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5 secret erogenous zones of a man: the key to his maximum pleasure

The key to maximum pleasure and satisfaction in a man is to exploit his biological characteristics. And we will tell you about them. “Understanding your partner’s physiology will improve sex for both of you,” says Lana Holstein, MD, author of Your Long Erotic Weekend. “When you understand why he responds to certain touches, and how to achieve that response, you can give him maximum satisfaction.” Intrigued? We were there too, which is why we decided to share some research. Read our observations and try them on your partner.  



Secret zone 1: muscle that lifts the testicle

A man’s penis is not the only body part that goes up and down. “The testicle-supporting muscle that runs from the scrotum to the groin controls testicular contractions,” explains Barbara Bartlik, MD, psychiatrist and sex therapist at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. “It works kind of like a bungee cord, pulling the testicles up in response to cold and releasing them when the temperature changes.”

How to use it : This magical muscle also responds to sexual stimulation, causing the testicles to contract when the man is about to orgasm. “The closer a man is to climax, the more his testicles are compressed,” explains Debra Fromer, MD, assistant urologist at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. In turn, pulling down on his balls while in the midst of passion will delay ejaculation, which will prolong his pleasure.

So, take advantage of Mother Nature’s gifts and give your boyfriend a strong O that will turn his head – working against gravity and gently sipping on his buddies.

Start by teasing the inner thighs with your tongue. Then “take his cock in your mouth, grab the scrotum with one hand and pull it slightly, ” says Lou Page, author of The Great Lover Playbook. – Start gently and ask your partner how much he wants you to pull. Move rhythmically, working your hands in tandem with your mouth to double the sensation. ”   

Secret Zone 2: Prostate

You probably know that guys have something called the prostate, but you hardly know that this is a very sensitive place. This gland, the size of a walnut, surrounds the urethra and can be said to be the male G-spot “Its actual function is to secrete secretions that are part of the fluid in the semen,” says Dr. Fromer. But when stimulated, this bundle of nerves can create a powerful erotic shock.

How to use it : You can launch this bomb through its “neighbors” – the corpus cavernosum – “two cavities of the spongy, erectile tissue of the penis,” says Dr. Holstein. Think of them as a pair of cigar-shaped lips that become engorged (causing an erection) when a man is aroused.

Since the corpus cavernosum is next to the prostate, manual stimulation of the man’s penis simultaneously stimulates his G-spot. “Wrap your hand around his penis and move towards your partner’s body, not up and down as usual, ” says Carol Queen, MD, sexologist. in Good Vibrations. “By clicking on it, you create pressure on the prostate with both halves of the corpus cavernosum,” continues Quinn. “It’s like you’re giving him a sexy internal massage.” 

Secret zone 3: lips

Sure, the kisses are hot, but you don’t even know that his lips are a part of his body that can be very aroused. However, “the mucous membranes that cover the lips are made up of a large number of nerve endings,” says Dr. Bartlik. “In addition, the skin is very thin here, so the nerves are very close to the surface and allow an even more sensitive response to stimulation.”

How to use it : Kiss him everywhere, but not on the lips. Kiss his face and neck to heighten the sense of anticipation. When he is already hot enough, increase the arousal by alternating movements. Lick his lips like you lick an ice cream cone, suck on the tip of his tongue and press your lips to his lips. “As his arousal builds up, his lips will become bloodshot, making them more sensitive,” says Dr. Bartlik.

You send an erotic charge by alternating movements using the upper and lower part of the tongue. “Different sensations add newness and arousal,” says Page. Another trick is to “put his bottom lip in your mouth and lick the tip of your tongue where the lips and chin meet,” Paige recommends. “This area is extremely sensitive and rarely gets attention, which makes the process more enjoyable.”

Secret zone 4: nipples

It has already been said in the past that this part of the male body is crammed with nerve endings, but some of you still cannot pay due attention to it. Remember, how you work with them really matters. “By properly stimulating these erogenous zones, you transmit pleasant impulses to the brain, just like when you fondle the genitals,” says the doctor. Bartlik.

How to use it : Lightly massage your nipples, play with them from the top. Start slowly, drawing circles with your index finger around but not touching your nipples. Then run your hand over his ribcage, go down the belly and back up to the other nipple. Only this time play with your fingers directly on the nipple. “Lightly play your fingers around his nipples and areolas to get more arousal,” says Quinn.

Give your man even more pleasure by playing your mouth. “Replace your finger with the tip of your tongue,” Paige says. “Start licking the contour of the nipples, gradually decreasing the circles.” You can increase the arousal by lightly sucking or even nibbling on his nipples. “Take a nipple with your lips, suck, bite lightly, then flick the tip of your tongue and kiss,” says Quinn. Such a trick will just turn his head.

Secret zone 5: crotch

Everyone has heard of the perineum, the area of ​​skin between his dignity and his anus, which is also endowed with incredible potential for achieving orgasm. “The perineum is rich in nerve endings and, when properly stimulated, can be incredible sensations,” says Page.

How to use it : The best position to stimulate this area is missionary. When the man is close to orgasm, lightly press down on this spot with a bent index finger. “This is a very sensitive area of ​​the body, so you need to be careful not to scratch it,” explains Paige. To bring him to orgasm, alternate directions and pressure. “When you constantly touch the same area, the nerve endings are drained and do not feel pleasure,” says Dr. Holstein. Therefore, first drive the circles clockwise, then counterclockwise, massage up and down, and so on. Such variable movements will keep his neural network at its limit. When he is ready to explode, push this network of receptors a little harder for him to have the final orgasm.  

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