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7 places you should never have sex

Sexual ideas shouldn’t be limited to the bedroom, but sex shouldn’t be done anywhere. We all have a few naughty and offbeat places on our “I’d love to have sex here” list. On the stairs, in the back seat of a car, maybe even in a public place or in the air. But, unfortunately, you have to break your erotic fantasies: there are places where sex should never take place. And we don’t mean “wow, it’s awful doing this in your parents’ bed.” No, there are places where sex can end in unpleasant consequences and even injury. Check out the following seven places and then cross them off your list of sexual desires. 

  1. In the car (while driving)  

If you want to have sex in your car, find a secluded park better. Blow job while driving fast looks sexy and exciting only in the movies. According to a recent study by the University of South Dakota, 33% of men and 9% of women who are involved in road accidents engage in some form of sexual activity while driving. More than a third of drivers said they were over speeding or out of their lane, and 11% admitted to letting go of the steering wheel altogether. To verify this, run a quick Google search and find out how many drivers have been jailed after their passengers have died in a car accident due to sex.

2. On the sand  

Of course, we all dreamed of having sex on the beach. Especially after watching romantic melodramas, where beautiful main characters slowly make love in the rays of the setting sun. “In reality, it is much more like a nightmare and sand in the genitals,” says obstetrician-gynecologist Lisa Dweck. This scenario mostly involves pain throughout the body (especially in the back and knees), cuts, and infections. Until you want to give up your dream of beach sex, try large, thick blankets or trestle beds.

3. In the forest

“During the hike, I am tempted to run away into the forest and have sex,” says Lisa Dweck. “But you have more reason to worry than poison ivy.” She says she has removed countless twigs, leaves and even insects from female genitals over the years. They can crawl over the body, and you will not even feel it. Plus there are countless beetles and midges that carry serous diseases. And for your information, poison ivy or oak for genitals is far worse than any infection a woman has known. So use the tent and forget about the passionate sex scene in the woods from True Blood.

4. In the water

It’s not about the rigidity and speed, but sex in water is not safe and not good for human health. Firstly, a condom can slip into the water, and its absence in most cases leads to “you yourself know what the consequences.” Secondly, water causes vaginal dryness as it washes away natural lubrication. This increases friction and, possibly, leads to the formation of micro-abrasions. If the water contains salt or chlorine, you are even more likely to get an infection. For example, an improperly chlorinated pool is teeming with harmful bacteria, says sexologist Emily Morse. If you experience vaginal dryness on land, you are likely to experience just as much discomfort in the water. And there is no romance in this. 

5. On the balcony or windowsill 

“At first glance, it seems that sex on the balcony is erotic and literally shrouded in romance, but, in fact, it is a very dangerous activity,” says Ava Cadell, Ph.D. and sexologist. For example, this summer, two international students died in London after falling from a sixth-floor balcony. According to eyewitnesses, they tried to have sex on the railing.

6. In the office

If you hate your job and are trying to give you a reason to be fired, then go ahead. Otherwise, there is no need to sacrifice everything for office sex. At work, there is always a risk of being caught, even if your office is locked. And the toilet stall is a time bomb. Of course, you will have something to tell your friends about after sex on the desktop, but this can irreparably damage your career and reputation.

7. In a public place 

Risk is inherently a very addictive phenomenon that promotes the production of adrenaline. But the consequences can be the most dire. Even if you do not see any surveillance cameras, you may be filmed. And if someone catches you having sex in a public place – be it a movie theater or a library – you could be arrested. Each state has its own laws, which are different from each other, but most countries consider sex in public places as a violation of the law. For example, in America, Florida, a man received six months in prison for having sex in a public place.

What unusual places are on your list of sexual desires?

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