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10 best sex positions in unusual circumstances

Most of us would like to try sex at least once in our life on the beach, in the pool or at night in the park. In films, all these spontaneous scenes look very passionate and exciting. But in real life, unless you carefully prepare yourself and know the most appropriate positions, your sexual experience is doomed to fail. We offer the 10 best sex positions for all occasions.   


  1. The best position for sex in the pool

The key to divine pool sex is the right posture. Get into the water up to your waist and bend over, but remember to hold onto something for balance. Have your man stand behind you and wrap one arm around your waist. And if you get the chance, be sure to try swimming in the pool naked at night. Sexual tension in the air is guaranteed!  

  1. Best Sex Position for Sunburn  

If the desire for a gorgeous bronze tan results in first degree burns all over the body, it is best to refrain from any form of physical contact. But if the hormones are boiling, and there are only a few days left until the end of the vacation, the good old 69 pose will come to your rescue. It prevents the burning of the skin from the rubbing of bodies and guarantees pleasure for both partners. 

  1. The best position for quick sex 

Before you put on an evening dress and go to a social event or a restaurant, be sure to have quick sex. Get your man down on the bed and take the rider pose. Skip the foreplay entirely and do it quickly, you have plans after all. When you’re done, help each other get dressed. It will become a sensory experience that you both will be thinking about throughout your day or activity. 

  1. Best Sex Position on the Beach 

Beach sex is one type of sex that every woman should try at least once in her life. There is something risky and romantic about this. To make this fantasy come true, you need to wait until the sun sets, stock up on a large and soft blanket and find a deserted shore. The best position for sex on the beach is doggy style. Yes, this is not at all romantic, but this is how you will avoid bruising all over your body and getting sand in all the most intimate places.  

5. The best position for sex when you want to be naughty

When you are in a good mood and ready to surprise your boyfriend by jumping on top of him, have passionate sex. The best pose for this is “rider”, because in addition to the deep sensations, you can put on an impressive show. Try sitting on top on bent knees or squatting. You are in charge, so choose the speed and rhythm that suits you best. For extra pleasure, have your boyfriend take advantage of the access to your clit.

6. The best position for sex while on vacation at sea (or in the bathroom)

Let’s be honest: most of us don’t have access to a private beach, so this advice is hard to follow. But no one has yet canceled sex in the bathroom, the main thing is that there is enough space in it for two. But if you and your man are lucky enough to be alone on the beach, be sure to try the following pose. Go deep enough into the water. While your man is standing in the water, wrap your legs around his waist and hold on to his neck with your hands. If you only have a bathroom or jacuzzi, have him sit cross-legged, and you still wrap your legs around his waist. 

7. The best sex position during 40-degree heat 

On a summer day, it’s so nice to burst into an air-conditioned bedroom and rip off each other’s hungry wolf clothes. For such an occasion, the classic missionary position is suitable. Tip: Have a little picnic with your boyfriend in the park. After a few hours in the sun, you will be ready to feel the cool breeze on your naked body. 


8. The best position for sex on New Year’s Eve 

After the fireworks at 12 am, arrange your own – in the bedroom using a doggy pose with a twist. Lie on your stomach, and let your young man settle in a support lying over you. This will give new sensations for both partners. Your man can wrap his arms around your body and thereby control the rhythm.

9. The best sex position after a date 

The best clothes for sex are long summer sundresses. Returning from a date in the evening, let your man know that you “forgot” to put on your underwear. We bet he’ll find a reason and a way to check it out. Make him sweat until you get home. But as soon as the door closes behind you, let him control the situation. Try standing sex with your dress on, or sit on the nightstand with your legs wrapped around your boyfriend’s waist.

10. The best position for sex during a thunderstorm 

Most people postpone this unusual position for a rainy day, and the best reason to experience it is a summer thunderstorm. Many people call it a “hex wrench”. Lie on your back, bring your legs together and lift them up. The man is essentially kneeling at your feet. During sex, he moves your legs from left to right, as if tightening a screw. If the man goes deep enough, the woman gets crazy pleasure.

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