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30 hottest sex scenes from Game of Thrones

The series “Game of Thrones” is famous for numerous scenes with nudity and sometimes very frank moments. Here are some of the wildest, hottest and sexiest scenes from previous seasons

1. Cersei and Jamie Lanister in the tower of Stark Castle

As you remember, after this scene they will try to kill young Stark, who witnessed their sin. Here we first learned about their vicious connection. And it’s even difficult to say which is more terrible: the sex of a brother with a sister or the ruthlessness of Jamie, who decided to push Bran out of the tower.

2.Khal Drogo and Khaleesi: The Early Days

No one loves Drogo more than we do, but we must admit that the initial stage of his relationship with Daenerys was very rough. But this rudeness has its own beauty. Drogo’s first sex scene with a young Khaleesi became the most famous and memorable episode of the entire series.

3. The Knight of Flowers and the Failed King

This naughty scene between Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon is full of casual chatter and easy flirtatious play. These guys could relax, couldn’t they?

4. Viserys shortly before his death

Viserys simply enjoyed life, anticipating fame and power. How could he have known that very soon Drogo would crown his head with molten gold? A very spectacular death of a beggar king.

5. Lesson for Daenerys

Daenerys Targaryen and her maid didn’t actually have anything. But the scene where Khaleesi learned to please Drogo in a somewhat unfamiliar way was as hot as any real sex scene we’ve seen on the show.

6. Daenerys, who decided to ride Drogo

Daenerys has learned Dorea’s lessons well. Khaleesi was able to show Drogo that she, too, could be the queen in the bedroom. And we can only guess how much the Khal saw suns and stars at that moment.

7. King of the North with his beautiful lover

Robb becomes the happiest person in all of Westeros when Talisa Maigir reciprocates his feelings, despite Robb’s fictitious marriage to Frey’s daughter. And it seems that nothing can interfere with their happiness. Unfortunately, it only seems …

8. Jon Snow Breaking His Oath

Red-haired Ygritte constantly mocked John, laughing with the fact that the crow knows nothing about carnal pleasure. But, as it turned out, John did know something. Breaking his vow to the Night’s Watch, he has hot sex in a cave with his new girlfriend. And despite how their relationship ended, the adventure was worth it.

9. Renly and Loras in the king’s tent

Renly is married to Margaery, Loras’s sister, but that doesn’t stop these two hot guys from continuing to enjoy each other.

10. Theon and Ros

Theon was Ros’s regular customer in Winterfell, and yet their sex is not a pleasant sight. Poor Theon! Then he did not even suspect that he would soon part with his “friend”.

11. Oberyn and Oliver

Oberyn is not very picky about sex, and when it comes to lovers, he is only interested in passion. In this scene, Oliver asked whether he preferred men or women. And Oberyn responded entirely in his own style! He said that choosing one thing is to deprive himself of half of the possible pleasure, and added that he was used to choosing a side in war, not in love. Very interesting point of view, sire.

12. Incest near Geoffri’s corpse

In this scene, Jamie literally lashes out at Cersei, and this sister duo begins having sex right next to their son’s corpse. It’s just disgusting.

13. Red Woman, Henry and the leeches

What makes this scene so sexy? Apparently the leeches that were part of the crazed Melisandre’s insidious plan. She seduces Henry, the illegitimate son of Robert Baratheon, and then binds and covers his body with blood-sucking creatures in order to obtain royal blood for her ritual.

14. Ramsey with Miranda

The incredibly brutal Bolton bastard found a worthy match in the person of Miranda. They fit together so well, don’t they? Agree, you just can’t help but hate them.

15. Oberin’s Orgy

Oberyn and Ellaria. There is always an almost tangible halo of sexual tension around them. In addition, Oliver, already familiar to us, took part in this orgy. The prince definitely liked him.

16. Podrick in a brothel

Podrick was an extremely loyal and devoted squire to Tyrion Lanister, and while other assistants were offered cash bonuses or weekends, Podrick received women from Tyrion. A lot of women.

17. Stanis and Melisandre conceive a new insidious plan

We all knew this was going to happen someday, but the connection was shocking anyway. The worst thing about her is the result, the so-called shadow child. Although the sex itself was undeniably beautiful and hot.

18. Tyrion and Shaya … beautiful as always

Tyrion is no stranger to brothels. And in his life there were many different whores who satisfied any desires of the young Lanister. But with Shaya, it was very different. Tyrion had deep and sincere romantic feelings for her. Their bond was sexy, sweet and dynamic until Shaya ruined everything. For me personally, this was one of the biggest disappointments in the entire history of the series.

19. Loras Tyrell and Oliver

Spy and prostitute Oliver quickly found himself in Loras’s bedroom, despite the fact that the latter was already preparing for the wedding. Poor Loras, vicious addictions have ruined him!

20. Sex Daario and Daenerys

These two are probably the most beautiful pair of Game of Thrones. Let’s keep an eye on the development of their relationship and hope that the events of Season 6 will not disappoint us!

21. Prison, Bronn and Tiena Sand

Many people fell in love with the cynical mercenary, and the further into the forest, the more screen time he has. Even an erotic scene was found. Even if there was no sex, the intensity of passions in the prison cell was high. The male population will find it difficult to resist the sight of Tiena Sand’s bare breasts. Moreover, this entourage: chains and lattices are everywhere. 

22. Cersei Lannister Nude 

Yes, you won’t surprise anyone with the sexual appetites of the most vengeful heroine of the series, but in recent seasons she has so often flashed naked in the frames that it is impossible to ignore. Age does not affect the appearance, rather, Cersei is like aged wine. Her “naked” hike through the streets, as well as a nude morning with Jaime are the cherry on top of the series’ cake. 

23. Jaime and Brienne of Tart in the bathroom

The spicy bathroom scene has clearly spawned chemistry between these completely dissimilar characters. However, those who read the books know that Martin meticulously clarified: at the sight of courageous, naked Brienne, Jaime had an excitement that he tried in vain to cover up in the water. We also see vibes in the show. It seems that for one second the warrior wonders if the woman knight who fought with him shoulder to shoulder and amazed with clever speeches is so bad and ugly. This second is enough for us, especially since these two are very good without clothes.

24. Asha Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand

Do you think gay relationships have become obsolete in the later seasons? No matter how it is. A hot lesbian sex scene in the cabin between Asha Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand could give odds to many of the heterosexual love scenes on the show. Boys should learn how to please a woman without a penis on this express course. 

25. Missandei and the Gray Worm

Missandei from a shy girl turned into a hot girl and, of course, love helped in this. It’s funny that this is almost one of the few rare sex scenes that are shown by mutual consent and love. Perhaps that is why she turned out to be so passionate and sensual. Despite the fact that since childhood, the Gray Worm seems to be devoid of dignity, but we see how skillfully he is controlled by language. 

26.Sam Tarly and Lilly 

You can’t talk about love and sex, and not remember the scene with Sam and Lilly. Even if the guy is far from the ideals of beauty, he is inexperienced, but the true feelings in him more than replace all this. The spark between the two is visible to the naked eye. When Lilly saddled Tarly, we all saw real sex – without cool positions and twists, but honest, in love and hot.

27. Margaery Tyrell and Tommen

Young and unspoiled, Tommen becomes a king, which means a grown man. His first sex with the beautiful Margaery Tyrell is the door to the world of adults. Finally, the boy becomes a boy and eats a woman. There is no doubt that he likes it, because, as we know, Margaery is an experienced little thing who can turn anyone on.

28. Prostitute in the guise of the Mother of Dragons

Daenerys’ increasing popularity and beauty sometimes take strange forms. For example, the top item in brothels is girls in the form of the Mother of Dragons. We perfectly see the delicious delights of one of them in the scene with Tyrion and Varys. Her naked ass, more than once flashed in the frame, clearly seduces Ser Mormont. And it’s easy to understand. 

29. The Rape of Sansa Stark

Perhaps one of the toughest scenes in the series. Ramsey Bolton is still a pervert and such a new toy as the titled bride of Sans, he is extremely turned on. Ramsay directly tells her that their wedding night will be unforgettable and she becomes like that, only with a bias in sadomaso. The contrast of a beautiful, festively dressed and unspoiled girl and subsequent bed games is all the brighter. 

30. Sex of Jon Snow and Daenerys 

And, of course, the hottest at the end. The sex scene of Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragons became the most top-notch in the history of the series and it should be noted that it was filmed excellently. Especially it is necessary to highlight the beautiful naked man’s ass, whose image will warm the female part of the audience until the release of the new season. It is all the more interesting to look at all these amorous pleasures, knowing that these two are relatives. In Game of Thrones, even incest can be beautiful.

We love Game of Thrones not only for its spectacular battles, but also for its candor. The most daring sexual experiments, love, sex, passion – we see all this without cuts in the series. For many, such scenes can also inspire feats in bed. So play on your mustache and embody.  

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