ...

But for a man WATER is vital, and for him 2.5 liters = MINIMUM !!! And if more precisely and individually - this is at least 30 mg. water per kilogram of weight.

That is, you weigh 100 kilograms - your dose of water = at least 3 liters! And no excuses! Less categorically impossible !! But do not assume that beer, juices, tea, coffee, compote are water ... - this is DEAD water !!! Particularly soluble COFFEE is the complete disharmony of the MEN'S immune system, which leads to impotence (proven by Japanese researchers). It is necessary to drink ONLY water after a good filter, separated, and NOT boiled.

Understand the main thing: the more pure water you drink - the less slag remains in your body, the more liquid the blood becomes, the less chance you have of running into problems with blood vessels, stroke, coronary heart disease, hypertension (aspirin does not add water, and does not dilute blood!), on the increased acidity of the stomach and other diseases associated with the dehydration of the body and the concentration of harmful substances in it (and diseases, including cancer associated with this)!

Aggression Bacteria Virus Worms and Protozoa

This is already a question not of the internal state of the body, but a cosmoplanetary question: THEY have always been, are and will be around us, they are transmitted by contact, domestic, sexual ... there is a huge and constant exchange. The sexual revolution has ended with the complete victory of the viruses! How can you sanitize yourself? - the question is very complicated!

If we take bacteria alone, viruses separately, fungi separately, and protozoa separately, then the BACTERIA group and the MUSHRIA group have a particularly strong effect on the REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM.

What viruses have tropism to the reproductive system?

As a rule, "female" diseases go to men! The infection is intercurrent - it is found in both women and men, one of them is a carrier, someone is already sick, someone is ill in the latent period ...

Most VIRUSES are sexually transmitted: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, genital herpes (causes cervical cancer in women and prostate adenoma in men), Papilloma Viruses (birthmarks, warts, papillomas on the genitals, of the 20 types - 6 carcinogenic ), Cytomegalovirus - and all these "pleasures" can be obtained through sexual contact.

Sexually transmitted BACTERIA: Gonococcus (causes gonorrhea), Spirochete (causes syphilis), Trichomonas (protozoan, intracellular parasite), Chlamydia (a mixture of bacteria with a virus), Uriaplasma (mutating mixture of bacteria with fungus), Mycoplasma, and there is such a beautiful bacterium Gardnerella (causes vaginitis in women, and asymptomatic in men, but both weakens immunity remarkably).

MUSHROOMS, sexually transmitted: Candida and other fungi. In Moscow there is a clinic of deep mycoses, but everything connected with mushrooms in our country is under-examined. There are about 50 species of fungi that live in a person, but conventional medicine cannot determine their presence by any analysis! But the fact that they do exist is 100%, because psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis and many other diseases are caused, among other things, by mushrooms.

There is a “Khodzhikin's disease” (inguinal lymphogranulomatosis or Khodzhikin's lymphoma), in which the inguinal lymph nodes swell, they fester and they develop oncological growths. And the reason, as established Hodzhikin, clamism!

The current oncologists, even making the diagnosis “Khodzhikin's disease”, do not adhere to the etiological principle, they either forgot or simply do not want to know that this is an ordinary CHLAMYDIA!

But in fact, most lymphatic diseases (including the male genitalia) are bacterial viral and fungal diseases! These are prostatitis, prostate adenoma, architis (testicular inflammation), epididemitis (inflammation of the testicular appendages).

And there are congenital changes - hernia, varicocele (desolate testicle, with compression of the spermatic cord).

There are no pure diseases of the male reproductive tract - specifically, the testicles, prostate gland, kidneys, ureters, bladder, which do not carry a bacterial etiology - viral or fungal!

There are two methods of survey:

1. ELISA Immuno-enzyme analysis - allows you to identify antibodies to these viruses, bacteria and protozoa.

Antibodies are protein complexes; they are like photographs: ANTIGEN (a virus or a bacterium invades the body) and T-LYMPHOCYTES, which makes an exact mirror copy = ANTIBODY. Antibodies, when moving in blood, mirror themselves to the antigen, forming a circulating immune complex. And by the quantity, quality and nature of the antibodies, we can determine whether a person had a particular disease (chlamydia, herpes, uriaplasmosis, etc.)?

And by increasing the titer of antibodies (their number), we can say whether this disease was in the past, or is it now? If the titers of each subsequent analysis grow - then the disease is developing now.

2. PCR Polymerase chain reaction - determination of 2-3 amino acids in solution. For example, chlamydia amino acids are as follows: "1-3-5", and we learned how to paint them. A person gives a “smear” (seminal fluid), a dye is dripping into it - and if there are chlamydia, they are painted in a certain color. There is uriaplasma - in another solution they will turn a different color. All these analyzes are SEPARATE for each type of infection.

All men who care about their reproductive system need to do these tests, and, by the DOUBLE method! Why?

PCR is a very accurate method, but at the moment it does not allow to say for sure whether the disease was in the past, or it IS now? And IFA can determine this! And when there are TWO analyzes, they allow you to make a cross-analysis by which the doctor can accurately judge: WAS this disease, or IS it NOW?

It makes no sense to be checked ONLY for chlamydia, or ONLY for uriaplasmosis - it is necessary to be checked for ALL male reproductive viruses! Moreover, if a man showed some viruses or bacteria, then he probably needs to check his woman (or his entire female environment). Because even if a man is cured, but does not determine exactly from whom he has become infected, he will be infected repeatedly and repeatedly.

BOTH partners must be treated SIMULTANEOUSLY - because each new re-infection, each new course of treatment with antibiotics greatly reduces immunity.

And a woman should do exactly the same tests for PCR and ELISA! This is NOT cheap, but the price of this survey is the health and life of the reproductive system. If, for example, 6 carcinogenic papilloma viruses are found in someone (and at the same time cervical erosion, or chronic prostatitis), then no one can guarantee that this will not turn into cancer! No need to flog a fever - do all these surveys planned and thorough.

First - carefully examine in its pure form, WITHOUT treatment!

Because the clinics are very waiting for money customers who understand what these diseases are dangerous for - and immediately offer the very best super-treatment! First - examine, and then - after a double diagnosis - think about what to do with it, and where is the best treatment?

What else should be done to a man: special attention - an ultrasound scan of the prostate gland, then an ultrasound scan of the kidneys with the capture of the ureters (the bladder on the ultrasound is poorly visible).

What is the prostate gland? - It is a gland located just behind the bladder, the prostate gland “embraces” the urethra from two sides. If the gland is enlarged (swollen, swollen) - it squeezes the urethra (urethra), and interferes with the flow of urine from the bladder (it is constantly underoperative, it has residual urine).

The first signs of prostate adenoma are weakness, apathy, bad mood, difficult (delayed for 3-5 seconds after exertion), beginning of urination, sluggish jet (no previously observed pressure of the stream), and residual urine - when a person just urinates, and after 3 5 minutes there are urges again. The main symptom is nichturia (night urination), a man must sleep at night, because at night the bladder disconnects from its overflow receptors.

If a person goes to bed at 23.00-24.00 hours, then the first urge should be no earlier than 0500-07.00 in the morning.

Another sign - aching pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, heaviness in the lower abdomen, pain in the spine, unpleasant pain at the end of sexual contact. There may be tension and tenderness of the testicles.

ANY painful sensations should alert the man - and immediately move him to an ultrasound of the prostate gland! And after that you can go to the urologist.

Adenoma is benign and malignant, and a man must deal with this problem at the first signs of the disease, and not when the disease goes into stage 2-3, or worse, it turns into cancer.

Benign adenoma always has the risk of becoming malignant, if there are carcinogenic papilloma viruses, genital herpes viruses, cytomegalovirus, chlamydia, uriaplasma and fungi in the gland.

NET PROSTATITIS is another topic.

Prostatitis are bacterial and non-bacterial (according to our classification). I think that non-bacterial prostatitis does NOT happen: they are ALL bacterial, or with undetected bacteria!

Here we have the following definition: “non-donor prostatitis” ... Well, that's right: if not gonorrheal, then chlamydia, or uriaplasmosis, or candidal, does that make any difference? - all one thing there lives in the gland, and does not allow a man to live normally! Aseptic prostatitis does not happen!

Even if a person just froze the crotch (when he sat on something cold), prostatitis develops all the same - inflammation, not just venereal, but bacterial, streptococcal, staphylococcal or other nature, but still it is INFLAMMATION!

Signs of bacterial prostatitis:

  • Violation (increase or decrease) urination.
  • Burning in the urethra (urethra).
  • Pain at the beginning or at the end of urination.
  • The presence of mucus in the urine of blood, pus, impurities (urine with flakes), change in the color of urine. Aching pain in the bottom after urination. At the bottom, nothing should hurt, the testicles should be painless, the stomach should not hurt, you should not feel where the prostate gland is! The beginning of urination should be instantaneous, without attempts, the jet should be vigorous.

There are two doctors who care about the health of a man: a urologist and a nephrologist, we turn first to a urologist. There is also a dermatovenerologist - go to him, if you can remember, AFTER WHAT did you have problems? You can immediately to him - because the urologist will also send to the venereologist!

You yourself know who to run to - especially if you have been in contact with unknown personalities and without protective equipment!

YOUR ACTIONS AFTER THE DETECTION OF PROBLEMS: - DO NOT TREAT ANTIBIOTICS yourself! There are “smart” comrades who take a loading dose of antibiotics for gonorrhea and syphilis - and calm down, because acute events take place. But by doing so, they translate the Acute form of the disease - into the CHRONIC, which can be treated later on for years, because the current pathogens have become accustomed to antibiotics.

Do not take anything until you make a PCR diagnosis !!! Or until the moment when in the direction of the venereologist you get a smear from the urethra (for gonorrhea), a blood test (for syphilis).

Therefore, men, be careful in choosing, be careful, use condoms!

But try to understand IMPORTANT: only 15 years ago it was easy to recover from everything - gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis - yes, in general, no problems! And now the price of promiscuous sexual relations - with the most respectable currency beauties - this is your life!

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